What Makes ReactJS Important For Web Development?


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What is ReactJS? 

It is the JavaScript framework that has been followed by developers to create interactive user interfaces for business projects. Since its launch, this JavaScript framework from React has been simplifying frontend development for developers. With React, developers can easily change any component of an application anytime. Here developers get to invest in frontend development and build applications that are flexible, high in performance, have increased usability, etc. 

What Is React Used For? 

ReactJS is generally used by developers to create user interfaces. Now, these UIs include dropdown menus, page buttons, search bars, and other elements where users get engaged on the website. The library of React lets developers come up with single-page applications that require less memory space. ReactJS development services are followed by top names like Facebook Messenger as it lets developers build sleek and dynamic web apps.

Why Use React? 

  • Create Dynamic Web Apps

The main reason why ReactJS is used by businesses and developers is to create dynamic site applications. The tool JS athenaeum makes use of JS XML and JavaScript easier and lets developers build project templates with ease.

For creating attractive UI components, JS XML compiles HTML and JavaScript. Apart from that, developers can make use of JS XML to develop bar/QR codes or even machine-readable codes.

  • Build Isomorphic Software

Applications that have the same codes in the frontend and backend are termed isomorphic software. ReactJS is used to develop isomorphic software as it reduces total engine development time drastically.

  • JavaScript Library

One of the main reasons why ReactJS is considered a popular framework is because of the JavaScript library. To execute crucial web-app components, experts at ReactJS development company apply its functions.

  • Tailor-Made Components

The framework can be customized and here you can create your own or reuse the tool using the components. Moreover, the complicated user interfaces can be broken down into smaller elements using JS atheneum.

Why Is React So Popular? 

ReactJS development trends are getting popular for a few reasons and they are:

  • Easy to Learn

If you have basic knowledge of web development then you can easily learn ReactJS.

  • Has Unidirectional Flow of Data

In other words, the unidirectional flow of data is also termed as one-way data flow. This means that data is moved across different areas of the application only in one direction. So, the data coming from parent components cannot be updated by child components.

  • Comes with Reusable Components

Component-based architecture is followed by ReactJS. Components are small and individual features that together form the application UI. Now, this can be anything like a comment feed, a chat window, a dropdown menu, etc. All the UI components are present within the same space but they interact with the users independently. Moreover, here developers get to easily reuse the independent components.

  • Suitable for Everyone -Startups to Established Businesses

One of the top ReactJS development trends is that it can be used by all kinds of businesses equally. The already present functionalities can be easily modified using ReactJS. This way a very little budget and time has to be allocated for this procedure and thus lets businesses use a major part of their time and budget to carry out the development processes.

  • Has Enhances Productivity

With ReactJS it is possible to do the best in terms of front-end development as it lets developers create exceptional visually delighting features. Moreover, the need to use the framework of jQuery that comes with heavy codes can be eliminated. Again, better productivity can be achieved as ReactJS comes with Virtual DOM which improves the speed of web applications. Again, with ReactJS, changes made in one component will not be reflected in others and this makes it an ideal choice.

  • Offers Code Stability

ReactJS offers a downward data structure that ensures code stability. Here developers will have to make some changes to specific components when they need to make changes on an object. This will lead to better performance of applications and code stability. Moreover, the feature of code reusability will bring down the time required to carry out repetitive tests. This will help in improving the quality of code, thus leading to code stability.

  • For Better Front-end Development Experience

The React JavaScript library base is growing exponentially along with its strong community of developers. Over the years, ReactJS has been used to create thousands of web applications. When using ReactJS, developers get to use its dynamic features for development. It is an ideal choice when it comes to going ahead with web application development.

  • Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM is another important concept offered by ReactJS that attracts developers towards it. Here Virtual DOM is about presenting UI components by associating them with objects.

  • JSX or JavaScript XML

JavaScript XML comes from Facebook and is a JavaScript syntax extension. Here functionalities of HTML parts can be expanded into JavaScript. Here developers don’t have to separate JS codes from HTML codes. Developers at a ReactJS development company will be able to easily write clean codes as they can pass ReactJS and HTML elements into the browser tree’s structure. The performance and efficiency of apps developed get enhanced as JSX is used along with Virtual DOM. 

  • SEO-Friendly

One of the main issues with JavaScript frameworks was the failure to develop SEO-friendly programs. However, the issue has been resolved with ReactJS as it is an SEO-friendly framework.

  • Robust & Strong Community Support

ReactJS enjoys the support of a robust community that keeps working repeatedly to solve the doubts of developers. The community is expanding and growing steadily as developers love using its library rather than creating a new one for themselves. 


ReactJS development services have made the development process easier, swift, and targeted. It has helped developers to satisfy all kinds of development needs of specific clients. By hiring the right developers or partnering with the right development company, it will become possible for businesses to get the dynamic and scalable solution developed to meet their customer needs.

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