What is SmiHub Instagram Viewer? Its Features, Alternatives

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SmiHub Instagram Viewer is a great option for downloading via web browsers. Stylish to view and download all the photos and videos in real time from your friends and the public, you can use it at any time of the day or night. This amazing extension does not require any installation. Just start browsing your website and see all posts at once!

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks that allows you to edit photos and videos and add them to your profile, which other users can view and comment on. It also implements a direct messaging system, which allows you to send messages and share content. Or users can share the content by adding it to their stories. Although surely many of you are familiar with the Instagram post.

At the time of writing, according to official figures, the annual revenue of Instagram is estimated at 6.84 billion US dollars and the number of users has exceeded 1 billion.

Despite the fact that this app was not taken seriously when it first came out, it quickly won the love of the users and gained a lot of popularity.

What is SmiHub?

SmiHub is an Instagram story and photo viewer. You can view Instagram stories anonymously by just putting your username on smihub. It is also an anonymous photo downloader for Instagram.

Smihub is a website that allows you to download Instagram photos, extract user profile photos from Instagram, and also gives you the option to download any user’s photos. Everything in one place!


What are the main features of SmiHub?

Some of the key features of SmiHub include:

  • Anonymous Instagram Profile Viewer
  • View Instagram stories anonymously
  • Download Instagram photos and videos
  • Save Instagram photos and videos
  • View live videos on Instagram
  • Explore Instagram photos and videos
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Easy to use and navigate

How to use Smithhub?

You will need an Instagram account to search for any activity, tag or location on Instagram using SmiHub, which indicates that it is an Instagram viewer. Through SmiHub, Instagram users can also download photos and videos from their accounts. Therefore, if you want to use the SmiHub on your own without help, be sure to follow our instructions.

Make sure you are logged into your correct profile

How to download Instagram photos, videos and stories from SmiHub?

To download Instagram videos or stories from SmiHub, just follow these steps:

  • Visit the SmiHub website and enter your Instagram username in the search bar.
  • SmiHub will then generate a list of all videos and public stories associated with that username.
  • Simply click the Download button next to the video to download the video.
  • To download a story, simply click the Download button next to the story.
  • That is! The downloaded videos and stories will be saved on your computer.

Is SmiHub free or paid?

Yes SmiHub is free to use. With a free website, you can access all the features of the Instagram post downloader. This includes the ability to view public Instagram profiles and download public photos and videos.

All in all, SmiHub is a great solution for those who want to view and download Instagram photos and videos anonymously.

SmiHub Alternatives

  • Gramhir
  • Picuki.com
  • InstaDownloader
  • 4K Stogram

View any reel

Did you know that if you record something on Instagram’s video feature, you can choose to keep it private or post it with the rest of your great Instagram recordings? Make sure you check out SmiHub right away if you want to use all the amazing tools it offers at no cost to its users.


Check Ig stories, followers and tagged posts

You can check information about Instagram stories, tagged posts, and Instagram accounts within an Instagram post using the SmiHub tool.

Final thoughts

Finally, you may want to consider downloading the Instagram app.

The Instagram app has a built-in feature that does not allow you to download photos and videos from both public and private accounts. But SmiHub, the anonymous Instagram app, can download it all.

However, it is an unofficial app from a third-party Instagram developer and is generally considered more reliable than other third-party apps.

In conclusion, it the best choice if you are looking for an anonymous Instagram photo downloader because it has more features and is also free to use.

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