The impact of distributed ledger technology in e-learning

ledger technology
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Ledger technology: Technology has moved with such a fast pace in last 10 years that we are now entering into the world of digitalization. Soon, the world would be reshaped with the technology and digital gadgets. 

Due to the tremendous innovation in the tech grounds, the technology has paved its way in each aspect of our life. We have been captivated by the technology since the digitalization has become a need and the tech gadgets have become the necessity of life. 

Hoping to the sector of emerging technologies and their incorporation into the sector of education, the concept may sound little unusual but this is soon going to be the new normal of digital world. 


Since the pandemic of coronavirus has already hit the world massively and almost all the industries were brought to knees. Looking at the picture from the perspective of education sector, we all have witnessed drastic changes in the methods and learning processes of education. 

In today’s competitive era of digitalization, people are already living with the sound bites and the buzzwords. People are being smarter and are creating more solutions to the complex problems which is indirectly resulting in the form of sharp and powerful businesses. 

The things have been changed now and now people are looking at the picture with the wider angle. The solutions have also arrived with people leading towards the cunning business attempts which are further named as the crypto-boom or the Blockchain investment as well. 

You might be known to the common terms of distributed ledger technology and Blockchain as well. Also, people mostly consider both the things as the same technology however this is completely a misconception. 


Blockchain and crypto along with the DLT, all three emerging and groundbreaking technologies have managed to hit the headlines. Considering DLT and Blockchain same is definitely wrong and now this is the high time to scratch beneath the surface and find what the facts are. 

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is the database that exists across several locations and is accessed by multiple participants. However, the companies in today’s world are still using the centralized database so it could have only a single point to fail. The DLT is basically decentralized to eliminate the need for a central authority. 

There have been a lot of descriptive essays help on the topic of Blockchain and DLT that how they work. The files in the DLT are timestamped and a unique cryptographic signature is given to those files. This technology provides a verifiable and auditable history of the information that should be stored on the particular dataset. 

Talking about Blockchain, then it is a shred database with the entries that must be confirmed and should be encrypted. A main difference to remember between them is that Blockchain is just one type of distributed ledger, a sub field! 


The technology of Blockchain rose to prominence in the year of 2017. Everybody has been giving the attention to the crypto currencies like bitcoin and ethereum. Obviously, these technologies have given the humans a facility of secure and online transaction. 

The distributed ledger technology is the one that holds all the transactions and the records and further they are made available to the public. This technology is having the power to disrupt every industry.

A lot of educational institutions are already looking forward for the ways in which they could solve the most common problems of the online space. 

The expert research writers from term paper writing service shared the opinion, the online education has offered the personalized learning and has afforded a lot of people with the ability to learn new skills right by sitting at their homes, but still! There are some complexities that may not get solved easily! 

The user retention and the completion rates are representing the biggest problems of the online courses. A lot of the people do sign the online courses in the initial days and then they are unable to complete them due to several reasons. When the ratio of completing the courses would be less, then it would be considered as a fail of online studies!

In the online education space, the lack of intermediate level course has also raised. There are majority of online courses that are geared toward the beginners and the platforms like Udemy and Coursera are providing these services in affordable range for people around the whole globe. Even after this, completing the beginner stage is easy for everyone and then people lose their interest. 

The technology of DLT is one of the biggest pillars to provide the students with the best of the self-paced and personalized learning. The students can learn and can continue the discipline while being out of the standard classroom as well. The advice can also be given to exchange the crypto currency among each other and eventually to receive the cash for it. 

This step would be helpful enough to add motivation to the students and they will complete the course or the task with which they would be assigned. 

Another aspect is also available where the online education can benefit from the Blockchain and DLT tokens and they could be used to fix the quality of the online education. When it would be about the self-paced and the personalized learning, this would be highly beneficial. The security factor in this regard is also useful in order to store the credentials of the students. 

Also, the idea of the online certifications, hackathons, and other tech related contest is beneficial for the students so they could gear up with the online teaching scenarios and the tremendous tech developments as well. Just the way the students are now aware of the bitcoin, the same way should be the DLT and the Blockchain. 


The industry of technology is innovative and is coming up with more advancements and the fast paced learnings. The students must be taught beforehand about the emerging technologies and the cryptocurrencies as they are going to be the future face of the world. 

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