Essential ReactJS Development Tools to Optimize Your Performance!

ReactJS Development Tools

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When it comes to front-end development, there are numerous tools to use. However, every tool is not like ReactJS.

ReactJS has a plethora of advantages as compared to other tools. It offers remarkable performance, flexibility, and scalability. These pros make it the most commonly used web framework (around 40.14% of worldwide developers use it).

The best reason for you to choose ReactJS is the virtual DOM feature. The virtual DOM feature ensures that the developers get faster rendering, no matter what. Additionally, ReactJS components are lightweight, easy to create and manage. This makes them ideal for large-scale applications.

From all of this, we can say that ReactJS is the best. However, there can be some scenarios where these features of React might not work that well in your development process. To ensure that your app development process stays smooth, you need to use some additional ReactJS tools.

This article will discuss some of the top ReactJS development tools to help you optimize your performance.

Best ReactJS tools to boost performance!

Web development is a complicated process. However, if you hire ReactJS developers and use the right tools, you can make it super easy. Here are some ReactJS development tools that will make your development process a cakewalk. 

1. Redux Developer Tools

Redux is a client-side storage library that also provides development tools for ReactJS. The key aim of these tools is to make the life of the developers easier by offering better visualization and an improved debugging process. It can be used as a Chrome extension and a browser-independent app.

In the case of React, it becomes even more useful. It helps you see all of your component state changes in action before and after the app execution with time travel features. Redux developer tools save a lot of time and make it easy to debug the entire application.

2. React.lazy()

This function is used to load components on demand. It allows the developers to load only the required modules and improves the application performance. Lazy loading can easily make your app responsive, especially when you want to use large chunks of codes only when they are required. This tool helps in resolving speed problems and keeps your application loading time low while increasing its responsiveness.

Here is the code for Lazy loading:

/ MyComponent.js

class MyComponent extends Component{

render() {

return (<div>MyComponent</div>)



const MyComponent = React.lazy(()=>import(‘./MyComponent.js’))

function App() {

return (<div><MyComponent /></div>)


3. React Developers Tools

This is another important React JS development tool used for debugging and visualizing all the changes in your application. The React Developer tools extension offers a graphical interface to see the changes in virtual DOM and live DOM at various positions, along with other useful features such as element highlighting or searching across the entire rendered component tree.

It becomes easier to look through a complex list of components with this tool. Moreover, it will impress you by offering syntax highlighting for HTML elements on any website that you visit while using the browser. For web applications, it provides you more control over your apps, from saving its snapshot to traversing between routes without any additional coding skills required from the developer’s end.

4. Reactide

Reactide is the most useful tool for React JS development. It provides you with an integrated environment to work on your application. You get an entire IDE with this tool which means you get all of its advantages in one place instead of using multiple tools to get your development done.

This tool doesn’t require any particular installation and allows you to do visual editing with the live representation of the project. The convenience of using it is enhanced by the integrated custom browser simulator and Node server. To undertake all these tasks, you need to hire react developer who has excellent knowledge of Reactide.

5. React. Fragments

React. Fragments is a syntax that lets you use a single element in place of multiple elements. It can be very helpful when you want to avoid the creation of extra elements and their associated DOM nodes. This, in turn, improves the performance of your application as it takes less time to create and render these fragments.

6. React-router

React-router is one of the most popular routing libraries for a ReactJS development company. It offers an efficient way to manage the URL routes in your web application and helps you to keep your code organized. Additionally, it speeds up the development process by eliminating the need for writing boilerplate codes. The React library keeps the UI synced with the URL.

7. React Sight

React Sight is an amazing library that helps you to see your React components in the browser while you are working on them. It provides a great way to visualize the component hierarchy (in the form of a tree) and makes it easy to find specific components in a large codebase. This tool also offers an easy way to inspect the props and state of any component in your application. The library is fully compatible with other libraries like React-router, Redux, etc.

8. Bit

Bit is a command-line tool that helps developers reuse the components of an application easily. It allows you to separate your codebase into smaller chunks so that each chunk can be shared and used in multiple applications. This works similar to NPM packages which can be reused across projects to speed up the development process.

It also saves time by helping developers build reusable UI components for their different projects while making sure that they are not repeating any codes. Additionally, it allows you to track all of your component dependencies through dependency graph features. This dependency tree shows exactly what components are affected when you modify one specific component of your project. React web development tools are gaining popularity among all other technologies because of their simplicity, adaptability, and flexibility.

What are the core advantages of these tools?

The overall analysis of these tools proves that they are advantageous in various aspects such as:

  • Boost productivity
  • Save development time
  • Reduce time to market
  • Decreases overall cost
  • Enhances performance
  • Generates better web apps and websites

To survive the cut-throat competition of the market, you need to ensure that you reduce time and improve the overall productivity of your team. These ReactJS development tools can come in handy to do both. You need to make sure that you include them in your app or website development process, as all of your projects will not be easy.

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