5 Best Ways to Rent out Unused Spaces and Earn More

Renting Out Unused Space

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Do you have excess space at your place? Or, in case, are you into any form of space renting business? Do you look for opportunities that would allow you to earn extra bucks during these trying times of Covid-19? Renting Out Unused Space, it is understood that there is a huge difference between selling out virtual domains for assignment help websites (for example) and renting out physical properties. The latter is often more complicated. 

No worries. Simply take some time out to read this blog and discover the five exceptionally winning ways to rent out old space and earn enough out of the same. 

1. Rent out your entire house while not using it 

If, at all, you are not staying at your place and it’s been like that for more than a couple of years, then what are you waiting for? If you wish to make extra money by renting unused space, then how about renting out the entire house in return for fat cash? 

However, take note of the following suggestions and know how to rent your house to the rightful tenant? 

  • Do not just rent out your house to random families or individuals. 
  • You should conduct the right research and figure out whether the potential tenants are holding genuine citizenship proofs. 
  • Review each detail including citizenship proof, passport, bank statements and other essential paper works thoroughly. 
  • Do not just rent out and leave things as they are. You need to monitor tenant activities, keep track of monthly rent paid and maintenance status at regular intervals. 

2. You can rent out a parking space as well 

This is also a productively promising idea if you wish to make more money by renting out unused space. In today’s world of rapid commercial progress and a thriving economy, the number of car owners seems to increase with every passing day. 

Thus, renting unused parking space will always give you an advantage in terms of making money. So, refer to the following tips and rent out your space to genuine automobile owners. 

  • Before renting out the space for parking, have a written contract that declares that both parties (owner and tenant) are well-aware of the parking space rental guidelines. 
  • Verify with your mortgage company before renting out the space for parking. 
  • Check the terms of your mortgage and get back in touch with the mortgage company if you have further queries. 
  • There are multiple rental apps available these days. So, make sure to get your space listed in one of those applications to ensure better visibility. 
  • Talk about the availability of your parking space all over social media in a detailed manner for maximum exposure. 
  • So, follow up the same with the respective legal body in question, get permission, and proceed with your rental plans accordingly. 

3. Rent out music pads and make enough space 

If you have enough space to give out on rent, then how about renting it out for musicians? Music practice pads are in great demand these days.  So, how about giving this idea a shot? Read through the lines below and abide by the precautionary measures for renting music pads. 

  • You can sign up for rental space services such as Storefront and Peerspace and list your property over there. 
  • Listing out your property via these service providers will help you to monitor and connect with people who are looking for music practice pads. 
  • Most interestingly, these names in the rental space business are said to help people rent out their spaces at an affordable price, without middlemen fees. 
  • Before finalising the deal, make sure to verify the tenants’ whereabouts and the fact that your property and the location have enough provisions for setting up eco-friendly practice pad. 
  • There are a couple of legalities associated with setting up music pads, especially in terms of the maximum decibel limits. 
  • So, follow up the same with the respective legal body in question, get the permission granted and proceed with your rental plans accordingly. 

4. Rent your space for special occasions 

From birthdays to Easter parties and Thanksgiving to Halloween bashes; the list of special events and occasions is endless. So, renting your space for special events will never cause you to run at a loss. However, one must acknowledge the following concerns and embrace the rightful way to rent spaces for gala occasions. 

  • See if your space can accommodate at least 200 people. 
  • Follow up with the local COVID guidelines, as per the ongoing trend and find out whether it would be feasible for people to count your space as an ideal one for special events. 
  • Take a measurement of the entire space available and advertise the same in various marketing spaces.
  • Look at your rental space from a layman’s eyes and decide whether it could be an ideal choice for people to take your space on rent for weddings, birthday parties and other events. 
  • Before allowing someone to rent your space, educate them of the guidelines to be observed. 
  • These may comprise stringencies such as mandatory use of mask and hand sanitizers, gathering in limited strength, thorough maintenance of social distancing. 

5. How about setting up a pet boarding? 

Since the world, these days, comprises working couple setting up a pet boarding can be a nice idea to earn some good bucks. Most couples look for reliable people and spaces where they can keep pets for an entire day or a week in their absence. So, isn’t it a nice idea to rent your space for the furry souls to have their share of fun and recreation even when their owners are not around? 

Take a look at the following suggestions to make your space suitable for pet boarding. 

  • Setting up a pet boarding platform will cost you a hefty amount. 
  • It is said that you will need at least $24,000 to get a pet boarding business off the ground. 
  • So, you should arrange a decent amount of cash beforehand and plan your venture accordingly. 
  • Also, take a look around the existing space and decide whether it would be a suitable option for pets to play around. 
  • The geographical location plays a crucial role when it comes to setting up pet boarding.
  • So, take a look around the space, evaluate each of the key pointers and give your space on rent for pet boarding. 

Parting Thoughts

Now that you know about the five productive ideas to make extra money by renting out unused space, make the best use of your knowledge. Refer back to the blog in future, embrace the suggestion that suits your preferences best and venture out with confidence. 


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