Tips To Utilize The Power of RoR Services In Custom Website Development

RoR Services In Custom Website Development
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The process of developing a website or a web application is full of challenges. And developing one that perfectly matches the needs of your business is even more complex. If you make a small mistake, your project can suffer. Hence, it is vital to simplify this process through a web solution that translates what you want.

This is where Ruby on Rails is helpful. Although this technology is no doubt 15 years old, continuous improvements have been evident over the years. Leading businesses like Airbnb, Shopify, and others utilize RoR. This is because of the simplicity and power-packed security measures of this Ruby framework, which make it popular. It provides various features that help develop custom websites. 

However, custom development with the power of RoR is complicated and requires expertise and experience. Hence, it is advisable to opt for Ruby on Rails development services. Experts will develop a scalable and efficient website that can portray the needs of your business. 

Tips to Utilize the Power of RoR in Custom Web Development 

Ruby on Rails has gained immense popularity by making it easier to build websites and web applications. Here are some tips if you want to utilize this framework in custom website development. Let’s understand these tips and utilize the power of RoR in this process:

  1. Understand MVC Architecture

Clear understanding is essential when utilizing the power of RoR in website development. Henceforth, starting with architecture is foremost. Ruby on Rails follows the most famous architecture, MVC (Model-View-Controller). Before starting the development process, ensure that you understand how the data (model), user interface (view), and logic of the web solution (controller) are spread. This spreading makes code maintainability, readability, and scalability easier.

  1. Utilize Gems

Ruby on Rails has various gems that help augment its functionality. Do not utilize every gem because its vast collection can make you fall into a dilemma. Hence, pick the ones after careful consideration of what is best suited for your business. If you are still confused, you can pick them based on their popularity, usage, maintenance status, and compatibility with your project. When you choose the right ones, it will automatically help you save the development time. 

  1. Convention Over Configuration

One of the benefits of this framework is that it follows the principle of convention over configuration. What does this mean? CoC is helpful in speeding up the development pace of your web solution, whether a website or a web app. It provides a set of predefined templates that help developers write less code and deliver web solutions quickly. 

  1. DRY (Do not Repeat Yourself) Principle

Building a website is a long and effort-consuming process. Chances of code duplication are normal, but this is not ideal. Duplication of code encourages bugs and possibly slows down your web solution. DRY is worthwhile in this regard; surprisingly, Ruby on Rails encourages it. 

This framework avoids duplication of code by abstracting common things into code reusability. When you hire RoR developers, they can actualize this principle in various ways, like utilizing partial views in RoR, which helps build a reusable user interface. Modules also allow you to summarize shared functionality among classes. 

  1.  Database Management

This framework supports various databases but mostly prefers or is utilized with SQLite, MySQL, or PostgreSQL.  While developing a custom website using the power of RoR, focus on choosing the right option among them. You can do this by understanding the difference between them and then checking which perfectly relates to your business needs. Moreover, you can use various tools like ActiveRecord and the Object Rational Mapping tool of RoR to interact with the database. 

  1. Consider Performance 

The development process is incomplete without considering the important aspect of performance. Your website should perform optimally without any lag. Utilizing RoR is helpful in this regard. 

You can create a performing website utilizing this framework and its capabilities, like as caching or asynchronous programming. However, this isn’t the method to evaluate your website’s performance. The developers you will hire for the process can check or optimize various aspects. Their expertise enables them to reduce CSS or JS file sizes, optimize images, utilize a CDN, and utilize tactics to assist you in building a website that performs well and can handle increased traffic without sacrificing speed.  

  1. Scalability 

You can develop a scalable web solution using Ruby on Rails. This framework has been built with the scalability concern in mind. Many well-known websites like Airbnb, Shopify, and others witness this. Various techniques like horizontal scaling, caching, database optimization, load balancing, and so on can be performed to increase the ability of a web solution to deal with excessive traffic. 


Developing a website that relates to your business needs helps achieve a unique presence in the marketplace. Ruby on Rails is highly beneficial in developing websites. You or the RoR developers you will hire should follow the tips that assist you in this process. The features of this framework are widely evident that are helpful in making the development process fast and more convenient. Hence, this makes it an ideal tool to develop custom web solutions. 

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