An Essential Guide – How to Promote Your Mobile App for Local & International Market

Promote Your Mobile App

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Promote Your Mobile App: If you have already decided to get your hands-on mobile app development, you must know that as per study of statista mobile apps are supposed to generate around $935 Billion dollars of revenues by 2023.

But there are other facts also that need to be addressed. Do you know how many apps make a name for themselves after their launch? Well, GARTNER’S research data says out of 10,000 apps, only one is likely to see success.

Reasons for an unsuccessful app can be many, like quality or cost of the apps, lack of relevant and useful features, level of complexity, and many others. And those reasons can appear during different levels of the process, like during software development, launching, or the biggest mistake may appear while promoting your mobile app.

Being a growth-oriented marketing and Software Development Company from India, I can assure you that it would be in your business’s best interest to hire app developers from India. We have seen it all, and we can explain how to promote mobile apps for international markets.

To leverage your mobile app for business development and growth, you must make footfalls in the global online landscape. Because technology has its presence beyond a limit, and to thrive and survive, you must take your business into the global market and know how to promote a mobile app for international markets.

Some pre-requisite elements must be adhered to in your mobile apps to launch a successful marketing campaign. Ensure that your app is of the best quality, time-tested, embedded with relevant technologies, and fit for the international markets.

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“A good and relevant marketing campaign always starts with a great idea and stops at nothing.”



If you are running a marketing campaign, you need to research and define your target audience. To promote your product globally, you need to analyze your international target markets first.

Understanding a particular country’s business environment, economic conditions, working culture and requirements, and social culture will guide your campaign in the right direction. 

Research about where exactly your peer or competitor companies are targeting in terms of the global market. 

Which types of platforms are popular in a particular market, and which types of apps will be suitable for those markets?

Which app development trends are relevant in those locations?

If these researches are done appropriately, you will be able to reach out to your potential customers in respective global markets.


It should be an extensive online presence.

Create your online presence in local social media, online directories, professional and business groups, etc.

Involve local online influencers to boost your local presence. Present yourself in a way that resonates with the local audience and contributes in as many ways possible to gain people’s trust and confidence.


In order to gain popularity and rank higher in SEO.

Develop your app in local languages. Design and present it in a way that resonates with their cultural and working environment.

This way, your app will gain popularity and will rank higher in search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is one of the most important elements of a marketing campaign, irrespective of markets and countries.

For SEO purposes, Localized promotion is also crucial for your campaign. For example, there are many international markets where they have their own search engines. Google is most popular worldwide, but Bing is very popular in the U.S, For CHINA, you have to go to Baidu, and in Russia, they have Yandex.


Most important for establishing yourself as a BRAND.

Use every element and tool of content marketing like blog posts, social media posts, white papers, videos, images, podcasts, webinars, and make a genuine attempt for content outreach.

As mentioned earlier, the localization of content will be important. It will be more helpful in connecting and engaging with local audiences.

And obviously provide content that is useful, educating, resolving, and relevant. 

Use Thought Leadership Content Marketing strategy to showcase your expertise and gain the confidence of the local audience. 


To boost your presence every now and then.

Based on the research that you have done to define your target markets and respective audiences; you have the opportunity to do the paid marketing to promote your app.

Email marketing, PPC ads, paid social media ads, Search engine marketing, etc.

Create Landing pages with compelling copies to increase traffic to your app.


Optimizing your app to gain a higher ranking in global app stores. Upgrade your app’s ASO for international app store optimization by including localization elements. This way, you will improve your app’s visibility and ranking.

After successfully launching your app in international markets, and applying an optimized marketing strategy for promotion, track your marketing performance regularly.

Define tracking metrics and implement them. It will help you make due adjustments in a current marketing campaign and make it a sustainable one.

Evolve your marketing efforts to retain customers as it is essential for sustainability in terms of growth and help get new customers. 


Remember, a marketing campaign for any product or service is an on-going process. Irrespective of that campaign’s outcome, you have to keep updating your strategy according to changes in the business environment, trends, and technologies. Changes and innovations are visible even in marketing also. 

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