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Making hyper casual games is a relatively new genre of mobile games that has been gaining popularity since about 2017-2018.  So, according to statistics from the Dataconomy website, such projects became the most downloaded on the market, accounting for 31% of all installations.

These casual games are really “hyper” – they have the simplest gameplay, often reduced to one tap on the screen, do not torment the user with boring training and are intended for a wide audience, so that even schoolchildren, even adult uncles, even grandmothers can play them.  We’ve put together the best hyper-casual games for you, and we’re sure you’re already familiar with them.

Helix Jump has become one of the most popular mobile games of 2018 with 300+ million installs and overtaking giants like PUBG.  And in the game, you just need to rotate the tower with primitive obstacles so that the ball goes down to the bottom of the level as soon as possible.  Interest is fueled by the scoring system – the longer the ball stays afloat, the higher the chance that you will be included in the rating table.

The developers of Rise Up have implemented a simple, but at the same time ingenious idea, which has been appreciated by millions of gamers: in their game you need to protect the ball that is constantly flying up from various obstacles such as sticks, geometric shapes and others.  As a child, looking at the released ball, you also probably wanted it to fly to the sky, and not get stuck in the branches of a tree.

Jelly Jump will make you worry, because here you need to save funny jelly figures (yes, it really is) from the water that is rapidly filling the level.  All you have to do is jump forward, but do it before the platform on top closes.  The drops that accumulate in the process of passing can be spent on discovering new figures, and the game itself offers to set new records over and over again.

By clicking on the screen in Knife Hit, a sharp knife is released, which plunges into the “tree stump”.  Interestingly, the player needs to release several knives per level, and if you hit the same place twice, you will have to start over.  Additionally, Knife Hit attracts a variety of “skins” and RPG elements with bosses and experience accumulation.

In Scream Go Hero, a funny little man with a red bandage on his forehead overcomes commonplace obstacles, like in platformers of the 90s, but in order for the hero to move from his place, the user will literally have to tell him this – the game is controlled by voice, and what he does  the louder the higher and longer the little adventurer jumps.

On YouTube, you may have seen “slap tournaments” that were very popular not so long ago.  In Slap Kings, you take part in one of these and try to knock out your opponent, choosing the best moment to strike.  The interface of the game resembles a fighting game, the gameplay is still extremely simple, and the excellently animated cartoon graphics only made the project one of the most attractive in the genre.

Stair Run wins the title of the first 3D hyper-casual in our collection, and it opens a special “subgenre” in this direction – in it colorful little people overcome various obstacles, but the gameplay has a certain zest that makes it impossible to tear yourself away from the game.  So, in Stair Run, the hero collects blocks along the way, and can use them to build stairs in order to reach the end of the level and literally reach the heavens.

In Fun Race 3D, just like in Stair Run, we control multi-colored characters, but in this hyper-casual game we will have to compete with other users, passing through an obstacle course that is not difficult at first glance.  The races last just a couple of minutes, but during this time you can have time to hate your opponents for their dexterity or yourself for stupid mistakes.

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