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Today, data has become one of the most valuable resources in our digitally-driven world. The key to every organization is its ability to make quicker and better decisions. Several high-level openings will be expected in the Data Science domain in 2020. This represents an increase of 62% from 2019. To find a good job and plan a career, you need a solid educational foundation. The main aim of this research is to rank the best Data science courses in India with placements.

By using this tool, aspirants can find and choose the perfect course and institution to take their careers to the next level. A comprehensive review focuses on four key parameters: depth of curriculum, interactive, hands-on learning, recognition of the program, and student experience. Below are the top 10 Data Science courses in India with placements:

1. Henry Harvin Education: Best Data Science Course with Placement Center in India

There are currently no better Data science courses in India than Henry Harvin. This is one of Henry Harvin’s most popular courses. Quality and uniqueness are Henry Harvin’s trademarks. The Henry Harvin Data Science Course is South Asia’s best Data Science Course, with placements in India, as it combines theory, computation, and application most easily and practically. As a result, it equips students and data analysts with the essential skills for application in real-life contexts.

Highlights of the course

Both classroom and online classes can be accessed. This course includes 40 hours of training and 50 hours of E-learning access, with 12 months of free brushup sessions.

Recognition of the program

Gold membership for one year

Henry Harvin Analytics Academy offers internships and job opportunities.

Experiential learning

Examine the employees’ deep understanding

Optimization of business analytics with website trend analysis.

Stock market prediction.


Learners receive training from industry experts and receive guidance from them. Through experience, trainers impart practical project knowledge. They emphasize practical knowledge primarily.


Students can enroll in a live virtual classroom or instructor-led live online class. For the self-paced course, the fee structure is Rs. 15000, and the live online class is Rs. 15000.

The following cities in India are where Henry Harvin Data Science Courses are offered:

  • There are Nagpur, Ernakulam, Surat, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Chandigarh in India

Henry Harvin’s other courses:

  • Accounting and taxation for business
  • SAP FICO Training
  • HR Payroll Training
  • Course on GST
  • BI course

Also, Henry Harvin provides these courses

  • Business Accounting and Taxation Course
  • GST Course
  • SAP FICO Course

2. Advanced program in Data Science Course With Placement in India by IIM Calcutta

Working professionals who want to upgrade their skills can attend an Advanced Data science course at IIM Calcutta in India. On-campus sessions consist of four days and a few live sessions. Most classes are online.

3. Upgrad: Postgraduate Diploma program in Data Science

 A Data Science degree is rigorous. The program consists of 12- 15 hours per week for 12 months.

4. Learn Bay: Best Data Science Certification program in India

Online courses offered by Learnbay are among the best. This course specializes in data science and significantly impact the area.

5. IIM Kozhikode: Best Data Science Training in India

The Data Science certificate program at IIM Kozhikode is designed for professionals from any field who want to advance their careers

6. Imarticus PGP: Best Data Science Training in India With Placement

Imarticus PGP in Data Analytics is a classroom program that takes place offline. Learners will have a good chance of starting their careers in data science with this course. This program has been in existence for three years. It is an offline classroom program with 4 hours per class.

7. Praxis Business School: Postgraduate program in Data Science Course

Praxis business school’s entire postgraduate program in data science is full-time. This is a nine-month program. The program is offered in three cities: Bangalore, Kolkata, and Mumbai.

8. Great Learning: Postgraduate Program in Data Science Course & Business Analytics

 The Great Learning postgraduate program in data science and business analyst course is offered online. The program is designed for working professionals. It is an online program, so the learning pedagogy is pre-recorded videos and monthly live classes with a professor.

9. Excel R: Best Data Science Course in India With Placement Guarantee 

 In collaboration with IBM, the best data science course in Pune, this program requires more attention. However, this course helped students learn and complete the system more effectively.

10. Jigsaw Academy academy : Job oriented Data Science Course with Placement in India

Jigsaw Academy’s data science course leads to a career in analyzing, processing, churning, and interpreting data. This is a full-time course. Students live on campus. There is also a hostel on campus. It is a perfect blend of data science and emerging technologies that prepares the learner to become a data science professional.

