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School Mobile Application

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Technology can play a vital role in improving the efficiency of our education system. It can make the education delivery system more effective. In this article, we will talk about how school mobile applications in conjunction with wireless networks and high-speed Internet can revolutionize the teaching process.

Mobile apps can not only help the children to learn efficiently but also allow the parents to keep a tab on their child’s performance.

As mobile devices have penetrated the classroom, it gives the school administration a huge opportunity to leverage its power.

Let us explain to you why you should invest in a good mobile app and the various benefits it provides to the school, students, and parents.

7 benefits that a mobile application provides to a school

There are many benefits of school apps for teachers and students. Here, We explain some of the important benefits your school can get if you invest in a feature-rich school application.

Helps in taking attendance

The school application can take the attendance of the students in a matter of minutes.

In case a student is absent from the class, then the app can immediately notify the parents of the respective child through an SMS.

Furthermore, this feature can be used to track the attendance of the teachers also.

The teacher or the school management can use the attendance data to figure out any fall in the performance of a student.

It would help the teacher to find the cause and take corrective measures to reverse the situation.

Assigning homework

The teachers can assign daily homework online using the mobile app.

This will ensure that the parents are always in the loop about the assignments given to their child.

They can find out whether they have completed the homework on time.

This hands-on approach by the parents would help the parents keep track of their child’s performance in school.

Sharing resources

Many times a child may not be able to attend school due to health reasons or any emergency in their home.

The mobile school app can play an important part in ensuring that the child can view the lecture of the teacher on their smartphone (only if the lecture is uploaded onto the school server!).

 In addition to the videos, the teacher can share PPTs and e-books/e-notes, so that even if the child is not able to attend the school, he or she remains updated.

Share important news or events

The mobile app can be used to share information about various school activities.

It is a great way to inform the students or their parents about important news, key events, functions, intimations, circulars, the dates of parent-teacher meets et cetera.

This will help the school to create a robust line of communication with the students and their parents that in turn will help in establishing a strong bond.

Easier communication with parents

The school mobile applications can play a huge role in improving the engagement between the parents and the teachers.

The mobile app can help the teacher and the parents to synchronize their busy schedules.

This will help them to take out some time to discuss the performance of their child or any problem he or she is facing in the school.

This can boost the overall performance of the students, as the parents would be more engaged with their child’s activities.

Furthermore, the school app can provide the parents with a range of important information regarding school policies, exam schedules, fee structure, and so on.

The app could also include a feature like an analytical table that would inform parents about any weaknesses of their ward on which they have to focus more.

School bus tracking

The safety of the students cannot be overemphasized and for every school and parents, this is a top priority.

The school app can have a bus tracking feature (or the school can make a stand-alone bus tracking app) with GPS.

 This would allow the parents and the school management to keep track of the movement of the school buses.

It can also have reliable information about the driver or any other accompanying staff on the school bus.

They improve community involvement

The schools can use the school mobile applications to not only contact board members but also share information about board meetings and promote fundraising.

They can share the link of any community event through social media so that the school remains engaged with the community that they are serving.


The benefits that we have mentioned above in this article will help your school to provide a robust and secure communication channel.

This will in turn lead to an amazing learning experience for the students as well as their parents.

Furthermore, it would help your school to save both time and money, as the communication between the parents and the school is direct and quick.

Having a school app would also improve the brand image of your school.

It would give you a competitive edge by establishing yourself as a tech-savvy school in your city.

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