White Label Gojek like App: How the Pandemic Increased Demand?

White Label Gojek

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People who consider online or on-demand applications a substitute to fulfill their daily digital needs now have no way to escape. Earlier, means before the pandemic, people were not that much inclined toward on-demand applications, but today we can see how those apps have changed the preferences. From ordering milk to vegetables to food and booking a ride online, on-demand apps have transformed the business world and people’s lifestyles. 

With due credit to the pandemic, the need for on-demand apps like Gojek is more than ever. People find it challenging to navigate between different apps and services, but a multi-service app like Gojek is capable of offering more than fifty services under the same roof. Gojek is an Indonesian popular application that allows users to access multiple services without switching to other apps. 

A multi-service super app like Gojek is today’s hot topic. With its increased business capabilities, Gojek has a wide-open space to explore the service market, and at the same time, track increased user traffic. From online food delivery to home services to hiring a beautician, the Gojek app is capable of rendering so much for its users. 

With the increasing global demand, entrepreneurs are vying to build their own Gojek like app. And if you are one of those entrepreneurs who wish to invest in a Gojek like app, you need to know the type of services that thrive in the ongoing situation. Besides, it allows businesses to continue to serve their customers without any hindrances. 

Why are Multi-service Apps Like Gojek Gaining the Limelight?

The world is heading towards digitization; if we talk about the business sector, having a digital platform to fulfill the rising needs of customers has become imperative, or else entrepreneurs would have to bear a huge loss in terms of profitability and customer base. Gojek like apps are saviours as users can avail of different services, including payment, bookings, ordering, and much more. 

Gojek, a multi-service app based out of Indonesia, is the forerunner to unfolding the concept of the multi-service app under the same roof. If you are one of those entrepreneurs who want to enter the market, leverage the white label gojek like app; you will get some fantastic benefits, get an extensive customer base, and open additional ways to increase revenue. 

Range of services you can offer through the app, 

  • On-demand ride-hailing and ride-sharing services
  • Doorstep delivery services (food, groceries, medicines, etc.)
  • Salon, massage, tutor, handymen, and a horde of other services

Above, you can see that the Gojek like app offers 30+ services on a single platform, and this application allows you to cover the entire market. Customers love when they can avail deliveries and services at their preferred location, and the platform seems to be offering the same, which quickly leads to a huge customer base. 

Moreover, contactless deliveries, cashless transactions, takeaways, face mask verifications, etc., are some of the advanced level features integrated that bring in more of it. As a result, the platform provides a profitable business with multiple revenue sources from different merchants.

Benefits of Gojek Similar App to Tune Business Operations

Businesses globally are turning to the mobile as consumers now prefer to get things done online rather than offline. And the super apps are trending right now because customers can access various services without installing multiple applications. The pandemic indeed has changed the way people order products. Here we are going to throw some light on what the platform brings to the business. 

Mobile-centric Platform

The services can be used on a mobile phone by the users. Because the app works with a variety of operating systems, the number of customers will grow naturally, and your products and services can be shared with your users via social media platforms.

All-in-One Application

To obtain items and services, people had to navigate through many applications. As a result, the Gojek similar application was created, allowing consumers to purchase services and items with minimal effort. In addition, the the app based platform allows you to place several orders in one place.

Business Automation

During the pandemic, people who worked in businesses that relied on manual labor suffered additional disadvantages. As a result of the reduced human touch, the multi-delivery business was advanced through online platforms. As a result, the risk of the deadly disease spreading was lowered.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Using an application to provide a single service will not result in high revenue. However, increasing money through online platforms can be as simple as providing several services through a single application. Apart from the app, the Gojek similar platform can profit through in app advertising and paid subscriptions.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, mobile penetration and wide access to the Internet have created abundant opportunities for humans to find new, easier and cost-effective ways of doing business. If you are looking to venture into a multi-service business, developing a Gojek like application will earn your profits immediately. 

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