5 Small Tips for Having a Successful Webinar Marketing Strategy

Webinar Marketing Strategy

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A webinar marketing strategy, webinar is a platform through which you can deliver information or value to your audience in an immediate and effective manner. They are a tool that can help any business thrive. So, webinars are great but how do you capitalize on them? In order to understand this concept, there are three questions you need to answer.

  • Still, how do you make people want to attend your webinar? 
  • How do you persuade them to pay what this webinar is worth? 
  • How do you promote it in a way that will yield the highest attendance?

The answer to these questions lies in a proper webinar marketing strategy. Here are five tips you need to follow in order to make it happen.

1. Upload after live streaming

Scheduling your webinar properly is important but regardless of when you schedule it, not everyone will be able to attend. People have their own chores which will always take precedence. Second, even with optimal marketing, a lot of people interested in the subject matter simply won’t hear about it in time. So, you want to upload the video subsequently, so that people who didn’t have the privilege of following it all online may have a chance to catch up.

Now if this is really the case, why have a live stream, to begin with. Why not just upload the content and be done with it? Well, there are a couple of compelling arguments here. First, there’s no need for memory space. Second, it provides an instant playback which provides your audience to perceive the content as more dynamic. Third, there’s no waiting for download time. In order for all of this to work from a technical standpoint, you might want to consult event streaming professionals to help you out.

Most importantly, through a chat, you can turn this webinar into a real-time AMA session. Speaking of which…

2. Let your audience directly interact with you

The main reason why a seminar is superior to the majority of other online formats is its interactive nature. Even if they’re just watching, people who attend a webinar are feeling like active participants. This is achieved through the dynamic nature of this format. Second, at the end of the webinar, you can hold a FAQ or even an AMA session. Here, you get to directly interact with your audience. 

Keep in mind that after the webinar (and after you upload it online), you need to keep track of its lifecycle. People will keep asking questions in the comments, questions that you can respond to in order to increase your trust. While this may not seem like a matter of webinar marketing, your activity in this field may increase the interest for your next webinar. Better yet, you can gather this feedback in order to improve your webinar structure in the future.

3. Establish trust

Start by providing some proof that you are capable of delivering what they’re looking for. So, when announcing your webinar (when building up the hype around it), you need to place your own team in the position of power. 

  • What makes you qualified to hold this seminar, to begin with?
  • Are there any concrete problems that you will help your audience resolve?
  • Can you offer any form of social proof?

Addressing and answering these three questions needs to become a cornerstone of your marketing campaign. It’s not about hard-pushing people into logging in but rather about giving them a good enough reason to join. In other words, instead of externally motivating them, what you’re aiming to accomplish is spark their own intrinsic motivation to work for you.

4. Know your audience

Before you start, you need to know your target demographic. This will allow you to adjust not just the content of your webinar but also the vocabulary and terminology that you intend to use. From the standpoint of your webinar marketing strategy, what you’re aiming for is to look for channels and brand messages that give the greatest effect.

By discovering who you’re talking to, you might have a much easier time figuring out how to reach them. Different demographics use different platforms and prefer different formats. Not being aware of this is similar to not knowing which tool you should use for the job. Ideally, you would use the platform that you’re going to host the seminar on in your marketing. This will provide you with a much smoother transition.

5. Invite guest speakers

One of the ways to keep your webinars interesting over the course of time (as well as to make every single one unique) is to invite guest speakers. It’s also paramount that the people you invite are people of authority within the industry. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to call fan-favourites to attend. A non-conformist speaker may use their “notoriety” to spark a discussion. Remember, no publicity is bad publicity.

When choosing who to call as a speaker you need to pick based on:

  • Expertise
  • Availability
  • Cost
  • Experience

It’s also a good idea to check some of their previous lectures. Fortunately, there are so many online materials out there for you to choose from.

In conclusion

In the end, it all comes down to finding the right way to communicate to your audience. This is what webinar as a content form excels at and you need to learn how to play to its strengths. Following the above-listed five tips will bring you one step closer to this goal.

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