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The key to succeed in any business is to make it tech oriented. Fitness Apps, no one can ignore the wonders of technology which has revolutionized the fitness industry. Trainers can connect to their clients worldwide while staying in their places and grow their business. 

The personal coaches use apps for personal trainers which lets them to automate their training services and keep proper track of their client’s progress. In addition, they can also provide the most customized exercise and nutrition plans at a lower budget to their trainees which allows their clients to stay consistent with them for a longer period. 

To get the best out of your training business, you should select the best training software or app for your business. It should be user-friendly to your clients so they can use these apps without any difficulty. The market is flooded with various types of training apps and softwares. We have discussed the top training apps which you can select for your personal training business.

Best Apps For Personal Training Business

Here we have compiled a list of best virtual coaching apps for your fitness training business. 

1.  MevoLife Fitness Training App

MevoLife Software is the best personal training app which provides trainers to get access of multiple features including 

  • Client Management
  • Client Development
  • Coaching through video
  • Client Participation
  • Builder of programmes
  • Management of Reservations
  • Client App
  • Business Strategist
  • Plans for Members
  • Manager of Billing
  • Manager of Payments
  • Team Leadership
  • Promotions and Deals
  • Meetings for Business
  • Professional Instruments
  • Website for Business
  • Classes in groups
  • Personalized App
  • Fitness Industry
  • Loyalty Bonuses
  • Studios and gyms
  • Automated Sales

These amazing features enhance the training service you can provide to your trainees. You can take your training business upto 500k$ revenue generating business with this single app. 

Moreover, the app provides a free trial for 30 days which does not require even a credit card to get the free trial subscription. This ease of free trial attracts more clients and you can make them stay connected with your effective training videos. 

2. Practice Better

For better health and fitness training “Practice Better” is the best software to use. It is IOS and Android compatible with a user-friendly interface. If your training workload is mostly on the phone then this app is the best because it takes less space on your phone. 

Moreover, this app also has tons of amazing features and built-in templates which helps you to give most customized training services to your clients. Trainers can manage their timings and schedule important meetings through using the client app or their own website. They will be notified when the meeting is about to start.

In addition, its special tracking system keeps a proper record of your client’s activities which helps you to keep updating their exercise and nutrition plans according to the records. This updating generates a client’s trustworthiness and satisfaction.  

3. True Coach

“True Coach” is a renowned platform designed exclusively for personal trainers looking to update their business. True Coach is one of the greatest personal training applications on the market, with over 20,000 personal trainers, coaches, and gym owners recommending it.

Accountability is one of the most significant challenges that many trainers face with their customers. You can increase conformance rates and determine which clients require special attention using the app. Individual client data may be easily tracked and measured, and specific calendar capabilities allow you to keep an eye on the broad picture while creating new plans.

4. Gain Trainer

“GAIN Trainer” is a trainer-created tool that can help you grow your fitness training enterprise. The app has a library of over 1,600 standardized activities and was created to assist you attract a more tech-savvy clientele.

You may interact with your customers, develop programmes, and train them virtually with GAIN Trainer.

The makers believe that the simplicity of use and diversity of built-in workouts will help you keep customers for longer by providing more regular training and different activities. The programmers are passionate about employing cutting-edge technology, simple and effective design methodologies so you may spend more time developing your client base and less time on unneeded client training.

5. The Training Notebook 

“The Training Notebook” is also developed by a professional trainer. That’s why this app is simple yet robust for personal trainers. The primary goal of this app is to focus on the progress of client training. Moreover, this  app is affordable so you can provide more discounts to your clients easily. 

Furthermore, you can perform all of your core training tasks from the home page. This page gives you access to the trainees information including their workout schedules, training schedules, their personal contact details and evaluations. 

In addition, the clients can also use the same app to schedule a physical or virtual appointment with you on this software.

Due to the app’s handy nature, you can develop your client’s customized plans instantly as this app has multiple templates. You can make changes in these templates and forward them to your clients. This automation lowers your workload and helps you to manage multiple clients in a single time easily. 

Another amazing feature of this app is a special tool which can do assessment of your physical status. This tracking helps you to save your clients information before and after the workout so you can see the progress and make changes in their diet and nutrition accordingly. The programme can also determine your clients’ caliper readings for you.

Multiple built-in features, such as progress images and interval clocks, are designed to encourage clients to use the app.

Final Verdict

The effective personal training software serves as a catalyst in the success of a trainer’s business. These apps provide trainers to connect with their clients globally and provide them with customized training at their own convenience. 

Furthermore, the effective app will allow you to easily monitor your app from your laptop or smartphone. If you want to get the most out of your training app, first define your goals and then choose the programme that will help you achieve them.

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