7 Powerful Strategies to Improve Your Ecommerce Site

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What does E-commerce mean? Basically, it refers to buying and selling of products and services. But E-commerce has grown exceedingly in the last few years. 

The E-commerce industry is booming at a maximal speed. It has fascinated a large number of businesses to this money-making and essential move. Businesses are investing in E-commerce solutions to provide an immense shopping experience to shoppers.

This has led to tough competition for E-commerce businesses. With so much competition in the market, E-commerce merchants must provide a positive user experience. To survive in this competitive E-commerce world, E-commerce business owners have to work smart to succeed.

So if you are an E-commerce business owner, we have collected 7 Powerful Strategies that can help to propel your business in the market.

 7 Powerful Strategies to Improve Your Ecommerce Site

Here we have covered effective strategies to improve your E-commerce sales, grow sales, and ace the E-commerce competition.

1. Use Appropriate Platform

Many E-commerce businesses experience low performance simply by choosing the wrong platform to build their E-commerce site. Not all E-commerce platforms are created equivalent. You will have to choose the right platform that perfectly suits your needs.

There are many big players providing eCommerce website development solutions and services to build your website from scratch. Keep the following points in mind before selecting an E-commerce platform:

  • Your budget for selecting an E-commerce platform
  • Type of products you sell
  • Features you need for your website
  • Make sure you get customer support when you need it

As you narrow down the above points it becomes easy to make the right choice. This decision will constitute what you will be gaining ahead in the E-commerce game. So make a smart decision instead of a hurry decision.

Magento is the right platform for any type of E-commerce business that will help to deliver a powerful shopping experience to customers. Hire Magento Developer to build a high-performance E-commerce website and meet your custom needs.

2. Polish your Design and User Experience

A functional and attractive website never goes out of fashion and is a driving force for creating a profitable E-commerce website. It is incredibly important that your site is not only insightful but fascinating as well.

Many business owners fail to see growth in their sales graph due to complex user interfaces. Complicated website design can really impact the user experience and give rise to bounce rates.

Make sure your website design is usually appealing and the customers can easily learn about your products or services. Brush up your design skills or Hire a Graphic Designer to make your website layout killing. A good website design can help to increase your Ecommerce conversion rate.

3. Maintain Consistency

This is mainly for larger businesses who possess online as well as a physical store. Keeping the online and offline experience seamless will help customers to easily find products and get everything that they need. It is also called the Omnichannel experience.

Many shoppers search for a product on a website and come to a physical store to buy it. So you need to guarantee that your online offerings match your inventory. The seamless shopping experience can increase conversions and build trust in your website.

Another option to offer a seamless shopping experience is through mobile devices. The use of mobile devices is at its peak and is going to increase in the future. So making your whole store available on a mobile phone will be the key to success for your business.

4. Focus on Data

If you are missing out on studying customer’s behavior using analytics data, you are doing it all wrong. Collecting data is essential to learn about customer’s buying habits. You have to be aware of what customers want to buy, which platform they use for buying, what payment methods they use, or any other data that help you to know customer purchasing behavior.

Analytics data helps you to quickly scale your business and apply modifications where required. Many E-commerce platforms provide built-in functions to analyze data. Also, there are third-party tools available today in the market that can provide enhanced capabilities for data analysis. By making use of Google Analytics you can get useful insights to measure your SEO performance.

5. Target Audience Directly

Data can help you easily segment your customers. Planning a marketing strategy common for all will not work. To get the maximum effect of your marketing strategy you need to customize everything.

Let’s say, for instance, you are a footwear brand. Showing fancy footwear to everyone is a bad move. Your male customers have nothing to do with the female footwear. Instead, segment your customers and show relevant advertising to the relevant people.

Personalizing the marketing stuff will encourage the user to buy. The customer enjoys being valued and they better engage with your brand. This helps to build a better relationship with customers in the future.

6. Simplify the Checkout Process

Online shopping is often used by customers to save time and effort to carry out their desired purchase. Did you know? 18% of shoppers abandon at the time of checkout due to the complex checkout process as stated by thegood.

An excellent E-commerce website is one that provides easiness from the customer side with simplified navigation and an intuitive interface. Delivering a seamless shopping experience throughout the customer’s shopping journey helps in gaining loyal customers.

The customer must not perform more than 3-4 steps to complete the checkout so as to ensure the experience is seamless.

7. Chase the Abandoned Carts

A customer comes to your website, adds products to the shopping cart but does not complete the payment. You lost a potential customer. But you can get them back by reminding them about abandoned carts.

Moosend says, 45% of abandoned cart emails are opened, out of which 21% are clicked and from that 50% of users who clicked purchase. Make sure your checkout process is not complex to reduce cart abandonment. However, there are various ways to get those customers back.

There are third-party integrations available that will help to send a perfect reminder email to your customers and bring them back. Integrate Abandoned Cart Suite Extension for Magento 2 to send abandoned cart reminder Emails, SMS, or WhatsApp notifications to customers. You can also send discount coupons to encourage them to buy.

Executive Summary

The journey of an E-commerce business entrepreneur may feel useless or dangerous. However, take the above tactics and strategies into consideration to increase your E-commerce sales and keep growing your business.

Improving your website does not depend on any single thing. You need to optimize various aspects of your business for a successful outcome. Improve customer experience to increase conversion rates. The customer must be satisfied at every stage of their shopping journey. Appealing website design and flawless functionality also account for improving your website performance. Other things include page navigation, page speed, mobile responsiveness, SEO. These all factors together make your website an ideal one.

Infographic created by Fiserv, an omnichannel commerce company

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