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Motivational public speakers play a vital role in our society. They help in grooming and in improving our personalities. Their words have great impacts on our life. Sometimes we change ourselves because of them. 

They help us in changing our attitude and our lifestyles. They encourage us to set goals in our life and work hard to achieve those goals. Online Quran Academy has also the best tutor who motivates you to the path of Allah.

Pakistan has a lot of motivational speakers and everyone is best in their way. They go to many universities and school events to motivate them. To inform them about different aspects of life. To tell them how they will deal with problems. They encourage depressed students and people.

The list of top 10 motivational speakers is below:

Hammad Safi:

Hammad Safi was born in 2006 and he is the youngest motivational speaker of Pakistan. He is just 14 years old. He has become very famous; he is now a star sensation. People also call him “Nanha Professor”. He has huge YouTube followers. He has done diploma in English education. He is not only Pakistan’s youngest motivational speaker but he is the world’s youngest motivational speaker. He also writes articles. He is an inspiration for many kids and a mentor to young people.

Muniba Mazari:

Muniba was born on 3rd March 1987. She is a model, anchor, singer, and motivational speaker. She did an accident and was paralyzed. After that, she began her journey as a motivational speaker. She has a YouTube channel and she uploads most of her videos there. She has been a motivator at the international level. She is an inspiration to many girls; her shoe shows how to move on and how to be thankful for everything that Allah has given you.

Qasim Ali Shah:

He is the most famous motivational speaker in Pakistan. He is the founder of the Qasim Ali Shah Foundation. This foundation trains, help, and educate people. His goal is to spread positivity. He helps people to become a better version of their selves and work hard for their goals. He is an author. His books have influenced many people. He is a teacher and an influencer radio host. He is famous worldwide. He has a huge fan following.

Books of Qasim Ali Shah:

1: Jeet ki janb

2: Zara Naam ho

3: Soch ka Himalaya

4: Apni Talash

5: Kamyabi ka Paigham

6: Unchi Uraan.

Javed Iqbal:

Dr. Professor Javed Iqbal is an MBBS, FCPS (SURGERY), FRSC (SURGERY), MCPS general surgeon. He is a laparoscopic surgeon and in addition to this, he is also a motivational speaker. He became viral through Tiktok videos. He has written a book on surgery entitles “Operative Surgery”. He is also an author. He has also a huge fan following. He has visited a lot of universities to influence students. He is very active on social media. He is also invited to many international TV shows.

Javed Chaudhry:

He was born on 1 January 1986. He is a columnist, writer, journalist, YouTuber, and TV anchor. He is the host of the most popular show Kal Tak. He writes the Urdu daily newspaper and for Daily express. He has amazing followers on YouTube. He has written many books.

Books of Javed Chaudhry:

1: The Sun of the past days

2: Zero-point

3: Zero-point 

Qaisar Abbas:

Qaisar Abbas was born on 7 June 1982. He is a psychologist, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. He is an example of how to fulfill your dreams in hard circumstances. He has collaborated with the CEOs of sports and film. He is the author of the blockbuster book “TICK TICK DOLLAR”.

Shahid Ullah:

He is a motivational speaker from KPK. He has done BE-Electrical Engineering as well as he has done many other courses and has received many certificates. He is a trainer and is among the best motivational speakers. He is also a coach. He has motivated many people with his speeches.

Fahad Khan:

He is the CEO of a marketing company in Canada. He has visited UET and was greatly honored there. He does speeches for the youth. He is also very famous among motivational speakers. He started his journey of motivating people at a very young age. He motivates people to forget their pasts and work on their present to make their future beautiful. He motivates people to do something in life so one day you feel proud of yourself.

Tanzeela khan:

She is another female motivational speaker. She is also in a wheelchair and she works for disabled people. She has a passionate personality and works hard. She is an inspiration for youth that disability cannot stop you from achieving your dreams.

These are the best motivational speakers in Pakistan. They have helped a lot of people in achieving their dreams. They have encouraged youth to set some goals in their lives.

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