The Best Tools to Manage Stock on Your Online Store

Manage Stock on online store
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If you run an online store on WooCommerce, you know how important it is to check your search engine. After all, you want to stay in stock and retain sales!

Many factors must be considered, such as stock levels, product quality, and brand fulfillment.

To help you, we will share some of the best WooCommerce inventory management tools for retailers to increase their sales.

Benefits of Using Tools to Manage Stock 

Businesses that use automated systems can reap many benefits in terms of time savings and boost sales.

  • Save Time

Companies that do manual accounting must rely on their employees. Imagine that you process all the products that come and go during the peak seasons, do it right, without mistakes… seems impossible. 

With your inventory tracking software doing all the work for you, your employees will no longer have to climb on top of a stack of boxes to read items.

  • Avoid Overselling and Stock Outs 

Overselling is one of the critical challenges that some sellers face in their marketing journey. If you can’t handle your purchases properly, you can quickly run out of groceries, leading to shortages.

Your customers will stay safe if you deal with problems as well as lack or lack thereof. Your entire marketing and sales budget will be well-spent if these problems arise. More importantly, today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, like Amazon and Walmart, can keep you in these situations.

The tracking tool will run your tracking system on all open markets so you know when to restock.

  • Fewer Errors and Discrepancies

A systematic approach can reduce errors and inaccuracies in your data and processes. Manual research methods, such as spreadsheets, are prone to human error and need updating help.

  • Improve Supply Chain Management 

The supply chain is the most essential part of any business and is hard to manage. Having a reliable tool, you can use the strategy of sorting deliveries. You can develop relationships with different suppliers to deliver products quickly.

You can give orders to the sellers during the high season, which will be announced to you in advance. Overall, your supply chain is improving, and your business is growing.

  • Enhance Customer Experience 

Customer experience improves when your inventory is maintained adequately with inventory management software. You can place orders quickly, and customer satisfaction will increase as it will increase customer loyalty to your brand.

Business and customer relationships are honored when data management is maintained. Profits increase as you witness more customers.

Top 5 Best Tools to Manage Stock on Your Online Store

1. WooCommerce Schedule Stock Manager

WooCommerce Schedule Stock Manager Plugin allows you to manage your auto sales volume daily, weekly, monthly, hourly, and yearly with auto-saving increments.

WooCommerce Schedule Stock Manager

You can easily plan the research management for all variables and products by creating daily, monthly, and incremental data.

The WooCommerce Schedule Stock Manager plugin allows you to set a stock schedule to select a stock type and quantity schedule.


  • Set the Default Share Order to add several shares with a specific order type.
  • Shopping Set for cheap and easy products.
  • Schedule type and options Minute, Hour, Monthly, Bi-day, Weekly, Monthly to set the number of shares.
  • Different Products and Products have different stock types and stock quantities.
  • There is an option to manually set the product order.
  • Manually enable and disable the share sharing system.

2. WooCommerce Stock Manager

WooCommerce Stock Manager allows you to manage sales and product exchanges from one screen. Adding WooCommerce Stock Manager gives you a new interface (found in the management menu under the post) to list your products and options and their properties.

WooCommerce Smart Manager

In WooCommerce Stock Manager, products can be filtered by product id and name, and sorting is impossible. With WooCommerce Stock Manager, you can easily set up all product categories, statuses, weights, SKUs, names, IDs, and more.


  • Support both simple & variable products.
  • Manage product sale price of all products.
  • Display auto-incremented ID.
  • Search products by name or category
  • Set the Product SKU.
  • See the Product with their thumbnails.

3. ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is undoubtedly an excellent tool for creating and managing online stores. If you have experience with WooCommerce, you should be aware that there are many opportunities in WooCommerce to refer to, such as search management.

ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce

It is one of the top favorites for vendors looking to scale their business. Spiritual direction is felt, powerful, and spontaneous.

Users can access many reports, short reports, searches, and filters. Again, it all comes in a user interface that makes life easier and gives you more time to focus on other vital areas of your business-like high conversions.


  • WPML-compatible for businesses targeting global markets.
  • Bulk actions are available, like deactivating items.
  • Advanced search and filter features, including autofill.
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Add-ons available

4. WooCommerce Smart Manager

This beautiful extension should strike your mind as one of the best search engine management tools for WooCommerce. WooCommerce Smart Manager will offer you the convenience of managing your entire store from one page, and you will have the average speed of Excel.

WooCommerce Smart Manager

StoreApps, the leading WooCommerce extension company, is behind the WooCommerce Smart Manager. The free trial has all the great features, but there is also a premium trial with great features.


  • Single screen interface and infinite scrolling.
  • Inline edits.
  • Advanced search features with conditions like AND.
  • Personalize your dashboard for better workflow.
  • Coupons and order modification.
  • Its premium version has more latest features like bulk edit.

5. Katana WooCommerce

Katana WooCommerce is a complete solution to meet the needs of modern manufacturers who want to scale their sales.

The plugin is focused on providing the core functionality needed in a WordPress inventory management plugin, such as inventory management, production scheduling, and product tracking.

Katana WooCommerce

Regarding the results, let’s look at Katana’s essential features, integration, ease of use, and price.


  • Automatically update inventory levels based on sales and product orders, helping you better manage your inventory.
  • Support for make-to-order and make-to-stock workflows allows you to calculate production costs and set item reorders.
  • Use an external search engine or the Katana Shop Floor app to find and read items in stock, print product labels, and sort by size, pattern, and location.
  • Provides a free productivity guide and resource library with articles, case studies, and e-books.


WooCommerce has several plugins for managing inventory. But if you want to expand beyond the basics, use the WooCommerce inventory management plugin.

If one of the above supplements doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. There are plenty of other plugins to consider. It all depends on your specific needs. Feel free to explore more options available to you to find suitable solution for your online store.

Which WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin Did You Choose? Where do you like it? Need help to choose the right solution for your online store? Ask for the information below.

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