Leadership Tips: How To Keep Your Team Motivated

Leadership Tips

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Every person is an individual, and the hardest part of any job is working with other people. Saying the right things at right time and knowing what someone needs to stay motivated is crucial leadership skill for any manager.

Set a clear goal

Projects, like everything else, have a starting and ending point. It`s important to have the whole team on the same page, so organize a team meeting to present the plan for the future project, make clear dates and explain your expectations to your audience. This is the perfect opportunity to give a team speech, tell them that you believe in them, that you believe in the project, and convey your passion to them, make them feel what you feel. If your speech went well, this will make your employees feel inspired and motivated to push the boundaries and make that goal happen! Also, the staff will see the endgame and will asses what needs to be done to move your project current to the next stage. 

Provide positive feedback

Humans are strange beings, we spend most of the time in our heads thinking. Doubts, lack of self-confidence, and even fear can impact the work of an employee. A good manager can smell this, and you can not believe how a few positive words can change a person. Life is hard and sometimes, you just need a little push to start you off. Don’t just tell them what they did good, take your time to explain to them what that particular action did and how it affected the project. This will make them feel that their work is appreciated and it will serve as a motivational boost. If you have a space in the budget, monetary incentives are a great way to reward a good job, and if not, you can entrust them with a more responsible role that will show them that you trust them. Reward effort!

Introduce new blood

No, this is not a vampire-related topic. People that make the team, also make the atmosphere in it. Sometimes, like in every relationship, things get boring and stall. It is that spark that is missing to start the engine, but when it starts it never stops again. So, the main goal is to attract new “blood” someone who will make a difference in the team and create an instant impact on others. We can accomplish this by recruiting new personnel through our HR ( human resources ), but this can take a lot of time and effort because of procedures and corporate policies. The second, faster way and more expensive way is to switch to outsourcing. If we for example want the best talent in Australia, we will use the best talent recruitment agency in Sydney to maximize our chances. It all comes down to what you want, or better said how much are you willing to pay for that spark.

Provide Opportunities for Personal Development

Being a team leader comes with a lot of responsibilities, you need to be able to provide different development training types for your employees. But, there is a limit to what you can teach, you can not be exceptional in every part of the job, but you need to know the basics of every job that is in your domain. Anyway, you need to be able to provide your team or individuals in the team a chance to become experts in the field of their interest, and you do that by offering them courses, training, and even academic subsidies.

By doing this you will accomplish two things. First, your working staff will be pushed out of their comfort zone, and they will progress because of that. On top of that, they will start to think outside of the box and they will be more creative. The second thing that follows up the first, when people become more versatile they will be able to contribute more to the team and the project itself. We mentioned endgame, by coming up with new creative ways we will reach it faster. Creative people are the driving force of every successful company

Encourage Healthy Competition

Smart managers will look to introduce healthy competition into the team. Be vary, this is a very thin line, and if you don’t keep your balance properly, you will end up disrupting your whole team. If you manage to succeed, you will create a more capable and dynamic team. The point is to create a competitive environment that will improve team engagement. As a said, some people just need a little push, and by competing with each other, they will allow themselves to improve. The competition will also create the feeling of being united, you will not want to disappoint the other team member, and you will not allow someone to one-up you, and because of that, you will push yourself to the limit. It is just important to dose it, you don’t want to create disputes with your team.

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