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crypto to buy now

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Crypto to buy now: Despite many myths around cryptocurrency including its high rates, and inconstancy, people still buy it. Especially, taking into consideration the latest events, when Bitcoin hit the record and made its investors literally rich people. Yet, it does not mean that you have to blindly invest in BTC but you should research what crypto is best for your future income.

Let’s overlook how to buy cryptocurrency, and which one to choose the best.

Buy Crypto with Credit Card Anonymously

Nowadays, crypto sellers are on every corner of the Internet. You may find sellers that boast low rates and those who have high rates but offer additional benefits. One of the trustworthy parties to get instant transactions and buy crypto with credit card is Switchere. Alongside a secure converter and easiest onboarding, you get cashback and may rest assured knowing your wallet won’t be involved in any fraudulent actions.

So, what to buy?


Since 2009, BTC crypto has suffered many crises though in January 2021 it shocked people with its new record. It crossed the prime cost of $60K. Beyond that, BTC was highly promoted when Elon Musk invested in it and bought around $1.5 billion of it. Today, the tendency of a high prime cost is still ongoing, thus you may try your luck with buying it as well.


You may also buy crypto online but choose Litecoin (LTC). It was designated as a light version of BTC. The main perk of it is that it is believed to take less time for the actual transaction compared to BTC. For instance, by undergoing registration, and verification processes with Switchere, you access transactions almost instantly. Within 5-10 minutes of time, your LTC is successfully transacted into your wallet through the website.


Another alternative to BTC is Ethereum (ETH) or EST. This crypto is widely used not only in financial sectors but in decentralized applications, and smart contracts. ETH can be described as a young crypto compared to BTC, and its fluctuations on the market are less remarkable. 

Binance Coin

This crypto was originally derived from the Ethereum platform until becoming a separate and decentralized platform. Today, Binance (BNB) is popular for converting other currencies, strange it may sound. It has its own exchange, where users are hooked on discounts, and low rates to proceed with different crypto transactions. You can easily use your credit or debit card, USD (dollar)or Euro, and exchange how much you want online.


Almost a newbie to the crypto market after its launch in 2017. Tron (TRX) still has a low price compared to other currencies but it is expected to rise in the near future. Why do people choose it? It was created by a reliable network that can easily support it regardless of downfalls. So, buying it today would not be a bad idea.

How to Buy Crypto with Credit Card Best?

As was hinted above, you have to find a reliable seller or exchanger. With Switchere, everything is easy as ABC.

To sell cryptocurrency or convert your virtual money instantly, you have to undergo onboarding. Still, there won’t be any hustle and bustle like in a mediocre bank institution. You register with email and send an ID to pass verification via a form. After the system verifies that you are a real user with no fraudulent intentions, you access a quick way to purchase any crypto. Note, you may use either Visa or Mastercard or switch to your prepaid card, how you find it convenient for you.

When choosing an exchange, ensure you are aware of all fees. Some sellers tend to fool the users around, and then upon transacting money you pay a hidden fee that actually may affect your pocket. Yet, there should not be any lowest fees as well since they might seem over suspicious.

So, finalizing the tips. As of now, the best decision is to go for Bitcoin which is still on its rise. Then, the fast method to buy it is to rely on time-proven exchanges using their designated platforms or one site. Last but not least tip, Bitcoin may be a good idea when you buy it in a place without any hidden fees.

Crypto signals are trading ideas from experienced traders to buy or sell a particular cryptocurrency at a certain price or time. Cryptocurrency trading signals can be based on several factors, including news, technical analysis and the current market climate.

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