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SEO COPYWRITING: Since the arrival of the web in the mid-90s, there have been a lot of changes. Before, being visible on the internet was not a necessity, but today everyone dreams of being in the best positions on Google! Even more since the health crisis and the confinements that we have suffered. For this, it is important to have content optimized for Google on its website. Writing your content well and optimizing it for SEO therefore becomes essential in order to have visibility. We explain how to write your content for SEO and how to perform in this article! Happy reading everyone!


With the millions of pages that Google, and others, index every day, the criteria for offering the best content are evolving. Copywritingwas born from all of its criteria. The basic idea of ​​SEO writing is to offer content that will appeal to search engine robots, in order to be visible. 20 years ago, to position yourself with quality content, you had to appear in major magazines. Today, the situation has changed. Everyone can be visible, thanks to the web, with their own content.

Unlike an article in a newspaper or magazine, web writing imposes other rules to be read and impactful.


First of all, copywriting course involves writing for digital media where reading habits are very different. Internet users consume content more quickly and often prefer reading diagonally. In order to facilitate this reading, it will be important to ventilate your content. It is important to avoid that the reading of your article or your page is painful. To do this, we invite you to use bulleted lists, subheadings or even tables, if you are presenting comparative data, for example


To get them to read your content, the response elements should appear at the beginning and then expand later. The tone used will also be important.

Online copywriting course will help you to gain visibility by ranking your copy write content in the best positions on search engines. To achieve this, you will have to take into account the keywords you are targeting, and the semantic field around these keywords. To attract visitors to your site, the different concepts that we are going to discuss are essential.


Writing for robots is good, but writing for your targets is even better. Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving. As a speaking example, in 2019, Google updated its algorithm more than 3,620 times, or more than 10 updates per day! This can be explained, in part, with the development of machine learning. What Google is trying to do is offer the best result and the best response to the Internet user. We will come back to this principle a little later. Back to our internet users. Who likes to read lambda content without added value to answer a question? Nobody.

We can find answers to our questions by browsing the web. But how long does it take? Depending on the request and the question asked, we all want to have our answer as quickly as possible, and especially a relevant answer.

Apart from the content of the content, the form is also essential. Who can read a 2,000 word block of text without relief? Nobody.

At the present time, Google and the other “answer” engines take into consideration the text content as priority number 1, but also the presence of images, explanatory videos, or other multimedia content.

SEO writing is above all about offering content that will perfectly meet the search intent of the Internet user, and optimized for Google robots. And not the reverse.

Your first goal is to generate traffic, but the second is much more important: conversion, the sinews of war, isn’t it?

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