4 Oris Watches You Can Buy Under $2000 Today [2024]

Oris Watches

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Oris may not have a status symbol that levels with Rolex, Omega, and Patek Philippe. However, the Swiss luxury watch brand has a solid reputation built upon its impressive catalog, with watches that are on par with the likes of TAG Heuer and Longines. 

The brand’s history and commitment to quality have made it one of the most successful brands today. In fact, there’s hardly anything that you’ll find lacking in Oris. It offers a wide range of fascinating pieces, from tool watches to vintage-looking timepieces. But, probably the most interesting is that it has an array of watches under $2,000, serving as a great entry point if you’re looking to start your watch collection. 

Continue reading as we look into the history of Oris watches and your options that don’t exceed the $2,000 mark. 

Oris: History and Catalog of Watches Under $2,000 

Oris watches is one of the oldest watch brands in history. It saw its beginnings in 1904 when Paul Cattin and Georges Christian started offering pocket watches, which were the trend during that time. In just a few years, it found success in the industry by catering to the demands of the market. Seven years after its foundation, it had more than 300 workers, which made Oris the largest employer in the region. 

By 1925, Oris gave its pocket watches a new look with the addition of a bracelet clasp. With the debut of its first wristwatch, the brand became the trailblazer for the global shift from pocket watches to wristwatches after WWII. Meanwhile, the watch served as the model for one of Oris’s most iconic models, the Big Crown—the first-ever watch for pilots released in 1938. Below are some of the most memorable years in Oris’s history. 


Oris introduced the Big Crown, which as the name suggests, features an intentionally large crown designed to help pilots adjust their watch with ease while wearing gloves. It also has the signature Pointer Calendar, which instead of a window, uses a hand that points to the date along the edge of the dial. 


The brand transitioned to manufacturing alarm clocks to tide the company over until the end of WWII. Its slow and steady efforts eventually saw Oris through and by 1952, it released its first automatic movement, the Caliber 601. 

The ‘60s

From then on, the brand continued to work its way up and at the turn of the decade, they were producing over 1.2 million watches and clocks annually. 

The ‘70s

What seemed to be Oris’s golden years were rather short-lived. During the Quartz Crisis, the entire watch industry was affected, Oris included. Nevertheless, the brand persevered until they were able to reclaim their position after a buyout in 1982. 

Fast forward to the present, the brand continues to enjoy success and remains a favorable option in terms of value, quality, and style. During those years, the brand has created some of the most well-known watch families that we know today. 

Oris Watches Under $2,000 That You Can Buy Today

Oris Divers Sixty-Five:

  • With its vintage-inspired design and robust construction, the Oris Divers Sixty-Five is a popular choice among watch aficionados. Featuring a stainless steel case, rotating bezel, and a choice of colorful dials, this diver’s watch combines retro charm with modern functionality.

Oris Aquis Date:

  • The Oris Aquis Date is a versatile and reliable dive watch suitable for both underwater adventures and everyday wear. With its sleek design, water resistance of up to 300 meters, and practical date complication, it’s an ideal choice for those seeking a high-performance timepiece.

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date:

  • Inspired by Oris’s aviation heritage, the Big Crown Pointer Date exudes timeless elegance with its distinctive oversized crown and classic dial layout. This iconic watch features a pointer date function, indicating the date with a central hand, adding a touch of vintage charm to any wrist.

Oris Artelier Date:

  • The Oris Artelier Date is a sophisticated dress watch with a refined aesthetic and understated elegance. Its clean dial design, polished case, and leather strap make it suitable for formal occasions or everyday wear, while the reliable automatic movement ensures accurate timekeeping.

Oris ProDiver Date:

  • For those who demand the utmost performance from their timepiece, the Oris ProDiver Date is an excellent choice. This professional dive watch boasts a rugged titanium case, a helium escape valve, and a unidirectional rotating bezel, making it suitable for deep-sea exploration and water sports.

An Oris Watch Just for You 

Oris watches are of high quality, making them a worthwhile investment that is guaranteed to last. You’ll come across fellow watch enthusiasts that will compare the brand with others like TAG Heuer and Longines. But, the difference? They are way more affordable.

As a Swiss watch brand, you are guaranteed the brand’s high manufacturing standards. 

Which of these Oris watches appeal to you most? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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