Why Data Science Courses are Important

 Artificial intelligence is used to enhance products and services, according to a recent evaluation. In India, 43 percent of professionals work in business analytics. They have an average of three years of experience.

By 2022, there will be 2.9 plus million job openings in the Data Science Analytics Arena for freshers.

The Data Science industry has experienced remarkable growth. India will become one of the top five markets for Big Data by the end of 2021.

 Benefits of a Data Science course in India with placements:

In addition to Data Science tools and technologies such as Python and Tableau, the learner can also be proficient in Analytics tools and methodologies. They can write SQL queries to query the Database and learn relational Database concepts. Using statistics and Data modeling, they even knew about machine learning techniques such as regulation, prediction, clustering, time series forecasting, classification, etc. Learners can create an analytics framework to structure any business problem. Tools and techniques can be used to clean data and transform data. A comprehensive understanding of deep learning and natural language processing can be acquired. An individual who obtains a certificate in Data Science can be well prepared to become a Data Scientist, Data Engineer, or Data Analyst for one of the top analytics companies.

Expertise in Data Science: The Pillars

  • Data Scientist expertise is derived from four fundamental areas
  • A business or a domain
  • Statistics and probability are part of mathematics
  • Data Architecture Engineering and software engineering combined with computer science
  • Communication both verbally and in writing
  • In addition to these, there are other skills and expertise that are highly desirable.

Courses for Data Scientists in India

A data scientist is someone who can leverage existing data sources and create new ones as necessary to provide meaningful information and actionable insights.

Statistical Techniques, programming languages, software packages, and data infrastructure can be interpreted and utilized with Business Domain expertise and effective communication. As a result, a data scientist can be used to drive business decisions and take action to achieve business goals.

Data Science Deliverables and Goals

  •  The prediction of a value based on inputs.
  •  Span and non-Span classifications.
  •  There are recommendations like Amazon and Netflix.
  •  Grouping and detection of patterns.
  •  Fraud detection is the detection of anomalies.
  •  Recognition of images, texts, audio, and videos.
  •  Actionable Insights through dashboards and reports.
  •  Processes and decision-making are automated.
  •  FICO scores and rankings.
  •  Demographic-based marketing segmentation.
  •  Optimizing.

The role of a data scientist

Data Scientists discover and propose new data initiatives with significant business domain expertise to help the business reach its objectives.

Process of Data Science

The data scientist follows the process when creating models using machine learning and related techniques. Goals, acquire, build, deliver, optimize is the acronym GABDO. It is an iterative process.

Data Science includes the following aspects:

  • Identifying and solving the specific problem by customizing the approach.
  • They should be able to write new algorithms and make significant changes to existing ones.
  • Ability to access many different databases and data sources and integrate the data into an analytics-driven source.
  • Even creating new features and selecting the best data source.
  • With the understanding of all statistical programming, ensure high integrity data quality.
  • By using the best tools, algorithms, frameworks, languages, and technologies, results are minimized.
  • By leveraging data, you can achieve business goals.

Data Analysts vs. Data Scientists

  • Data analysts often use Microsoft Excel, SAS, SAP, and other tools for analysis and business intelligence. Modeling and mining are also sometimes performed. Dayton will use Visual platforms, IBM SPSS modeler, Rapid Miner, and SAS.
  • Data Scientists use tools like R and Python to achieve the same tasks. In general, they come up with their questions and know how to use the data. When asked about goals, Data Analytics performs the analysis and reports the results.

Data engineer

A data engineer is concerned with the processing of data, the storage of data, the flow of data, and so on.


There is no better program in the world for data science courses with placements. It combines academic excellence with industry expertise. The data science course has a superb curriculum. Interactive learning pedagogy is used in these programs. An experienced data scientist can significantly impact the success of a company’s goals.

Data science courses in India with placements have a positive impact on the success of businesses. This article aims to explain data science, data scientists, tools, and techniques related to data science. According to the World Economic Forum, skills will be more important than job titles, so it is time to upskill the modern data science practice.


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