NFC Phase 2: The Best Place To Live Why Choose A Housing Society

NFC Phase 2

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People work to earn all their lives to live that future dream life which they always imagined for themselves. Some people want to travel, and some want to choose a career. But no matter who they are and what they desire, one thing is common in everyone’s wishlist which is a better place to live. A place that can make them feel happy and cozy. A place which they can own and where they can feel secure. The main aim behind the initiation, construction, and development of housing societies is to provide the people with the house of their dreams.

NFC is a housing society that was first initiated to provide better living facilities and places to live for their employees. This project was initiated in Lahore by the officials of NFC. The whole plan of housing society was registered on 15 July in the year 1980. The proposal was accepted under the Cooperative Societies Act of Pakistan made in 1925. The work on the project started four years later, that is 1984.


The project of NFC phase two was started after the successful completion of NFC phase 1. This project was initially started for the NFC employees only, but afterward, due to the lack of candidates, it was opened for ordinary people. NFC phase 2 is present in an ideal location in Lahore. It is surrounded by other famous housing societies as well. The Wapda Town is located near NFC Phase 2. This housing society is surrounded by 

  • Valencia Housing Society 
  •  Punjab Government Employees Cooperative Housing Society 
  •  Engineering University Housing Society.


People are given plots in NFC housing society phase 2 according to the preference list provided by the NFC management. The plots are first given to the NFC employees according to the preference list. After that, they are given to the NFC Ex or retired employees. On a second number, the employees of Sister Public Sector Corporation. They are nominal members. The third turn on the preference list for the plot sale is of the relatives of the nominal employees of NFC phase 2. The last turn is of the government employees. Those employees can be active or retired, and they should be nominal.


The main objective of initiating the NFC phase 2 is to provide monetary support to their employees. Investment in this society gives a feeling of secure investment to its employees. The second objective of this society is to establish its branches all over  Pakistan so that the maximum number of people can secure a safe future. The third objective of this society is to provide finely constructed and modernized homes to its employees. Further objectives include motifs to provide separate markets, grocery stores, educational institutions, and other facilities like gyms to the residents. They want to show their residents, especially their employees, care for them. They want to provide them with an area to live with a better transport service and security service so that their employees can live there with a carefree attitude. Moreover, the construction of several playgrounds is to provide a space for enjoyment for their employees.


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