What is a Smart Home, and why should you want one?

What is a Smart Home
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With every passing second, we are getting closer to living like The Jetsons. The technology we always thought of as the future has gradually become the present now. From relying on corded phones to smart window blinds, we have come a long way. This overwhelming boom of the tech industry has been abrupt and detailing altogether. The Consumer Technology Association study of 2019 revealed that seven out of ten households in the United States (i.e. 69%) have at least one connected device. In this article, we will discuss what a Smart Home is and why should you invest in one.

What is a Smart Home?

Smart Home technology, famously called Home Automation or Domotics (etymology: Domus is Latin for home), is a suite of appliances, devices, or systems that are connected by the same network, and can be controlled remotely and independently. In simpler terms, it is a home equipped with a variety of devices that can automate tasks otherwise handled by humans.

Smart Home technology enables you to control every aspect of your home through IoT or Internet of Things. Smart Home devices and systems operate together, as part of the Internet of Things (IoT), and are able to share user data among themselves and automate their actions based on user preferences.    

For the sustenance of a Smart Home, you need a powerful and reliable internet connection. Internet is to Smart Home devices what oxygen is to humans. With that logic, you must make sure that you have a high-speed and consistent internet connection. For your benefit, you can check out Spectrum packages to find out internet plans that are just the right fit for you.

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Benefits of a Smart Home

Smart Home comes with a wide range of benefits and life-changing practices. For most people, the biggest advantage is the level of energy control that this technology allows. Being mindful of ecological factors has become a necessity in this day and age, and with Smart Home devices, you can always be aware of your energy usage and would be able to save it remotely.

Here are some of the Smart Home benefits implying how much important it is to automate your home now.

Energy Conservation

The notion to achieve energy conservation is pushing many people towards Smart Home technology. The red alarming flag of global warming has started its impact already and all we can do now is to control the damage. This newest technology with its automated energy control system allows you to reduce energy usage and pinpoints areas where you might be using more energy than what is needed. This energy conservation in turn saves you money, as well, doubling the win.

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Ease of control

The most common ways to operate Home Automation systems are Central Control and App-Based. The former lets you control all the connected devices from a single unit in your home while the latter enables you to access your smart devices through web applications on your smartphone per se. Both these methods provide a complete charge of control in the simplest manner. With a smartphone application or a simple touch button, you can command a number of devices remotely. Again, this efficient benefit helps you save energy and money.

Comfort and Convenience

The idea behind Smart Home technology has always been comfort and convenience. All the smart devices permit you to deal with them from the comfort of your bedroom or even if you are traveling around the world. Coming home from work, you can adjust the thermostat so it is according to your liking. Want to stay in bed all day long, draw the shade without moving an inch. Want to monitor your kids when going on a work trip? You have got it in your smartphone.

Everything becomes extra simpler with Smart Home devices and if we have to come up with a tagline for this technology, it would be ‘ensures simpler life.’

Safety and security

While alarm systems have always been great for security, a Smart Home takes your safety and security one step further. With the help of connected cameras, lights, doorbells, you can make your home is a lot safer. Being alone at home never felt so safe before.

Home Automation allows you to connect automated door locks, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and other security measures through and through. There is also an option that when enabled, share security alerts on devices of your preference.

Efficiency in household tasks

Smart Home devices have been equipped to take care of regular household tasks to give you extra time to focus on your new business venture. Whilst smart chef seems a little far-fetched idea at this point, you can make use of smart refrigerators alerting you if the door is left open or when you are out of some products. Most of the smart trash cans can scan barcodes of whatever items you put in them and automatically adds them to your grocery list on your smartphone.

Moreover, Smart Homes can aid in the better functionality of your appliances. For instance, a smart oven would allow you to cook your turkey to perfection without being worried about undercooking or overcooking it and a smart TV will find channels and apps that go with your personality.

Day-long entertainment

Keeping you relaxed and entertained is the forte of Smart Homes. Smart speakers connected with AI digital assistants have everything under control from offering sports scores to news content, playing music to teaching you a new language, or even helping you to control the other devices connected to the same network.

Smart Home Insights

One of the exciting features of Smart Homes is that you can get insights about your home appliances. The functioning hours of your television, the number of times your refrigerator was accessed, the type of meals cooked in your oven, the calorie content on your plates can all be defined by the benefit of Smart Homes. With these insights, you can evaluate your everyday behavior and habits, and perhaps make adjustments as per your desires.


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