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We have finally come to the end of year, and we are about to enter the new decade. As you might be thinking, business is not going to be usual for the new year. We need to focus on growth and safeguard our businesses. Been a lesson that should change the way we do things.While everybody knows that SEO strategies is still the leader in customer acquisition strategies, very few can tell exactly what you need to make it to the top.

The methods we used earlier in the days no longer yield in the world of SEO. This coming year, we need to start investing in methods with tangible results.

Five trending SEO strategies

Five SEO strategies should fuel your marketing campaigns to boost your business ranking and performance.

1. UI/UX Optimization

This has been a song for the past decade. You started to learn that creating a responsive website will help mobile users to access your content easily. Apart from that, you learned to create menus that are easy to navigate and mix colors that match to make it easy to read, although color choices also follow your branding needs.

At this stage, you need to know that user experience is so important to Google. While working with product description writing services to create great content, you need to know that Google will not rank your site high if your users are having a hard time accessing the site or there are distractions on the way. A study shows that people hate pop-ups, sounds, and advertisements that consume their data and space. Google has responded to this, and if you have been using a pop-up form to collect leads, you need to rethink it.

Another aspect of user experience to work on is the load time. We love in the “instant” age, where we want things to work out instantaneously. Nobody wants to wait. If your website takes 15 seconds or a minute to load, it means you will take a week to respond to customer queries and a year to process an order. Google has decided to drop the ranking of websites that take a noticeable amount of time to load. Make sure yours takes less than a second to load.

2. Semantic Search

You have been working on keyword optimization for a decade now, and, slowly, you have come to realize that your ranking is going down no matter how you try to reuse and update your content. It is time to shift. Google no-longer considers specific keywords when ranking content.

Semantic search is taking over, and Google is trying to solve consumer needs instead of throwing spammy posts at them. In 2021, you need to understand ways to craft your content to fill the gap between client needs, thoughts, and practical search and your business. Try to rank semantic keywords, and address the user’s intent when they type queries on the search engines.

3. Optimize for Voice Search

We are all familiar with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. Speak to a device and get instant results. Voice search is taking over, as people are acquiring wireless AI devices and platforms. Instead of typing a search query on a browser, you simply ask your smart speaker or phone a question, and it will give you the results.

With voice search, people use complete statements or questions instead of keywords. On your browser, you could type “Trending SEO tips,” but for voice search, you can say, “What are the top trending SEO strategies?” Voice search employs natural conversation, and you should use that to gain traction on the voice search results.

4. Google My Business

This is where you belong if you run a local store. People often search for shops, cafes, gas stations, and other nearby amenities on their mobile devices. For instance, if you type “school” on your Google search bar, you will see a map with nearby schools before the result with a definition of school.

Google My Business is a vital and must-have tool to rank your business for local traffic. Google uses location services to recommend nearby shops listed on their map. Therefore, you need to verify your shop location so that you can appear on the map listing for the business.

5. Zero-Click Results

Google wants to reduce the stress of people having to click several times to get the information they need. Zero click ranking uses a snippet to display user needs for a specific process or topic. While it is designed to stop the user from clicking through to your site, it is beneficial.

You first get a high ranking on the SERPs, but it is upon you to make the prospect visit your site. Create content with tips, methods, and procedures. In there, incorporate keywords and information that will make the reader want to learn more so that you can get more click-throughs to your site.

In Summary

Content ranking remains essential. Providing quality information to users is the fundamental building block of SEO. However, as we transition to the new decade, it is vital to know how to improve your search results with the new trending search algorithms and practices.


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