6 effective tips that would help you choose the best personal injury lawyer

personal injury lawyer

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Personal injury is something that can happen to any individual at the blink of an eye. It can be caused due to any accident maybe a car accident, a bike accident or as simple as a slip and fall accident. Since a personal injury is completely accidental, there is nothing much that we can do to keep away from it. Although no one thinks that he/she would be involved in a personal injury but it is good to have a detailed plan in mind just in case you come across with a personal injury lawyer.

If you have suffered damage in case of a personal injury, you have the right to seek compensation from your insurance company. If the personal injury accident has taken place due to someone’s deliberate action or due to someone’s negligence, you have full right to seek compensation for the losses you incurred. However, the process of submitting insurance claims and other legal proceedings involved can turn out to be overwhelming. This is where a personal injury lawyer comes into picture.

A personal injury lawyer is someone who specializes in personal injury cases and has good amount of experience in dealing with such cases. Hiring a personal injury lawyer would keep you away from all the hassle involved in legal proceedings and make situations much easier for you. If you are looking for a guide that would help you to choose the Best personal injury lawyer in Houston, then this article is for you.


Select a lawyer who belongs to the same location as you. In case of personal injuries, the laws may differ from state to state. So choosing a lawyer who has been practising in the same location would ensure that the lawyer is well aware of the state laws.

Research on the available options to choose from

personal injury lawyer

First, list down all the options. If you had a positive experience with a lawyer before, reach out to him. Talk with your family, friends and relatives to get any references. You may also go through lawyer directories and look out the options from there. Look for the reputation of the lawyers and check their ratings in review sites. Always keep in mind your requirement and so only consider those lawyers who have good amount of experience in dealing with personal injuries. This would help you to narrow down your search and select a small number of lawyers who you can interview.

Check the number of cases handled and the success rates

A strong parameter to determine a lawyer’s efficiency would be to look at the number of cases he/she has handled. Once you have the number, do look for the number of successful cases. The success rate would give you a holistic view of the lawyer’s competence. Again, make sure you are looking at lawyers who specialize in dealing with personal injuries.

Interview your selection of lawyers and communicate your expectations

personal injury lawyer

Once you have your sample space narrowed down, interview the lawyers. Talk to them about the cases they have handled and the outcomes of those cases. Give them a clear picture of your cases and get their idea as to what they think about your case. Do let them know what you are exactly looking for in the case. Let them know your expected compensation and the other relevant expectations you have pertaining to this case. This is essential as you would want to choose someone who is both comfortable and confident in representing your case.

Discuss the payment related terms and conditions

personal injury lawyer

Clearly discuss the payment related terms. Generally these cases work on result-oriented strategy or contingency basis which means that the lawyers receive some percentage of your settlement amount. But there might be other hidden charges for daily commute or other activities. Make sure you clear out these charges and also determine what percentage of your settlement amount would go to the attorney.

Review the document

Make sure you read all the terms and conditions before signing a contract with the lawyer. Review all the documents very carefully that have been presented to you and once you are comfortable with all the paperwork, you are good to proceed.

Following the above points, you would surely be able to choose a qualified and competent attorney who would be dealing with your personal injury case. Hiring a lawyer would give you the exact professional assistance you need, to maximise your settlement amount and cover the heavy losses that you incurred.

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