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We’ve all seen an excellent teacher use a whiteboard to explain and motivate students. Whiteboard animation production, on the other hand, can accomplish the same thing. Drawings and animation have always played an important role in storytelling, both as children and now. As you are familiar with whiteboard animation production by now, the real question is, what are some practical tips for creating an enthralling whiteboard video? Here are ten tips for doing that during the whiteboard animation production process.

A Convincing Script

This is the first and most important aspect of the whiteboard animation production process. When creating a whiteboard animation video for your company, a solid script and storyboard are essential. Begin by identifying a problem, then provide a solution, and conclude with a reliable call to action.

Create Your Storyboard

When attempting to turn your script into a captivating storyboard, avoid making it too complex or lengthy. Instead, create a schematic outline of a video during the whiteboard animation production process. This should depict the actions as well as the visual aspects of your video. Ensure that each frame flows smoothly into the next, and your storyboard will assist you in creating the video that your company requires.

Maintain A Classical Style

A classic whiteboard animation video has three essential components, and their incorporation is pivotal during the whiteboard animation production. First, focus on the white background, the continuous black drawing, and the hand to keep the essence of a whiteboard video.

Incorporate characters

Whiteboard animation videos appear to be very simple to watch, but by incorporating a character into your video, you can make it more engaging and fun to watch. Use symbols in your video during the whiteboard animation process to bring your audience closer to you.

Buyer personas based on your ideal customer can be used to create characters that look, dress, and act like your target audience. This can assist viewers in identifying with your company, making you appear more reliable and trustworthy.

Add some color (but not too much)

I did say to keep your animation video in the classic, traditional, black and white format. However, a dash of novelty is always welcome. Make your animation video more interesting by adding some color to make it stand out.

Now, don’t go overboard with the color in the video. Instead, please keep it simple and highlight important points. Usually, in the animation production, the animators tend to overdo the whole thing, which does not render positive outcomes.

Join the Drawings Together

When watching a animation video, you may find yourself constantly wondering what will happen next. That’s because the video is being created right in front of your eyes. Interconnected drawings can be used to depict this anticipation creatively. That is, do not clean the whiteboard too frequently. Instead, allow for continuity and make sure your canvas is large enough to keep the flow going.

Stick to the Timetable.

Whiteboard animation production does not mean you have all day to draw neatly and slowly. The timing of the draw and erase must be considered in your animation video. Make it appear relaxed but not so simple that it takes too long to tell your story. This is dependent on animation and, of course, your illustrator’s timing.

Elicit an Emotional Reaction

When planning your story, always keep your audience’s emotions in mind. Whiteboard animation videos are simple, and the best part is that you can communicate whatever you want. Emotionally connecting with your audience will increase engagement with your video while also improving your business results.

Animate Uniquely

The illustrations in a whiteboard animation video are drawn by hand. However, in this digital age, images, along with an animated hand, can be digitized if you want to project a more modern style to your video. As a result, ensure that the writing is perfectly animated. Also, if your characters need to move around a little, a small amount of movement will always make it appear more engaging.

Music and Sound Effects

Last but not least, emphasizing and speeding up certain words while recording voice-over is a crucial technique. Using enticing music to complement your brand and the personality of your video is critical to the impact of your whole whiteboard animation production process. However, make sure that the music and voice-over complement the video and not overpower your whiteboard animation.

To Summarize

We have provided ten tips for creating awesome whiteboard animation. First, begin with a strong script, then create a storyboard before adding characters, color, and interconnected drawings. Then, choose a voice-over that fits your story and add music and sound effects to make the right atmosphere.

Also, remember to keep it classic and adhere to agreed-upon timelines to keep your audience’s attention. So, how enthusiastic are you about your whiteboard animation explainer video? If you are excited enough, you should contact Scribe Bunny right away to get a high-quality whiteboard animation video for your business.

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