What is angular and what are its advantages?

What is angular

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Digital projects are highly complicated, and proof of this is the enormous need to program. This is a process that can be streamlined, however, thanks to frameworks. In this article we will address one of the best known currently, Angular. Discover what it is, how it works and why it is useful.

What is Angular?

We have already  talked to you about what  frameworks are  and we have explained why they are so relevant today. We now want to get into the subject to show you one that cannot be missing in your work as a programmer. Can you imagine being able to synchronize all processes with JavaScript to generate a dynamic website? Well that’s part of what you can get.

Designed to streamline software engineering  , it is an open source system that allows you to design web applications. These are characterized by being a mix between  conventional apps and online  sites  . In fact, you will remember them because we have also covered them in previous articles (don’t you remember?) We hope so.

Created in 2009, it was a proposal from Google to  synchronize work with different programming languages , especially HTML. Logically, those from Mountain View were not going to miss one of the simplest, most traditional and most used models, such as this one based on labels.

Its creators were Adam Abrons and Misko Hevery, and they decided to make it free so that everyone could explore it. That is to say, it does not work like with current artificial intelligences, where you do not pay for them because that is how you give them your data. What we are addressing is a means designed to optimize software development services that you can use to your own benefit.

How does it works?

  • It performs an intelligent analysis of the web  to detect its code and present it in an intuitive way, which makes it easier to work with templates and makes access to information easier.
  • It goes deeper into the lines of code  so that you have the option to modify them without creating structural errors or interpretation errors derived from poor syntax, especially in HTML.
  • It allows you to combine two languages ​​that are widely used today , such as HTML and JavaScript , and even works perfectly with its different updates and versions.
  • It helps to implement an MVC or Model – View – Controller structure . In this way, speed up the flow of information in your project to make it more versatile and include different languages.
  • Includes directives to give additional instructions  to the HTML code as comments. These are anchored to their labels through terms such as “ng-” attached to the attributes.

On the other hand, you should know that it also has the most typical characteristics of  frameworks . Among them, the distribution by modules that are perfectly editable and scalable. Consequently, you have the opportunity to add new content to the website without having to edit what existed , with the risk that this could entail.

Angular Key Features

  • Cross-platform application development

Use the latest website platform capabilities to build progressive web applications with high performance and offline, zero-step installations. Plus, build native, desktop-installed apps using the same methods you’ve learned for the web, plus the ability to access the operating system’s native application programming interfaces.

  • Speed ​​and performance

Angular helps you generate highly optimized code, giving you the advantage of handwritten code with the effectiveness of a framework. Additionally, Angular uses Component Router to load applications quickly, making automatic code splitting easier for users.

  • Productivity

Angular increases productivity by offering templates, CLI, and IDE. Use powerful template syntax to quickly create user interfaces. Use command line (CLI) tools to build applications faster, test compliance, and deploy them instantly. Get instant feedback on bugs and intelligent code completion in popular IDEs and editors.

Advantages of Angular

Since its inception, developers have released several versions of the Angular framework. These versions, all together, have successfully added to the productive work of the framework in the following ways:

  • Custom components

Angular allows custom software development services to create their components that can efficiently collect functionality and supporting logic into metamorphic fragments. These components also go well with website components.

  • data link

Data binding is an implicit method for developers to control page elements of multiple websites through web browsers. It uses dynamic HTML and can be run without complex programming. Additionally, data binding offers an improved incremental display of a website.

The Angular framework employs two-way binding model state and UI state. The UI state reflects changes made to the model state and vice versa. With Angular, developers can effectively transfer data from JavaScript code to the view and consequently react to events displayed by users, without having to write the code manually.

  • Dependency injection

Angular allows users to install modular services and incorporate them wherever needed. This improves reusability and testability of similar services.

  • Evidence

It is recommended to test parts of your application at each stage of the development process. Testing is a superior tool, and Angular developers have built it from the ground up with testability in mind. 

  • Comprehensive

Angular provides unmatched solutions. It is a complete platform for in-app routing, server communication, and more. 

  • Browser Compatibility

Angular is a cross-platform framework that makes it compatible with multiple browsers. Custom software development company can create an app with Angular and it will typically run on a variety of browsers, including macOS, Linux, and Windows.


Years go by and we have to confess that there is a question about programming languages ​​that continues to surprise us. You see them as very cutting-edge, in part, because we convey it to you that way, but many have stopped updating. Thanks to this  framework , they receive new support, as if they were versions from 2023.

Its first version was launched in 2009, but  it was in 2012 when it reached its full popularity  (there you can see the hand of Google, which turns everything it touches into gold). Then came Angular 1, also called Angular JS because of its connection to JavaScript. Thanks to this quality, in fact, different versions were released up to number 11.

In 2021, we will have a new edition called Angular 12 . You know when they update a game or app and you’re disappointed to see that they’ve only fixed ” minor bugs  and errors”? Well, that’s what happened with this latest version, although it has led to more versatile use with different operating systems.

We reach 2023, and we see how companies continue to need people who master it to speed up the process of creating web apps . Many Web app development services know how they work or what benefit they can get from them. Therefore, we believe that it is  an opportunity for your professional development , always with specialized training in web design .

At this point, we hope you have understood what Angular is and what its benefits are. This  framework  has numerous advantages to speed up the creation of a project and reduce the need for programming to a minimum. Now, if you are interested in this topic, we encourage you to continue digging deeper, on our blog and website you will find all the information you need.


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