Quality Lifts for Sale: Explore a Wide Range of Platform Lifts and Lift Products

Quality Lifts for Sale

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Are you looking to get the best quality lifts for sale for your business, workplace, or industry? If your answer is affirmative, then you are reading the right article. 

In this article, you will get to know about the types of lifts that you can choose from as per your needs and the nature of your work site. Go through the content written below to know more regarding lifts. 

The eight types of lifts for sale that you can choose from are as follows:-

  1. Pro Series Lift Tables: The lift table you can get in the pro series are made with thinking about the compatibility of the user. All of the components of this platform lift are designed and engineered to function in perfect coordination with each other. They can be used in restaurants, warehouses, and retail stores as well. 

They offer various benefits like:-

  • Adjustable height
  • Increased efficiency
  • Safety and health guarantee of the employees or team members. 

They come in the following varieties:-

  • 2,500lb
  • 4,000lb
  • 6,000lb
  1. 12 L Lift Tables: The 12 L lift tables are made with well-built construction and cutting-edge technology. They provide unparalleled performance in all the industries they are used in. These lift products are used in the distribution, manufacturing, and printing & processing industries. 

They only come in the 12” low-height LH-series and have capacities ranging from 3,000 to 15,000 lb. Their travel heights are from 50” to 59”, and platform sizes are available from 48” multiplied by 84” to 96” multiplied by 144”.

  1. 10 L Lift Tables: The lift tables for sale in the 10 L series are really very heavy-duty. The best thing is that they are very flexible and adaptable. You can use them to enhance your material handling capability. These lifts are used in the automotive, healthcare, and recycling industries. 

Their load capacities range from 8,000 to 10,000 lb. They have travel heights of 29”,38”, and 45”; the models in this series have a height of 10”. Their platform sizes are from 28” multiplied by 48” to 60” multiplied by 84”.

  1. IR Series Lift Tables: The lift products available in the IR series are very innovative and modern. They offer amazing lifting capabilities in every industry they are used. These lifts are used in E-commerce, aerospace, and waste management industries. 

The models in this series have a height of 7” and vertical travel of 36”. The platform sizes are from 24” multiplied by 48” to 48” multiplied by 72”. The loading capacities are as follows:-

  • 1,000lb
  • 1,500lb
  • 2,000lb
  1. No Low Lift Tables: These lifts for sale are basically hydraulic scissor lift tables that allow easy access at ground level for pallet trucks. These lifts are specifically designed to easily carry the pallets and even racks that are used in different industries. The lift tables in this series are used in industries like material handling, food & beverages, and trucking. 

Its sizes are available from 44” multiplied by 48” to 50” multiplied by 54”. They have a travel height of 35”. The capacities they are available in are written below:-

  • 2,500lb
  • 4,000lb
  • 6,000lb
  1. 4.3 Low-Height Lift Tables: These lift tables are hydraulic industrial scissor lift that has a low-profile design. Because of their compact design, easy loading and unloading can be done with their help without the need for any infrastructure modification. It results in reduced pressure on your team, and they get to work in a safe place. 

Due to their requirement of a minimum low height, they are extensively used in material handling and system-type implementation. They are available in 15,00lb to 4,000lb capacities.

  1. E Series Lift Tables: The platform lift that you can get in the E series is a very cost-effective option that you can have. They offer a very minimal design with multiple applications in a lot of industries. They are used in the manufacturing, printing, and processing industries as well. 

Their height is 6”, and the platform size is 24” multiplied by 48”. They come in either 500 or 1,000-lb capacities. 

  1. Pro Air Lift Tables: These great quality lifts for sale are the easiest to install and increase the efficiency of any industry the most. They use the air supply facility and offer unmatched durability. These lifts are used in places like hospitals, retail stores, and warehouses. 

These lifts are available in the following capacities:-

  • 2,000lb
  • 4,000lb
  • 6,000lb


You can choose any of the eight lift products that are listed above based on your requirements and according to the capacity that you need. You can visit Pentalift’s website if you want to get the best available lifts for sale in North America. You will be satisfied by the quality and capability of the platform lift that you will get from them. So, check out Pentalift’s website today. 

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