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10 Strategies for Improving YouTube Ads in 2023

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Finding difficulty in tapping your targeted audience via YouTube Ads? Used different strategies and yet, the performance of your YouTube ads are still stuck?

Are you aware that YouTube Ads have been upgraded?

Here is a quick update: Running YouTube Ads by utilising its powerful content targeting feature will not be possible anymore. Yes, it has been removed.

But do not worry! Here, we will identify strategies for improving your YouTube Ads in 2023. 

However, before understanding the strategies, let us quickly identify the updates associated with YouTube Ads. This will be beneficial in assessing the loopholes in your existing YouTube Ads, thereby, helping you integrate new strategies for improvement.

Updated Features in YouTube Ads in 2023: 

Recently, YouTube Ads removed three most important features:

  • Keyword Targeting
  • Placement Targeting
  • Topic Targeting
  • Similar Audiences

To be specific, as compared to the previous version, you no longer have the provision of creating YouTube Ads by using specific keywords, channels, topics, or videos.

You will have to set a custom intent.

Looking for generating more leads and converting them into revenue using YouTube Ads in 2023?

Go on to read these strategies for improving YouTube ads.

10 Strategies for Improving YouTube Ads in 2023:

If you are running an awareness campaign, keyword targeting can still work. However, as a business, these strategies will help you in generating more revenue from YouTube Ads:

Optimisation of YouTube Ads for Direct Conversions:

Utilise YouTubeā€™s model for data attribution and YouTube analytics to measure and understand the pattern of engagement with the ads. Your goal must be clear right from the initial stage. Select from the number of options as stated below.

Thus, you will be able to improve the conversion rate of your YouTube Ads by driving leads that will turn into sales.

Intent-Based Targeting:

You will have to start targeting audiences by segmenting them based on their intent. Focus on creating custom segments and audiences for your YouTube Ads.

For this, if you are running YouTube Ads in 2023, open Ads manager as illustrated below, and under audiences, you can create custom segments. Select people based on their search intentions.

Interest-Based Targeting:

As consumers, we have already signed into our Gmail accounts and are browsing different websites and logging into different accounts. 

Thus, you can further expand your segment based on their browsing history and the type of applications being used by them, as stated below. You will have an option to select the same from audience segmentation.

Impression Bidding Strategy:

You can create a group of 20 to 25 keywords as done below, which are intricately related to each other. With the help of these strategies, you will have the option to assess the size of the audience.

This implies optimisation of impressions that will be made by the YouTube Ads campaign. Do not focus on expanding the reach of your YouTube Ads to around 1 trillion; rather lower it to around 500 billion.

Create Target Segment Based on Website Visitors:

While creating YouTube Ads in 2023, you should create a list of website visitors. This is known as a remarketing list.

While filtering out the remarketing lists as illustrated below, you also have the option to select the type of visitors. For instance, the list can include people who visited the page on specific dates or who visited another page, etc.

Segment and Target Your New Subscribers:

You can utilise the filtering options for categorising new subscribers as well as expanding the reach of your YouTube ads.

If someone new to your channel is engaged in watching Ads on your account, it will result in attaining higher profitable conversion rates.

Utilise Different Types of YouTube Ads:

Different kinds of YouTube Ads that can be utilised are skippable in-stream ads, in-feed video, bumper, discovery ads, and non-video ads.

We can create a custom infographic here using the thumbnails of different types of YouTube ads.

Owing to the continuously changing viewer expectations in 2023, you should try and diversify Your YouTube Ads as well. Try to figure out which one of the Ads is profitable for your business. This will assist you in improving the output of your ads.

Hook Your Audience With the First Few Seconds:

Instead of dragging your audience to the last 10 seconds of the video, always hook your audience right in the first 3 seconds.

Viewers have the tendency of clicking on the “Skip Ads” tab as illustrated below. Therefore, while creating YouTube Ads in 2023, engage with the viewer by asking questions or enlightening them with trivia. For creative assistance, you can hire a reputed social media content writing agency.

Emotionally Appealing YouTube Ads:

Advertisements must be emotionally appealing by portraying emotions like happiness, sadness, excitement, etc.

Thus, while trying to hook your audience during the first 3 seconds, you should also try to connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Add Call-To-Action Tabs in Your YouTube Ads:

If you have recently built an application for selling your products or services, you must try including CTAs like a clickable tab. This will directly help your customers in downloading your application.

For instance, as you can observe in the following image while advertising its services, Visit Dubai has added CTA: “Book now” for its viewers.

With the help of this strategy, you will be able to shorten the sales cycle in association with your product or service. This will improve the conversion rates of your YouTube Ads.


Consumer expectations are changing at an exponential rate. Moreover, it is difficult to reach out to a larger audience with these continuously changing search algorithms by Google.

However, if you are looking forward to promoting your product or services via YouTube ads, do not forget to check out the updated features that will be crucial for attaining profitability.

To summarise, broad targeting will be the key to better conversion rates via YouTube Ads in 2023. If you require any kind of professional assistance, reach out to a distinguished content writing agency.


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