How to Package and Prep for Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon

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FBA packages: Amazon Inc is a global powerhouse of e-retail, and millions of sellers depend on the worldwide selling platform for their operations. Fulfillment by Amazon is an excellent feature for both the sellers and the buyers. The feature assures the buyers that the products they buy are 100 percent genuine and user-friendly. The FBA feature also ensures that the sellers sell on the platform without much hassle. This is because once the seller enrolls in Fulfilled by Amazon program, he or she does not have to worry about the shipping, delivery, or post-sales operation.

Once Amazon fulfills a product, Amazon Inc takes responsibility for the proper shipping, delivery, and even refunds of the package. Thus, fulfillment by Amazon is a great feature even for the sellers. FBA makes Amazon a trusted platform of sales for the sellers. The Fulfilment by Amazon service allows sellers to operate without much infrastructure because many of the vital services eventually outsource to Amazon. Amazon Inc, therefore, gives a chance to small businesses to flourish. 

However, certain conditions and criteria that each package reaches Amazon’s fulfillment centers have to fulfill. This is because Amazon has some set standards for sellers’ packaging and delivery services necessary for FBA eligibility. A trusted seller ensures that his packages fulfill the criteria for them to be FBA. This particular article discusses the preparation and packaging requirements of an FBA package that sellers meet every day. If you want to become a trusted Amazon seller, you have to meet these standards. 

Different product categories go for sale, and there are other criteria according to the types. 

What are the packaging requirements for FBA packages?

Here are the basic requirements of packaging that a seller needs to fulfill before sending the package to an Amazon fulfillment center. There are also certain specific conditions that packages meet to become FBA. 

General criteria for fulfillment 

Each of the FNSKU that you use on a package must be unique. Moreover, the FNSKU must correspond to a specific excellent product only. 

Each packaged unit must have an outer barcode or scanning label that is easily accessible for scans. This helps in easy access to information. 

The seller must remove or cover any additional or incorrect barcodes on the external surface of the shipping box so that there is no confusion. They must also hide such barcodes with black tape or felt markers. This stops any incorrect barcodes scanned by mistake. 

How to package loose products

If you are a seller who sells loose products, you should secure each of the loose units within a single package. 

Amazon discourages product packaging style that requires it to reassemble multiple parts of the product. In other words, it ships various units related to the same product together. 

If the loose units remain unboxed, the seller secures them with non-adhesive bands or easily removable tapes. This is enough to secure the loose units without damaging them for use. 

Footwear sellers package footwear in either polybags or appropriate shoe boxes. This means that no shoe material has exposure to outside. If you are using polybags to secure the package, it should come with a warning of suffocation. 

Package and Prep for Fulfillment by Amazon

Product set packaging 

Products that are packaged and sold assets need to be labeled as a single unit. That is, the whole set has to be packaged in one box and labeled as one unit. For example, if you are selling a group of six glasses as one unit, the label on top of the box should mention this. This helps you earn the right amount of money for it and keeps the set intact. You can use labels such as sold as a set or this is a set, do not separate. 

How to package boxed units 

Products are often shipped as boxed units. The packaging of a boxed company must have six sides. The packaging must be secure with a particular opening. The opening should not open on its own so that the components of the set are tamper-proof. The seller should use tape, glue, or pins to keep the package tamper-free. The boxed unit must not disintegrate under medium pressure. This is because, during shipping, the box faces any pressure fluctuations. The package will not endure as a unit if it is not secure. 


There are many fulfillment categories for other types of packages under the FBA shipping services. The main motive of these fulfillment instructions is to ensure a standard packaging quality through Amazon Selling services so that the shipments reach the buyers safely and on time. This ensures that all the packages adhere to a specific benchmark of packaging and shipping. 

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