10 Spooky Examples Of Technology Transforming This Halloween


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Technology has paved its way into every crucial aspect of our lives. It has also begun to creep its way into our culture and festivals, like Halloween. It may sound incredibly silly, but technology trends have started to take over even the scariest time of the year! October 31st has been revolutionized from the original homemade décor and costumes to high-tech drones, Halloween-based gadgets, extravagant light displays to transforming the ways we trick or treat. 

Nowadays, Americans shell out more than $8.4 billion on Halloween candy, decorations, and costumes. The market has grown to be more than 70% in the past 10 years and continues to evolve.

As consumers buy more ready-made Halloween props, the technology to support the celebration has sped up its pace. Silicon and latex rubber masks are now designed by CAD engineers. The animatronics of commercial haunted houses can be considered engineering assignments that help make Halloween even more dastardly. What’s more, parents can set boundary limits and their little ghosts using high-tech gadgets.

Technology has certainly put a new twist on traditional Halloween events, making it intriguing and exciting. In today’s blog, let’s explore how technology has become a significant aspect of our whole trick and treat experience of October 31st.

10 Eerily Brilliant Ways Technology Has Transformed Halloween

Spooky Makeup

Using a custom augmented reality solution to get the perfect Halloween look has become the norm. You can find numerous remarkable AR apps that even offer masks with virtually added Halloween makeup on your face. It is one of the most outstanding ways to create a scary photo of your friends or use it even as a reference for party makeup. 

Augmented Reality Carving Apps 

Carving pumpkins is now esier with a projecting stencil of high-tech solution AR apps.  Even Pinterest and YouTube have turned pumpkin carving into a competitive sport, and we can all learn how to make intricate carvings from pumpkin artists online. 

Halloween Tech Costumes 

Nothing can be high-tech like robots. In the present day, there are numerous options for a complete robot look, including a robot with an LED screen in-built chest or a pink pig-tailed female bot. You can also become the legendary tech hero, Iron Man! 

There are also varied wearable LED lights that can turn your spine-chilling Halloween dream into a reality. You can become a frightening glow-in-the-dark stick man. For a classy look, you can even trim your finest clothing with bright light strings. There are even hats and t-shirts available for creating video games built right in. 

Haunted House 

It takes considerable effort to build your own petrifying haunted house. What if we say that you can now easily generate the right creepy noise at the perfect time to induce a bone-chilling atmosphere this Halloween? All you need to do is simply hide a wireless speaker in your mailbox or front porch. Pair it to your phone so that when trick or treaters bounce up your stairs for candy, your house can let out an accomplice groan “Let me out of here….” How cool is that? 

Or, you can also use smart speakers to play the Ultimate Halloween Playlist of Spotify, which goes humming from Louis Armstrong to Gnarls Barkley of Michael Jackson. 

Zombie Selfies 

Undeniably “The Walking Dead” might not be as famous as it once was, but children still adore zombies. There are numerous remarkable apps like The Zombify that feeds such eerie obsession by applying unique layers of virtual blood and gore over a selfie. It also helps you become the Greg Nicotero of your neighborhood without spending hours in the makeup chair. 

Even apps like Scare Cam help you trick your friends into performing an eye test only to flash a horror image on the screen. The catch? Their reactions get filmed the whole time. 

Entrails On Your Cell Phone 

Mark Rober was an eminent rocket scientist fiddling with high-technology Halloween costumes when his hobby and love for this festival took a life on its own. Soon, he quit his day job at NASA and designed a free app Digital Dudz that features freaky beating hearts and animated gore and guts. 

Just run the app on your smartphone and watch the screen become a moving eyeball or pulsating guts that shows through a window at the front of your clothing. He went further to design masks and prosthetics operating through the same app, launched through Digital Dudz. 

Concoct Drinks That Glows In The Night 

Do you remember the trippy black-light posters of the 1970s? That retro technology was scary in a completely different way on Halloween. 

Simply replace a few ordinary bulbs with LED black lights available online, either in strips or bulbs. Fill a beaker or a few test tubes with tonic water from the supermarket. Then, walk into your Halloween party carrying the glow-in-the-dark drink. Cackle. Drink the glowing concoction and simply pretend to keel over. 

Tech Or Treat 

If that’s not enough, technology can also help you organize your route and make your come Halloween trick-or-treat experience secure! Numerous tech companies have designed lights that can be attached to the children’s costumes to see whether they are loitering out of the boundaries. There are also innumerable mobile apps that help parents mark certain locations or a specific route, so your kind can get around the town and navigate back to your home safely.

In this way, parents can allow their children to have a night of Halloween fun without compromising the child’s safety or their own peace of mind. 

Drone-Powered Ghosts 

In recent times, drones have become more accessible than ever. No wonder people are coming up with remarkable ways to use them to spread fear as part of their Halloween decorations. You can now add traditional scares costumes, like ghouls, ghosts, or creepy clowns, to your drones. Fly them around on Halloween night to scare the neighborhood kids like nothing before. 

A Brilliant Raspberry Pi Treat 

Learning to code with a Raspberry Pi microcomputer has gained immense popularity presently. Thus, there exists no reason not to use one to create a variety of animated grisly Halloween effects. Everything from frightening corridors to projected eyes that follows you as you walk around a room are has become relatively easy to achieve. It takes only a certain amount of ingenuity and a handful of impeccable sensors. 

Summing Up

It can be incredibly challenging to find any aspect of our lives that isn’t hugely impacted by technological developments. And, Halloween is no different. It widens our possibilities making scarring a sophisticated and costumes realistic. Thus, do not be surprised to see ample emojis showing up at your door this upcoming Halloween. That’s how much technology has transformed Halloween. 

We only hope that ‘Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat!’ still remains the same. It’s a classic, you guys! 

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