Tips for Getting Your Book Published

how to get book published
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How to get book published, Are you trying to get your book published? Do you want to publish it yourself? If you think you want to publish your book, you need to formulate a strategy and properly execute it. The first time is always the hardest – you’re already questioning your work, so finding a reliable platform to publish your work may sound intimidating. 

Thus, breaking into the literary world takes confidence and motivation that is unparalleled. You will face many obstacles, and all you need to keep in mind is this: Keep at it. 

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All you need to know is that writing a book and getting it published is not easy. It takes an entire team to get it done. If you’re new to writing, publishing may seem like a monstrous task. But by following the tips below, you can make this process smooth. 

Tips to Get Your Book Published 

Look – there are two ways to get your book published. You can bring in a middle person that can help you publish your book, or you can choose to publish the book yourself. Do you know that you don’t need to be a bestseller to get yourself a deal from a prominent publishing firm? From Penguin to Random House, you can get your book published anywhere you want by following a simple yet efficient procedure. 

Identify Your Audience

Look – you need to understand that publishing companies are running a business. They are interested in the merit, but they won’t follow through and offer you a deal if your book doesn’t have commercial value. Therefore, you need to keep in mind that certain genres have more appeal than others. 

Like young adult novels will have more market value compared to biographies and self-help books. Don’t lose hope – you can crack a great deal by just knowing who you are writing for. 

Get a Literary Agent

It would be best if you found a literary agent. By getting yourself an agent, you can handle the contractual boundaries set by publishing companies. In addition, this will make sure that you have support from your publishing house and a direction and stability in terms of a paycheck. 

Prepare the Submission Package

You wouldn’t be asked to send the entire novel in the first meeting. However, you’ll be expected to provide a synopsis at first, along with a couple of sample chapters. Sometimes agents present specific guidelines which you must abide by. A professional and mutually respectful relationship will further elevate the quality of your manuscript because both parties will be on the same page. 

Deliver Directly To the Publisher

Look – you don’t need to hire an agent. By hiring an agent, you facilitate the process and smoothen the journey. However, it would be best to keep in mind that your chances of acceptance will get slim. But this is one way of reducing the overall cost. In addition, many companies prefer receiving manuscripts from agents, and when you send them directly, they’re mostly left unread. 

Non-fiction Rules

Most of the bestselling novels today are surprisingly non-fiction. Readers today are attracted to titles, be it an autobiography, memoir, or even a cookbook. So you have to give your book a catchy title and make it look non-fiction, even if it’s not. The vibe has to be serious yet playful. Believe it or not, this is the trick to increase book sales. 

Short Stories & Poetry Doesn’t Sell

Many people hate to admit it, but there isn’t a big enough market for short stories and poetry. Furthermore, it sounds awful because people have lost interest in such wonderful gems. Therefore, whenever you decide to publish a book, make sure that it’s either a novel or a long-format book. And if you think that your short story or poetry book deserves a platform, go for an indie publishing forum. 

Double the Responsibility

Writing a book is an enormous task and if there’s anything that doubles the hassle of book writing is publishing. Some writers would argue that publishing a book takes more heart than writing it – you’ll have to put up a brave act until the book releases. Before that, you’ll face many rejections and hardships. You’ll be pushed to a breaking point because many people would critique your book, and you’ll have to consider them seriously. 

Popularity of E-Books

Gone are the days when readers would wait for the hard copy to release. The generation today are addicted to their smartphones and other technological devices. Hence they prefer reading books on their tablets, iPads and smartphones. You need to cater to this market. If you want to learn more about this, Amazon is the resource to go to. Kindle is in, and hard copies are out.

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