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Are you completely satisfied with your teeth? Are you one of the 50% of Americans who aren’t happy with the appearance of their teeth? Yes, there is a significant portion of us who are unhappy with their smiles; despite the fact that they think they are valuable assets and the most important factors to success in the world.

Because only a few of us have a naturally stunning and perfect smile, it’s up to our NHS dentist Wokingham, especially orthodontic specialists to help us attain one. At present over five million Americans are undergoing one of the most popular orthodontic treatments.

The most well-known ways to treat the field of orthodontics are braces. But, many people are worried about wearing them, mostly because they’re visible and may cause discomfort and irritation. If you’re looking to get the perfect smile, without disrupting your normal life, the most effective solution is Invisalign.

What Exactly Is Invisalign?

Invisalign braces can straighten your teeth with aligners that are custom specifically designed for your needs. The aligners are constructed of smooth, comfortable, and nearly invisible plastic that you put in place of the teeth.

The aligners should be replaced every two weeks to replace new aligners until the treatment is completed. When replacing each alignment your teeth move at a time, until they’ve gotten to the final position you want.

Prior to beginning treatment using the Invisalign provider an in-person treatment plan designed by the special 3D software will show the sequence of motions your teeth will experience throughout the course of treatment. This will let you know the teeth you will appear like at the conclusion course of treatment.

What’s So Wonderful About Invisalign?

Invisalign is a fantastic orthodontic option, as:

  • It’s a great treatment option for a range of conditions such as crowding and spacing, underbite, crossbite, and overbite.
  • Invisalign aligners are clear and virtually invisible. Invisalign aligners are transparent and virtually undetectable.
  • The aligners are made from easy and soft plastic.
  • The Invisalign aligners are removed easily for cleaning and for a more convenient dining experience.
  • Invisalign is not a major interference with how you conduct yourself however it can have a huge influence on your appearance and confidence in yourself.

Although a lot of general Invisalign braces treatments, it’s essential to visit an experienced and knowledgeable orthodontic specialist to assess whether Invisalign meets your specific requirements.

If you’re a resident of London and you are looking for a reliable source of treatment, you can count on the expertise of a professional and the best treatment available by Orthodontic Excellence. Our experts in orthodontics will give an extensive examination and guide you to choose the ideal treatment plan to meet your specific requirements.

The Importance Of Having Straight Teeth

Clear braces, such as Invisalign can be used to straighten teeth without having to deal with the brackets and wires. Similar to metal braces, these transparent aligner trays function by applying gentle pressure on the teeth of the patient.

In time this force will push the teeth of the patient into more alignment. Patients are provided with a series of aligners at the beginning of the process. Each aligner is to be worn for a minimum of two weeks before swapping to the subsequent one that moves the teeth closer to the position they want to be in.

Treatment time with Invisalign braces could be as brief as 10 weeks, and up to two years. The typical treatment time for the majority of patients is one year. The advantages of straight teeth can greatly impact an individual’s mental and physical health.

Most people view the benefits of clear braces as being primarily aesthetic however this could be farther than the reality. Numerous studies show that people with an uneven alignment of their teeth have an increased chance of developing dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay.

The Health Benefits Of Straight Teeth:

1. Dental Benefits

A poor alignment of a patient’s teeth may cause difficulty in brushing them in a proper manner or cleaning the interdental spaces. This causes the build-up of plaque on the tooth surfaces, which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

Teeth that are not aligned properly can cause the bite of a patient to put stress on the teeth while chewing. This causes stress and wears on the teeth and jaws. It could also cause problems with the temporomandibular joints.

2. Straight Teeth Are Linked To Overall Health

To boil this advantage down to a simple rule, straight teeth enhance overall health. It is true that they can give you a more confident smile and the perfect appearance. However, our Invisalign dentist London points out that cosmetic dentistry is a part of general health.

For example healthy, straighter teeth allow the eater to eat whatever they prefer. So, you can enjoy healthy, balanced meals without stressing about the pain of chewing.

Change Your Smile

3. It Is Easier To Keep And Clean

Crooked, misaligned, or damaged teeth can make it difficult to brush and floss. The accumulation of plaque and food particles in areas that a toothbrush might struggle to reach. Furthermore, you need to push harder each time you brush to ensure that you’ve completed all the vulnerable areas.

But, straight teeth are able to avoid these situations. They’re less difficult to clean and test for cavities and food. In fact, straight teeth accumulate more cavities than those that are misaligned as all areas are easily accessible and clean.

Furthermore, being able to floss with ease with straight teeth helps to build a habit of flossing regularly. People who brush their teeth on a regular basis will also keep their gums clean, which improves overall cleanliness.

4. Reduce The Chance Of Sustaining A Dental Injury Or Trauma

Beyond plaque and cavities and a misaligned smile can cause dental trauma. This category encompasses a wide range of possible scenarios, such as gum infections, chipped teeth, TMJ/TMD-related disorders, bruxism, and more.

However, the straighter teeth and jaw alignment greatly reduce the chance of suffering from these conditions. A consultation with a dentist will allow you to align your teeth and maintain a healthier overall condition.

5. Reducing Wear And Tear Your Teeth

Due to their constant use, teeth wear and tear throughout their normal life. However, the Invisalign braces wear become dangerous when teeth are not aligned properly. They push each other in a race to make space. This results in placing teeth at different angles and at risk of being damaged.

If your teeth are straight they are less likely to suffer from misaligned bites. The teeth with the strongest parts can withstand the rigors of regular use, while areas that are sensitive are protected. In this way, you will have a healthy mouth and enjoy the teeth for the rest of your life.

6. Benefits Of Aesthetics

Straight teeth can create stunning smiles that enhance an individual’s appearance. Teeth are among the most visible things that people will remember when they interact and those who are conscious of the appearance of their teeth may experience lower confidence and self-esteem.

It is common to make assumptions regarding how people’s teeth appear. In a study, around 60% of males, as well as 71% of women, put teeth as the top physical aspect of a potential date. Teeth that are beautiful are generally viewed as cheerful, beautiful, successful, happy, or healthy.

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