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Top skills
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The year 2022 is forecast to be a herald of optimism for individuals, job seekers, organizations, and industries alike, as it will breathe fresh life into dreams and growth potential. Different jobs require the right pool of talent and diverse skills that re-defines the growth potential. 

The tech industry is driven by the latest technology that requires personnel with idiosyncratic skills to work on that technology. Plus, the pandemic has changed our concept of understanding technology and utilizing it to generate results. A few questions like, aren’t the college degree enough can come to your mind. But the fact is that now, college degrees don’t cut anymore because of the existing competition and the growing technology needs.  

As per a report by Korn Ferry’ Future of Work Trends report, almost 69% of the companies in the world value learning over career history. Having said that, we provide you with the list of top 10 skills in demand in 2022. 

  1. Web Development Skill: A programming language is a buzzword today and it has managed to be on the top skills in demand in 2022. With this demand, the number of developers who have acquired this skill is also increasing. This skill opens a pathway of various job opportunities with a role such as front-end, back-end, and full-stack developer. This job requires personnel with critical thinking and different programming languages who can work hand in hand with modern technology. The programming skillset required for this job are: 
  • JavaScript 
  • Python 
  • C++ 
  • PHP 
  • Ruby 
  1. Cloud Computing Skill: The skillset of cloud is among the top skills that are in demand and due to its exclusivity, these skills can land you into a job with a handsome salary. With the breakneck of technology and automation, there is a need to upgrade your skill for better personal and professional growth. After acquiring the skill in cloud computing various career paths like cloud engineer, cloud infrastructure, cloud administrator, cloud architect and a lot more options you can go for. The knowledge of the following platforms can be useful in this skill. 
  • Google Cloud 
  • AWS 
  • Microsoft Azure 
  • Oracle 
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  1. Content Marketing Skill: Based on a report the content marketing will witness a whopping $417.85 billion growth between the years 2021- 2025. And with this data, it is pretty understandable that content marketing skill is amongst the top skill that is in demand. The work of a content marketer is a niche job and to prowess this, you will have to work on your soft skill development.  
  1. Artificial Intelligence Skill: It’s no wonder that artificial intelligence will be one of the most in-demand skills in 2022, given the world’s shift to the metaverse, which has created more job opportunities. The AI talent has gotten increasingly common as the breadth of data has grown. Furthermore, problem-solving ability is a must-have for an AI individual.
  1. UX Designing Skill: To respond to the needs of scaling websites, UX design is backed up with strong analytical skills. The massive digitalization requirements and the desire to provide the greatest design services to clients creates the urge to acquire UX designing skill. To provide consumers with the promised results, this particular design expertise necessitates an additional level of personal skill.
  1. Data Science Skill: You cannot imagine today’s world without data and it will be ultimately foolish to underestimate the power of data. Big giants like Amazon, Facebook, have grown powerful because their company’s growth is backed by data. This is now the state-of-the-art skill that is driving the company’s growth. Even the quote by Clive Humby- “Data is the new oil” adds weightage to this fact. With strong analytical skills, data science also gets a spot in the list of the top skill in 2022.  
  1. Machine Learning Skill: Machine learning, as a subset of artificial intelligence, has become one of the most in-demand skill sets among organizations implementing new technologies to provide clients with appropriate services. As a professional, if you obtain this skill, it can help you immensely in your career growth. 
  1. Blockchain Skill: Considering the ongoing changes in blockchain this skill has is amongst the most demanded one that has grown and will continue to expedite. As the world moves into a new digital age blockchain has traversed into the world of cryptocurrencies which has now generated the need for critical skills like blockchain. 
  1. Cybersecurity Skill: With the world developing into the digital sphere the process requires a manoeuvred person to protect the data. Hence, the cybersecurity skillset is the need of the hour. Owing to that reason this is again a crucial skill that is in demand today and it requires you to have a brawny problem-solving skill to protect the data from frauds. 
  1. Stress Management Skills: Today, mental health is a serious issue. And especially at the workplace, this skill is essential to keep yourself healthy and fit. Being a mental health expert requires different other skills like interpersonal skills, communication skills, and leadership skills. With stress management skills you can also obtain various jobs as a mental health counsellor or trainer as it has a wide scope for the same. This skill cannot be an under looked one, but this is a crucial skill that is in demand in 2022. Stress management is another great thing that requires personal skill to effectively work on it.  

Final thoughts on which skills are the most demanded

As it stands, the job market is flooded with various jobs and understandably so it creates abundant opportunities for the right skillset in diverse areas. Higher the skillset, a greater number of job opportunities you will attract. Yet, it is crucial to absorb some skills to put on your IT resume so that your portfolio becomes strong, plus attract more job opportunities. 

Our team at Green Apex understands the importance of having skills as well as developing them. Hence, we have various opportunities available for dedicated candidates like you to join our team and enhance your vision.  

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