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Managing a lacrosse team is more than gathering good players and preparing them to conquer the fields with new uniforms and gears. You have to keep track of their health, finances and resources. The first thing you can do to curb your expenses is to keep your uniforms in tip-top conditions. This way, you will not have to invest in the jerseys and shorts every other month, which takes a big chunk of funds from the team accounts. Therefore, you must be aware of the right ways to wash and dry your lacrosse jerseys, so they last longer in their original form. Follow the following tips to keep your custom lacrosse jerseys looking vibrant throughout the season.

Wash them immediately after every game.

The post-game exhaustion coaxes you to let your lacrosse jersey stay draped over the chair back or balled into the hamper. Although it will not harm your jerseys, allowing the dirt and grease to sit on the uniforms overnight will make the stains and odor stubborn to remove. Stubborn stains take more time and often double washing to go away, which lessens the life of your jersey. Therefore, it is best practice to throw the jerseys in the washing machine immediately after using them. All your custom jerseys have moisture-wicking technology, which absorbs the sweat and keeps your players dry and cool throughout the game. With so much sweat and body grease, your jerseys need a good wash as soon as possible. 

Wash gently with mild detergents

Whether washing the lacrosse jerseys in the machine or by hands, use a gentle cycle to scrub the stains and dirt. Try to use cold water when you are washing the shirts to keep the colors bright. Also, warm water cleans the stains easily, but it negatively affects the fabric quality. Likewise, strong detergents also harm the color and fabric, so try to use mild detergents. Lacrosse jerseys are moisture-wicking in nature. Chemicals of any sort, including fabric softeners, create a top coating on the fabric, compromising its ability to manage and wick moisture from the body. 

The last washing tip is that never wring your jerseys to remove the excess water. It can cause the shirts to lose their original shape. Squeeze them gently to drain the water before drying them. However, make sure that you are squeezing them with light hands. 

Use washing garment bags

A garment bag is not a necessity, but it is something that will prolong the life of your shirts by protecting them from machine elements. Custom lacrosse uniforms have a durable material and can withstand minor wear and tear. However, washing them in the machine can expose them to significant rips and tears if you also have other gears and garments in the machine. The hooks, zippers, and velcro can cause damage such as pilling. Machine wash can also accumulate fuzz. You can prevent all these harms by putting them in a garment bag before tossing your jersey in the machine for a wash. 

Use vinegar or soda to remove odors

Although using chemicals on your lacrosse jersey is not suitable for their colors and fabrics, you still need something to remove the unwanted grass and body odor from your uniforms. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which quickly bonds with the volatile molecules and expels terrible odors, so a cup of vinegar is the best alternative to the harsh chemicals. Add a cup in the bleach dispenser of the washing machine, and the machine cycle will do the rest. No strenuous scrubbing is needed to remove the stench. The good thing is that the clothes will not have traces of pungent vinegar scent after the wash. Instead, they will smell fresh and clean once the wash is done and the jerseys are dry. If you are still worried about the remains of the vinegar smell, throw half a cup of baking soda in the mix, which will take care of all the smell issues. Here is a myth that baking soda can cause the fabric colors to fade away. However, there is no proof of such occurrence. You can add baking soda to laundry without any hesitation.  

Do not use a machine dryer

Once you have washed the jerseys, the next step is to dry them the right way so that their lifespan remains intact. It is best to dry your washed jerseys in natural air because the heat from the machine’s dryer can harm the elasticity of the fabric. If you are in a hurry and using a machine dryer is inevitable, keep them in a low heat setting. Excessive heat badly impacts not only the colors but the fabric of the garments too. Moreover, the moisture-wicking characteristics also get affected if the shirts are left to dry in a machine dryer.  

Use a hairdryer in a cool setting

If you are in a hurry and want to get done with the drying process, use a hairdryer. You can also regulate the heat by using a hairdryer to dry the shirts while laying them on a rack. However, ensure that the surrounding is cool. This process of drying prevents wrinkles from forming on the shirts. Due to the moisture management property, which enables your jerseys to evaporate the wetness quickly than the regular shirts, it would take only a few minutes for it to dry. Also, you will not have to go through a strenuous pressing process to iron out the wrinkles after washing. 

The final touch

To gain the best return on your investment, make sure that your custom lacrosse jerseys are made of high-quality fabric and are sufficiently tough to resist rips and tears. The rest of durability depends on how you treat and keep your lacrosse jerseys. The above washing and drying methods will keep the colors vibrant and design embedded in the jersey fabric for a long time. The above tips will ensure that your custom lacrosse jerseys stay in their original shape and form throughout the season.

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