How Mobile App Can Expand Your Business Without Relocating?

Mobile App Can Expand Your Business

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Mobile apps continue to play an era-defining role in everyday life and business. As most people remain glued to the screen of their handheld devices, companies no longer can afford to ignore the importance of mobile presence for their business growth, branding, or expand business without relocating. Mobile apps are now proven tools for reaching out to a new audience and win a competition by breaking into uncharted territories. 

If you want to expand your business and market your products and services around the world without having an existing global operation or offices in several cities, mobile apps can really help you to fulfill your aspiration. For example, we can refer to several startups engaged in mobile app development Chicago who cater to leading enterprises around the globe having just one office.  

Here we will explain some of the effective ways mobile apps can help expand a business without relocating to new regions. 

Develop a multilingual app 

If you know that your offerings have takers in different parts of the globe, you can build a multilingual app allowing communication in different languages other than English. The strategy worked for many leading app startups that, in quick time, made a global presence. 

You cannot incorporate hundreds of languages for communication, but you can at least bring in five or six leading languages to communicate with your audience in their native tongue. By helping your audience speak in their mother tongue, you can make your app look more local, positively impacting your business. 

Let’s make no mistake about being multilingual is not just about translating the app’s communication language. It is also about culturally orienting the app to communicate with the native speaker audience in that region. 

How you offer smooth switching from one language to another without harming the app’s core user experience attributes is also crucial. The multilingual feature should not deter or worsen the usual user experience and app performance by any chance. Secondly, multilingual communication should also extend to chatbot communication, connected social pages, and other communication channels. 

Allow multiple currencies and payment methods. 

Whether you are an e-commerce app or just an app with in-app purchases, you need to make things extremely easier for people who will pay for the app and the users’ smooth checkout experience. An app should also allow multiple currencies and payment methods for smooth payment processing and transactions.

Don’t take things for granted and be overconfident on these matters. If you think specific mobile wallets or alternative methods can pretty well serve all customers equally, you are wrong. For example, PayPal can be a very popular payment method, but there are various reasons that users don’t like anything except mobile banking apps. 

Multiple currencies help users worldwide process payment without minor difficulties while ensuring optimum freedom. The multiplicity of payment methods and currencies also helps your app emerge as a winner in many regions where other competitor apps have very feeble or lack features.

Selling local merchandise 

This is already a proven and time-tested method to make your mobile app popular in different parts of the globe without really opening offices in other cities. If you are an e-commerce store, you can efficiently market certain products in your niche that Spanish people love and hold dear to their culture. 

By selling local merchandise sourced from different parts of the world, a business app can emerge truly as the globe’s localized brand. If you are a mobile commerce app selling designer bags, you can sell out bags made by Columbia’s aboriginals or market snake leather designer bags from France. 

When you sell local merchandise from different parts of the world, you break the stereotypes and reach a larger audience. There are too many promising startups that now have emerged as global brands thanks to their “localized global avatar” branding and local merchandise. 

Since every culture boasts of an array of local products and millions of them are increasingly becoming popular worldwide, the commercial apps selling local merchandise can get a fair share of this popularity. 

Localized offers and promotions 

Another effective way to expand business without relocating globally through the mobile app is to make localized and culture-sensitive offers and promotions to lure customers and prospective audiences. People value brands that package commercial benefits with native cultural and ethnic musings. 

Apart from incorporating localized and native customer communication elements like push notifications, your business needs to make offers and promotional deals that perfectly match their traditions and local festivities. 

Even the so-called birthday message sent to your audience should be accompanied by a strong sense of native cultural aspects. Since the app users’ digital identity is increasingly becoming the mirror of their social self, business promotions and communication through apps cannot miss their unique cultural identity and social fabric. 

Intelligent chatbot for customer service 

Finally, an intelligent chatbot comes to your rescue when you need very proactive, always aware, and intuitive customer service to solve most of the problems they face in dealing with your business. Yes, an AI and Machine Learning powered chatbot can help you address customer queries from around the world without needing to relocate your business premise. 

A chatbot powered by a sophisticated machine learning algorithm can continuously learn about the customers and prospects, preferences, pain points, cultural attributes, and region-specific factors. Accordingly, they can address queries, make suggestions and recommendations, and flag off problems that need human involvement. 

Already several leading brands have unleashed the power of chatbots to communicate with customers and reach out to audiences in different parts of the world. You must use a multilingual chatbot equipped with natural language processing (NLP) technology for more precision-driven communication. 


Mobile apps emerge as the most sophisticated and well-equipped tool to help a business reach out far and wide without really opening multiple offices. In the years to come, more startups will embrace mobile apps to expand their business across geographies. 

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