Six Effective Tips to Be a Good Manager

Tips to Be a Good Manager

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Every industry or company is often challenged by one question – Tips to be a good manager. Well, rightly so. It is imperative because good management will have a crucial influence on the company and its every employee. Several studies suggest that a company can yield better results for the organization by simply improving the management.

The honest truth is, you cannot decide to be a better manager today and be one tomorrow. It is a strenuous process and occurs over time. For this, you need to bring in some behavioural changes and follow some vital tips. Please bear in mind that every company or industry will have a different management style, but these tips and tricks will work for all of you.

Let us get started and take a look at some tips to be a better manager. 


For us humans, in general, communication is a key driving force. And having clear and concise communication with your team will help you become a vital manager. A good manager will always have clear expectations from the employees, and be transparent about critical topics, points out Brian, a manager with TAE that offers online economics homework help services.

Further, a manager should have a clear set of guidelines for both giving and receiving feedback. For a manager to inspire unique and original thinking, they must build an inclusive culture wherein everyone can put forth their ideas, concerns, and opinions. You have to encourage vulnerability and authenticity and lead by example. If you need help:

  1. Ask for it.
  2. Head to your team and tell them the exact situation of the company.
  3. Be communicative, and open about things happening in the organization. 

Be aware of your role

In a management position, you are the leader of the group. Hence, your primary concern has to be this group. So, even if you are a hands-on manager, do not forget, your primary role is to mentor, coach, and evaluate. It would help if you made adequate time for each of these things on an everyday basis. 

Know, acknowledge, and understand the worth of every employee

It is impossible to accomplish everything by yourself. So, work hard, and be a motivator to enable your employees to do the job. Help them overcome the obstacles, fight to avail of the resources that your employees need for seeing success in the assigned task, and work together to get over all the glitches and hiccups. 

Improve, and you will be improved.

At times, managers have a notion that a junior or subordinate is trying to take over them and their position with their exceptional talent or skill. But, in an organization, you are all working towards one common goal – taking the company to new heights. Thus, it is not about competition.

Hence, if it is in you, try to better the team and their capabilities. Help them be successful, and they will always return the favour and give you their best. To be a good manager, you need to lead from the front and teach, inspire and prepare others to succeed; comments Eric, a manager with TFTH that offers online assignment help Sydney services.

Motivate the team

One of the most desirable traits of any good leader is their ability to motivate employees under them. If you are inspired, you will be able to inspire others. You have to motivate the team to outperform the tasks that you assign them. If you encourage them right, they will develop a sense of belief in what they are doing. For your team to buy-in into something, you have to buy into it first. If you do not showcase faith in a particular task, your subordinates will never be able to outperform or even produce decent results. 

Praise and criticism needs to be balanced

Of course, it is easier to praise than criticize, but you cannot praise all the time, right? In a recent survey, it was found that 44% of managers find giving feedback incredibly stressful.

Further, 40% from the same group of managers never give positive feedback either. Your employees need the right balance of both criticism and praise to thrive in a workplace, comments Daisy, a manager with FineGrades where you can look for the best online algebra 2 tutors.

See, if you keep praising your employees, you cannot be a good manager because you are not helping them grow. On the other hand, if you only criticize your employees, your employees will find them on edge, which can be demoralizing.  

Following a study by the Harvard Business School, you should praise more and criticize less as a general rule of thumb, but do not overlook one for the other. You do not have to lie to your employees about how well they are doing when they are not. Similarly, do not rob your employees of constructive criticism.

Further, you must also know how, when, and where to give praises. Efforts by your team should be acknowledged and rewarded promptly. There are three kinds of praises, and you need to provide all three of them to your employees – private praise, public praise, and special tokens. These are all people management skills to build the morale and trust of your employees. 

Just like praises, even criticism needs to be given timely. However, instead of pointing out the errors, you need to provide feedback. Help the employees find solutions and overcome weaknesses. More so, enable them to set new goals and make them believe that you believe in them. Even if it is criticism, finish on a positive note.

So, these are the six vital tips to help you be a good manager. If you have any more additions or suggestions, let us know in the comments below.

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