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Windows Data Recovery

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Whenever you face data loss, accidental deletion and data corruption are the main causes users may encounter during data loss situations.. Backing up your data can help you recover it. Nevertheless, if you don’t have a copy of the backup file, you will have to use a professional Windows tool to recover data from the damaged volumes and hard drives. Find out more by reading the blog post.

Computer data are certainly the most valuable thing for a computer user, an individual, or an organization. The word “data” has revolutionized our world in a significant way. The computer is now an integral part of business growth. As a result, it is extremely important to protect the data on computers. Data protection doesn’t always mean protecting data from unauthorized access or other activities like data theft. You must also know how to recover corrupted or deleted data if it gets accidentally deleted or damaged.

Accidental deletion and data corruption are the two most common factors which often cause data loss. Temporary data loss has good recovery chances. But it becomes challenging for users to recover deleted files from Windows. This article will find the most common reasons behind data loss and leading Windows data recovery solutions.

What Causes Data Loss in Windows System?

Microsoft Windows is an exceedingly popular operating system used by millions and billions of computer users worldwide. Data loss in the Windows system can cause severe inconveniences for computer users. Here are some of the main causes of data loss:

An Accidental Deleted or Formatted File

Accidentally deleted files are the most common reason behind data loss. It often takes place and causes data loss on a temporary and permanent basis, and it can’t be recovered again. You should never use Shift + Delete to delete data, as it causes permanent data loss. If you use routine deletion, it’ll send the deleted files & folders to Recycle Bin from where you can restore them with ease. Moreover, accidental formatting will cause permanent data loss, whether it is a quick or deep format. It deletes all the data on the volume or drive.

Hard Disk Crash 

Another reason for Data Corruption is a crash in a hard drive (HDD). The hard disk is the component of your computer system that stores all of your data, including your operating system, system files, and other files. These drives are vulnerable to crash and corruption. Hard disk crashes or failures can be caused by any physical or logical error. Whenever a hard drive crashes, all your data become inaccessible. Or, you may lose your data forever. However, logical data loss can be easily recovered.

Hardware Failure

If you use faulty devices, you may experience hardware failure. Earlier, I mentioned that the hard disk is a critical component, and any type of error can lead to serious damage. The presence of bad sectors on a hard disk drive can lead to serious problems, such as a hard disk crash. Using low system memory, i.e., RAM, can cause performance issues and frequent system crashes. Problems related to other hardware devices are also harmful and can cause system crashes, leading to data loss. Sometimes faulty network devices can also cause system crashes or malfunction. One of the best ways to recover from hardware failure problems is to recover deleted files with the help of Windows data recovery software.

Software Malfunction or Failure

An incorrect or unexpected result can be the result of a software malfunction or failure. Likewise, it may cause abnormal behavior of a computer system. Software bugs are especially responsible for malfunctions and failures. They emerge because of computer users’ errors or mistakes in the program’s source code or its design. If a program has numerous bugs, it can interfere with its functionality and cause unexpected results. Software applications downloaded or provided by an unauthorized source are highly unsafe for a computer system.

Sudden Power Outage 

Unexpected system shutdown due to a sudden power outage can bring about various software and hardware issues. Suppose your system is highly involved with writing data to the hard disk, and suddenly the situation of power failure occurs. In that case, the writing data sequence will be incomplete and lead to corruption. A hard disk contains of multiple platters and heads. Each platter includes the magnetic data while heads write to the platters. A sudden power outage can damage the hard disk physically.

Virus Attacks 

Last but not least is a computer virus that is highly harmful to computer data. Virus attacks can extremely harm system crashes and data loss. A computer virus is produced by itself and can infect other installed programs by modifying them. It might likewise infect data files and the hard drive’s boot sector. It can attack any particular file’s internal structure, delete some data from the header or footer part, or overwrite the data there. Sometimes the virus can delete the file permanently from the system.

Advantages of Windows Data Recovery- Backup Files

Data loss can be avoided by taking backup files. If you have a good and updated backup file, you can restore your data from it at the time of data loss or corruption. Keep in mind these scenario before restoring data from the backup file

  • You need to ensure that the backup file is valid, i.e. not corrupted. If the backup file is corrupted, you cannot restore anything.
  • The backup file should be updated. Make sure it contains copies of almost the entire computer data. So that you can perform 100% data recovery of your file from it.
  • It is recommended to store the backup file on a safe medium, i.e. an external hard disk is the best option. Backup files should never be stored on the same computer as the one you are currently using.

Best Data Recovery Software for Windows

When there’s no backup file or the file is corrupt, a professional data recovery solution is the only option you’re left with. There are many data recovery software available on the market. Such tools are programmed for recovering data from the corrupt hard disk drive on the Windows system. 

Windows Data Recovery Software is one of the best recovery solutions for Windows users. It’s extremely capable of recovering your maximum possible data from corrupt hard disk drives containing any popular file systems, such as FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64 (exFAT), NTFS, HFS (Mac file system), and EXTX (Linux file system). You must download its demo for free evaluation before purchasing the licensed version.


In this blog, you’ll find the major causes of data loss and why taking backups of our precious data is so important. We also discuss how to recover deleted files in Windows with the help of Windows Data Recovery Software.

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