How to Recover Deleted Photos from Old Android Phone

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Old Android Phone
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We capture a lot of memories on our smartphones as it is always handy. When we try to revisit our memories and realize that we have lost photos on Android, we think of solutions on how to recover deleted photos. There are a few tips that you can try to restore deleted photos on Android. If you fail, you can use the Best Data Recovery App for Android to bring back your old memories.

 Best Ways to Recover Deleted Photos:

1.  Restore Deleted Photos from OneDrive

2.  Restore Deleted Photos from Google Photos

3.  Recover Deleted Photos using Recovery App

4.  Recover Deleted Photos from Google Drive

5.  Retrieve Deleted Photos from the SD Card

1. Restore Deleted Photos from OneDrive

 Microsoft OneDrive app is less popular however a powerful app to store your photos, documents, videos, and other files. If you have accidentally deleted photos from Microsoft OneDrive storage, you can recover deleted photos from the OneDrive App.

Step 1. Access the OneDrive App on your Android device.

Step 2. Go to the Photos tab at the bottom of the app screen. Select photos that need to be recovered.

Step 3. Tap on the three dots and tap on the Restore button to get the photos back in your albums.

2. Restore Deleted Photos from Google Photos

 Google Photos is one of the intuitive apps of the Google family. You can upload photos to keep them saved or synced with your Gallery. If you have accidentally deleted some photos from the Gallery, you can recover deleted photos from the Trash folder. Deleted photos and files are mostly available for over 60 days.

Step 1. Go to the Google folder and access the Google Photos App.

Step 2. Tap on the Library tab on the bottom right.

Step 3. Tap on the Bin button on the top right to access the Trash folder.

Step 4. Long-tap and hold on to the first image that needs to be recovered. Keep on tapping to select multiple images from the Bin.

Step 5. Tap on the Restore button at the bottom right and confirm submission. The selected photos will be restored to the destination folder.

3. Recover Deleted Photos Using Recovery App

 The Best Photos Recovery App for Android is one of the robust solutions to recover deleted photos on Android. You can quickly scan and list down all the recoverable images from different storage points. You can preview and select multiple recoverable photos. There are several free apps available on the Google Play Store however not every app can be robust enough to restore images.

EaseUS MobiSaver:

EaseUS MobiSaver is one of the best Android data recovery apps to retrieve deleted photos, videos, documents, audio, and other file formats. You can perform a quick and deep scan on your Android’s internal memory or SD card to find recoverable media files. It supports photo formats like JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF/TIFF, or video formats like MP4, 3GP, AVI, and MOV.

EaseUS MobiSaver is easy to download and use on Android smartphones. You get an option to scan and recover photos & videos, SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, WhatsApp data, recover files from SD Card, and more. You can select a specific category and scan for recoverable files. It will display the list of recoverable photos and videos. Put a check on all the recoverable photos that you want to recover and click to recover deleted photos on Android.

4. Recover Deleted Photos from Google Drive

Google Drive has always been a great support to save photos and other data on cloud storage. if you accidentally delete photos from your Android device, you get an option to recover them from the Google Drive backup.

Step 1. Access the Google Drive app from the Google folder on your Android.

Step 2. If prompted to sign in, enter your credentials and sign in to your account.

Step 3. Navigate to the folder where you have taken a backup of the deleted photos.

Step 4. Tap and hold the first image to select. Keep on tapping all the recoverable images that you need from Google Drive.

Step 5. Tap on the three dots on the top to populate options. Tap on the Download option to download the selected photos on your Android device.

 5. Retrieve Deleted Photos from SD Card

It’s easy to retrieve deleted photos from SD Card using the photos recovery app. The photos recovery app can recover deleted photos from internal and external storage drives. You can also connect the SD Card on the Windows PC and restore deleted photos using the photos recover app.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows has a robust scan engine to find and recover deleted photos from folders and hard drive partitions. You can also scan external storage drives and SD cards to recover deleted photos.

Final Words:

This article on how to recover deleted photos from an Android phone has the best manual tweaks to recover deleted photos. You can restore deleted photos from cloud storage apps or from the internal/external storage devices. The best photos recovery app can help you retrieve deleted photos from any storage device on Android. Never miss out on any memory with these tweaks!

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