Smart Home Cleaning Gadgets for the Fastidious Tech Lover

Smart Home Cleaning Gadgets
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We are living in a technology-based world. Today, there is a gadget for everything, from smart vacuum cleaners to self-cleaning washing machines. If you have the money, then you should buy some gadgets to make your life easier. 

Why use gadgets? Simply because they are time-saving. You can do plenty of other important stuff instead of wasting your time on cleaning.

They are handy and easy to use. You do not have to drain your energy searching for ways on how to clean stubborn stains. 

There are different types of technology available in the market, and most of us don’t know which one suits those best. To make your life easier, I have compiled a list of cleaning gadgets that every tech lover would admire. 

They are: 

1. Smart Wash Automatic Carpet Cleaner

This automatic cleaner is an apt example of the tech cleaning gadgets available in the market. It is a trigger-less design. It mixes and dispenses the solution by itself, and you only have to push forward to get it working. 

After washing the carpet, you can turn on the Dry Only mode. It will dry your carpet faster with the help of Heatforce in combination with the Dry Only mode. 

The Smart Wash Automatic carpet cleaner is a lifesaver for everyday carpet cleaning. You can get most of the stains and grime out. However, you should still hire a professional carpet cleaning service near you every 3 months.

The Smart Wash Automatic carpet cleaner includes:

  • Pet Tool
  • Pretreat Stain Solution
  • Carpet Cleaner Shampoo
  • 8-ft Attachment Hose
  • Accessory Bag

2. A  Fast Scrubber

Fast scrubbers are like electric toothbrushes. You don’t need to put manual effort into cleaning anymore. It helps clean your appliances and surfaces automatically.

The fast scrubber makes the process of cleaning easy and much faster. It has different brush heads. It works on different types of the exterior of the house, such as carpets, bathrooms, and stovetops. 

It helps in deep scrubbing within the pointy attachments. It also cleans every drop of grease in the kitchen. It helps you to avoid using toxic cleaning supplies. 

I swear by this product! Every time my cat vomits on my carpet, I bring out this nifty little tool to clean up. It does most of the cleaning for you. I will recommend this product.

3. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

The Angry-Mama microwave cleaner is a handy little gadget for cleaning microwaves. Most people don’t clean their microwaves more often. Due to improper cleaning, food stains tend to stick to the walls. It has always been difficult to clean the inside of the oven without using chemicals. 

This angry mama microwave cleaner solves all our problems. It is simple and easy to use. And the best part is you do not have to use any chemicals. 

The things you need are vinegar, water, and lemon juice. You only have to fill its body with this mixture and microwave it for less than 10 minutes. The solution releases steam. It helps the tough stains and food to break down. The only thing you have to do is wipe it down with your hands.

Your oven is finally clean! This is the easiest and fastest gadget available to clean your microwave. 

4. Magic Chef Countertop Portable Dishwasher

We are all tired of washing dishes with our hands. New technologies in dishwashers are the best options to save time and get clean dishes. 

This magic chef portable dishwasher is simple and easy to use. It is portable which, allows you to place it wherever you want. 

It has two speedy cycles. These are 20 minutes and 45 minutes. 

It includes:

  • Same Rack Configuration
  • Flatware Basket and Cup Selves

It will give you the best return on investment. It is also environment friendly as it helps using less water. While considering all the benefits, it is the most valuable addition to your kitchen. 

5. Robot Gecko Window Cleaner

Most people are not willing to clean the windows as window cleaning is a nuisance. Too much work forces us to invest in a window cleaner. 

This gadget has two microfiber pads. It attaches itself to the surface of a window. It is a remote-controlled cleaner preventing you to, climb all over the window. 

It includes an advanced algorithm that makes sure no dust particle remains on the window. If the battery runs out, the safety rope attachment prevents it from falling. 

6. It is easy to use as you only have to stand and clean the window. Make use of it if you want your windows to shine without effort!

7. BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner

The pandemic has made us super strict about cleaning. Since we are cleaning our homes more frequently, gadgets have become necessary, especially floor cleaners. 

This floor cleaner can be your best friend as it scrubs and cleans your floor. It is safe to use on hard floor surfaces. It has a 28-ounce water tank capacity and a 0.9 ampere of power rating. 

It has power spin pads that reduce your cleaning effort.

It includes:

  • Hard Floor Mop
  • Mop Pads
  • Cleaning Formula

8. Dolphin Pool Cleaner

The pool is what we all love. As much as everyone loves the pool, no one likes it dirty. 

Cleaning the pool is the most difficult task one has. It can take a whole day if you are not using a gadget. This dolphin nautilus Pool Cleaner only takes 2 hours to clean.

It is ideal for a 50 feet swimming pool. It has dual scrubbing brushes and superior filtering capabilities. It makes your pool’s floor and walls clean. 

It has double benefits as with cleaning with a pool it also saves energy. It is a hassle-free cleaning solution for your pools. If you have a pool, this gadget is what you are looking are. 

Home Cleaning Gadgets for the Fastidious Tech Lover

There are lots of ways and technologies available to clean your homes. If you are looking for the best technologies, this article will be of great help to you. 

Above are the technologies you need to invest in for sure. You never know when you will need them. This pandemic is the time we learn that we have to stay prepared for anything. 

Buy these, saving time and your health!

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