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Finding The Ideal Software Development Partner For Your Business

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In a world with increasingly high expectations of and dependence on technological sophistication, it’s vital that you choose a reliable, skilled custom software developer to partner with. The digital presentation of your business is typically one of the first things clientele will encounter when dealing with your business, and is one of the most significant impressions you will leave on them, so you need to make sure you get it right. Software development partner, this guide is here to help you feel confident that you’re making the right choice when it comes to deciding who you should bring on board to build your software.

Why Are You Seeking a Software Developer?

There’s a vast sea of developers out there, so before you even begin trying to decide which to go with, it’s vital that you first identify what you’re actually hoping to achieve by working with one. Figuring out your needs and goals will help you narrow down exactly what qualities and skills any prospective partner must have, helping streamline your search and ensuring you remain happy with your pick as the project progresses.

Are you only searching for someone to design the front-end of your software, or the back-end, or do you want someone capable of creating both? Are they working from scratch or are there some pre-constructed components for them to work from? Will you want both mobile and desktop versions of your software, or will it just be for one particular platform?

Where Should You Look For a software development partner?

Before you can pick a partner, you have to know where to look. As many might instinctively default to anyway, Google is generally a good starting point. Though you may not immediately find exactly what you’re seeking, having a cursory browse can help you get a feel for the market and a better sense of exactly what’s on offer at what prices. You may also come by forums, blogs, or services such as Clutch or Good Firms, that specialize in the field and are able to direct you to some reputable developers.

Security Considerations

With cyber-crime becoming increasingly prevalent and sophisticated, it’s essential to your business’ success that you vet any potential partners well, both for their own cyber security and handling of data, as well as how they implement security in your software. This is especially crucial if you intend to handle any form of payments or shipping through your software, as this will require handling highly sensitive customer information such as full names, addresses, and credit card information.

Privacy breaches can be the death of a business, as well as a nightmare for your clientele, so it’s extremely important that any partners you do business with have a professional ethos and take it seriously, with systems and routines in place to ensure the utmost protection for both your business and your customers.

Your Budget

The bottom line of who you choose to work with on your software will ultimately come down to cost. Obviously price doesn’t directly equate to quality, and there are better and worse deals available, but there will be a rough correlation in that expertise and a truly excellent product rarely come at the cheapest price. Work out your finances carefully, considering not just the price of the initial build, but also any ongoing expenses such as maintenance, updating, tech support, etc. 

Software development is a lengthy and in-depth process, entailing not just the actual building of the software, but also the initial identification of requirements, the technical planning, the graphic design, pre- and post-launch marketing, and then the aforementioned running costs as well, so be sure you account for everything when calculating your budget.

Speak To The Devs, Not Just The Salespeople

If you’re working with a larger company or firm, they will probably have a department dedicated exclusively to sales, and these will likely be the first people you reach when inquiring about their services. Be aware that the entire job of the sales team is, of course, to sell, so they will be skilled at representing the business they work for in the best light possible. 

If you are able to, it’s a great idea to also speak to the development team themselves, as they will be the people actually building your product. Doing so will give you a better feel for the general attitude and ethos of the team you’ll be working with, and they will also have a vastly better understanding of everything your work will require, so will be better able to establish whether their skills and specialties are suited to your needs.


Settling on one software development partner among the thousands on offer can feel like an overwhelming and intimidating task, but if you’re diligent in your research and follow the tips in this guide, you’ll be on the right track for choosing the perfect partner for your business.

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