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What makes a home office feel great to work in? Regardless of the nature of the job, you will be devoting precious time to that space in order to work. As we will discuss, there are multiple reasons why you want to make the home workspace be as optimal and comfortable as possible. So, let’s get right into it.

The Location is Key!

Location is going to be our number 1 concern for a reason. It is the most important aspect of the process, as well as the earliest one you will think about. You need to turn a room into a workspace that will not have too many distractions (that eliminates the game room). Also if you live close to traffic, you should try to convert a room that is the furthest away from the source of the sounds in order for you to be able to focus during work hours. This becomes all the more relevant if you will be expecting clients to come to your workspace. It also means that you will have to account for extra space for them to sit in.

Rid Yourself of the Nasty Cables

One way to get completely overwhelmed in your office to-be is by looking at the 3,000 cables that you will have spread out the room. It’s not like you can just ditch the PC and copier to solve these issues. The best way of not making your office a minefield is by making sure all of the relevant outlets are near the machines they are meant to power. Make a direct (and preferably not distant) line between them in order for them not to get tangled up with other cables or actively become possible obstacles for you. You can also put the cables inside of a fabric cover for cords. 

Don’t be Trapped in Darkness

Lighting is a crucial factor that makes any space truly livable. So, if you are making your basement into an office, you better make sure you have a good source of natural light. Otherwise, the atmosphere will be too depressing and melancholic, and you won’t really get a lot done. Having natural light at your disposal will also help you with periodic headaches and the occasional eye strain. If you have the opportunity of making your office in a place rich with natural sunlight, do it! If not, at least try to have enough lighting to fully cover the space in question.

Make it Truly Yours

We spend so much of our valuable time working, and if you are going to have a home office, you need to feel comfortable in its environment. The best way of doing this is by personalizing it to your tastes. Make the office truly radiate. Now, we aren’t saying that you have to be a fashion expert in order to make it look nice. You can get along nicely with just learning the basics of how colors impact our mood, hanging a picture on a wall, putting a plant there, etc. For example, knowing that blue and green make us calmer, or that yellow and red make us more aroused can help you in picking out a color palette for your future office. Usually, you will want to strive for colors that will make you more productive, while getting plants that will constantly give you a breath of fresh air. 

Dealing With Furniture

Furniture is a vital aspect of how you will feel when in your office. Usually, we spend around 8 hours at the office, so it’s vital that you feel completely comfortable in your place of work. A bad choice of furniture will not only lead to less productivity and being uncomfortable, but it will also lead to medical problems, most notably back issues. Further problems can arise with the shoulders, feet, the neck, and overall anything that can suffer from sub-optimal furniture choices. So, here are a few general tips to always consider:

• Always keep the available space in mind when choosing furniture

• Make sure that you have a comfortable chair suited for you

• Always prioritize how comfortable an item is rather than how it looks

This isn’t to say that aesthetics don’t matter. Nothing says this better than a perfectly fitting poster frame, one that just fits perfectly and still feels personalized with a photo or painting that is dear to you.

Declutter for a Decluttered Mind

This one is pretty self-explanatory. In order to be mentally at ease, you will be required to declutter the space from time to time. Generally, going for a minimalism style for your office does prove to be effective for many workers from home. This is more important than you might think, as we tend to build up a lot of unnecessary materials in our office over time.


Nobody is thrilled over the prospect of them being robbed, least of all people who have their business at their home. It opens up a whole new level of being economically hurt. This is why you should also consider upgrading security in order to keep your business safe. This means that you need to invest in security in more ways than one. You need to have strong online protection in order to avoid getting hacked. Not only would you put yourself and your business at risk when hacked, but you’re also putting the clients in danger. You can be sure that their trust would be gone once they hear that their precious info has been compromised. Another way of protection, aka the standard one, is by improving the security around your perimeter with cameras, higher-quality locks, and other high-grade security equipment.

We hope that this article has helped you with some factors that you haven’t considered and that you will implement them well. Till’ next time!

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