Tips to Choose Custom Mugs for Your Business

Custom Mugs
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People arbitrarily go and pick something out to be offered as gifts or giveaways, but if you are a bit mindful about it, you can make these high-value marketing and customer loyalty-building tools. Custom mugs or printed mugs are something which we can find as a very common and popular gifting item now.

As per a survey by a marketing research group, about 65% of the participants in the survey had an emotional attachment to their coffee mugs, which they considered their favourite. Any business can leverage a part of this emotional attachment for its marketing benefits.

Further, we will discuss some key tips you should consider while choosing mugs as giveaways. Be careful about it, and you will surely be giving happiness to them in every sip.

1. Ensure that you choose portal mugs

People are very busy now, and they are always on the go. Many of them do not have enough time to sit down enjoy their breakfast or evening cup of tea. Keeping this in mind, you may consider getting portable travel mugs that they can carry around. For example, stainless-steel mugs, which are very popular now, can be an ideal choice. These are also durable and highly functional. There are also portable microwavable travel mugs, which can be ideal for your purpose. You will find the users thankful for your gift and keep this valuable possession with them for a long.

  • Custom design it for your business

While thinking of promotional giveaways, all businesses want to practice something different. This is very true in the case of custom mugs too. You should try to tailor fit the mugs to your business, brand, and industry. Here are some classic examples of how to print your business elements onto custom mugs.

  • Diner custom mugs – You can choose a classy white mug on which your logo can be printed. You may ideally give a retro flair to make it more attractive.
  • Coffee shop mug – You may choose personalized mugs that can reflect your business message’s real cuteness. Try to choose a distinct colour and shape, which is easily noticeable and identifiable with your establishment.
  • Brewery or bar mugs – You may right away add your logo in big size on a wine mug, beer stein, or the copper mugs used for Moscow Mule. You can also give them away as souvenirs.
  • Hotels and Resort – You may try and make your guests feel more personal and classier with curvy eye-catchy custom mugs. As your customers are here to relax, let the mugs also reflect the same excitement and fun.
  • Wisely choose the colour

As you plan to customize the mugs for your business, the primary rule is to link the colours ideal for your business. If you are planning for screening printing, choose the colours wisely to get the best impact. If in bulk, you may go for colour printing instead, which may be more cost-effective.

While planning to giveaway custom mugs, remember your customers have some clear favourites. So, give it very careful consideration to come to your decision. Get mugs that are portable, trendy, colourful, and above all these, relevant to your business and what message you want to share.

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