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Since the past few years, the art world has considerably evolved with time, producing several mural art styles each having different features. These varieties of styles have completely shaped the cities of Melbourne.

These different forms of art have enlightened the unappealing places, added the character to the dull, empty walls, and so on. They are significant in many ways with their unique characteristics. Curious to know about them in wide detail?

Let’s learn all the popular art styles with their unique and amazing qualities, describing why a specific art looks a certain way. If you are also a spiritual person and want this kind of artwork in your place, do hire the artists famous for such artistic work. The best approach is to find online by searching “mural painters near me” and you’ll be presented with the best ones near you. Hire them and get the most amazing artwork for your space according to your preference.

If you’re passionate about art, having a look at work of best wall mural artists in Melbourne through online research can give you right ideas. Moreover, we are with this blog to help you know all top art styles which are trending in 2023. You can style your space with these designs.

Top 8 Art Styles You Must Know About

Impressionism Art Style

This art style is about the painting, comprising marks of paint brushes that are highly visible. Also, the texture of the artwork is rough and unfinished. It entirely defines the story in which mural artists use their perspective and convey it to the viewers. 

The unique fact about this art style is that the artwork is not clear in detail but is full of the artists’ expression. Basically, the main objective of this style is an open framework, focusing mainly on the portrayal of outdoor activities and natural light. 

The amazing fact about this art style is that it is painted in outdoor areas, grabbing the natural light of the sun. Artists use black paints for sketching designs. Mostly, they prefer using or mixing dark and complementary colors in their painting.

Photorealism Art Style

The exact characterization of this art style is the minute detailing of the images. Hence, the artwork pieces look like real photographs. Therefore, this style is also known as super-realism, hyper-realism, and sharp-focus realism. 

Artists perform the painting so finely on the wall surface or canvas, highlighting each detail of the picture. Let’s take an example of an image showing wrinkles on the face of a human, sand grains on the seashore, and so on. The sketching requires full attention. 

During the sketch work, the artist does not skip any detail. This shows how incredible the photorealism art style is.

Contemporary Art Style

This form of art style is a little bit challenging as it uses different methods of painting. Generally, it is all about the new art, showing the ideas and sights faced at that particular moment.

Moreover, the wall mural artists focus on political matters, current trends, culture, interests, and self-expression. This art form generally uses various materials and media to communicate the concerned message to the public through unique artwork. 

Modern Art Style 

This form of art style is often interchanged and confused with contemporary art but both do not have that much difference in between. Typically, modern art is a stylistic form that is much more advanced than the traditional art style in 2023. It mainly focuses on depicting the viewpoints of wall mural artists on what is happening around the world today.

In this art form, artists usually use visual images or symbols that highlight modern life. They prefer using the realities and ideologies about the present times, showing realistic pictures. 

Surrealism Art Style

Typically, this art style depicts what is happening around you in a productive way. Basically, through this art form, wall mural artists express their imaginations. They show their creative minds using pictures that are completely illogical. 

The paintings sketched by the artists are contradictory, vague, and unpredictable. Actually, the pictures are removed from their original circumstances and locations and are depicted in an unusual way. 

Pop Art Style

This art style is well-known and valued in the artistry for some good reasons. After all, it is a reimagination that “pops up” by taking inspiration from the mass culture of Americans. 

This style of art is all about the contents of mass media, magazines, advertisements, movies, comic books, celebrities, etc. Basically, it focuses on realistic images, conveying great meaning and purpose. Artists use bold paints for sketching work. 

Moreover, mural artists utilize standard techniques, creating an illusion of realism in art. They mostly choose the mass production practices such as serigraphy in which they copy the exact picture. Also, the artists go for mirror work to create the image of consumer goods. 

Thus, the pop art style is well-known for its huge popularity in businesses. 

Abstract Art Style

This art style does not typically aim at showing visual reality. Rather, it focuses on gaining a bold effect using a variety of designs, colors, and other shapes. 

Objects in the artwork are represented by shapes and various other sign languages. The colors indicate emotions, making abstract art the most complex and exceptional art style. The best fact about it is that this art is appealing to many as this is non-figurative. This means you can easily understand the meaning and symbols incorporated in the art pieces. 

Actually, at its best, abstract art greatly impacts you the moment you notice it. 

Spiritual Art Style

Well, wall mural artists use this art style to depict the different forms of god and their divinity in their artwork. They get inspiration from the religious realm, showing their spirituality in art pieces. 

This artistic approach to represent spirituality is deeply influenced by the spiritualism in the artists only. By practicing spiritual representation, they succeed in creating a master art piece. 

If you are also a spiritual person and want this kind of artwork in your place, do hire the artists famous for such artistic work. The best approach is to find online by searching “mural painters near me” and you’ll be presented with the best ones near you. Hire them and get the most amazing artwork for your space according to your preference. 

Summing Up

All the above-mentioned mural art styles are unique in their own way, making them well trending in 2023. Surely, you want to explore them and know which one appeals to you the most. Some are very naturalistic while few are with hidden purposes. 

With the introduction to various mural art styles, we hope this blog helps trigger your interest and outlook toward the art world.

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