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Video game development is a complex multi-component task that includes design development, design, programming, game testing, etc. Even having an idea, it can be very expensive and time-consuming to put it into practice, even with a large amount of resources. It would be much easier if all the parts were organized in one place. In addition, finding suitable candidates for a particular role for game development is a big problem.

However, all these problems are far in the past, because in the era of globalization, any company that develops video games can find a solution to their problems in art outsourcing. For example, game art design is the most important aspect of video game development, and despite this, it can be transferred to an art outsourcing studio to achieve a quality result. The main advantage in this case is that you do not waste time and money on hiring and training a new employee who you may not need later.

Why outsource game development to an art outsourcing studio?

By cooperating with the art outsourcing studio, you first get access to a team of game development specialists who do not need additional training. With extensive experience in the development of indie games, experts can help you find solutions that will meet even the most stringent criteria.

Benefits of game art outsourcing

To understand why developers use game art outsourcing, you need to understand the benefits of outsourcing and how to promote your indie game.


Every visually beautiful game was designed by some kind of game designer. Therefore, to develop this important component of any game, you need to attract professional game artists who will have all the skills necessary for your game to constantly cooperate. However, finding such people can be very difficult and keeping them on a permanent basis will be very expensive, especially for a start-up company. You are unlikely to want to invest huge resources, which, moreover, could be saved, especially if you are wondering how to make money as an indie game developer.

This is where game art outsourcing comes in to help you find the right professionals for everything from game character design to 2D graphics and 3D models. The advantage is that it will be much cheaper and will make your job much easier.

Time saving

The sooner you start the game development process, the sooner you can earn. Hiring employees is a long and laborious process that will require a lot of time and money, which will negatively affect the time of release of the final product. At the same time, art outsourcing studio has the resources your project needs. This saves a lot of time spent on interviews and staff training. You can spend all the time saved on other things by entrusting some parts of the future game to other companies for development. It can also help your team members focus on other tasks that come with game development.

Overhead reduction

Reducing overhead costs is another benefit of outsourcing parts of the work. Hiring full-time employees who will deal with all aspects of the game is one thing, and it is quite another thing to have in addition to this the cost of renting and maintaining an office, providing employees with computers and licensed versions of programs, etc. All of these costs are eliminated when you outsource, as it is the game art studio that takes all the costs of setting up and maintaining the infrastructure.

Access to professionals

The main problem for the development of quality games is the difficulty of finding professionals. This is another reason why outsourcing has become a popular solution for many companies. Outsourcing companies provide quick access to creative professionals who are equipped with all the necessary technologies and tools for the job. Thus, this solution can give results that you did not even think about.

How to understand which company is best for you?

When choosing a company to which you want to entrust some of your work, you should pay attention to some tips listed below. This will give you an idea of what to expect from a game development studio that produces a great product.

Creative staff

The quality of development largely depends on the creativity of the specialists who are involved in the project. An ordinary, good programmer can come up with an ordinary game that will not hook the player in anything. It takes a special skill to bring something to the product that can hook any player and give the game an edge over other similar products on the market. This requires a serious approach and technical competence from specialists, and this can be offered by top outsourcing companies. The game’s industry is very competitive at the moment, so your product must be of high quality. Therefore, creativity is what you should look for in the specialists of the company whose services you want to use.

Financial security

A company can only be competitive if it is financially independent. This is important for the reason that, as in any business, game development by professionals in their field should be well paid, thus incentivizing their developers to do their job well and creatively. From studios whose financial side is a weak point, one should not expect great results. Indeed, in this case, the motivation of the team is likely to be at a low level, which will definitely affect the quality of the work performed. There is also another problem here: financially insolvent companies can resort to dishonest cooperation. For example, they may sell codes received from your company to another company. Financially independent companies will value their reputation, as this is the key to success. Not to mention that only a studio with finances can afford to equip a favorable environment for talented professionals.

Privacy Policy

A responsible game development studio can guarantee its customers the safety of codes and trade secrets. The principles of some studios in this regard are very bad, which has repeatedly led to lengthy litigation. A good studio won’t think about selling code to other companies, so there shouldn’t be any copyright infringement scandals around the studio. If something like this was found, then you should refrain from further cooperation with such a studio.

Production history

Largely due to the instability of the game development business, many studios go bankrupt after a few years. This happens when a company fails to do a good job. Therefore, before outsourcing, you should study the product catalog of the studio with which you want to cooperate. This will give you an idea of ​​what to expect from the studio, because in this way, you can assess the quality of the future partner’s work at a glance. It is also worth paying attention to the reviews and the age of the studio – this will give a more complete picture of what the company is like.

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