How to Design Your Own Business Card – A Complete Guide

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Are you looking for a business card that knocks people’s socks off? Do you want to know how to design business card? Then we are here with a complete guideline. We are going to blow your mind with great business card ideas.  

Well, a business card is more than contact information. It’s a complete representation of a particular person or brand. A business card should convey the overall image of your business in one glance. There are many companies that always offer you business card services. Print Britannia is one of them. They can turn your vision into reality. 

How to design your own business card?

In this article, we will run through every detail you need to design your own business card. But before you start, a few things you need to know first. Whether you’re a founder or individual, these are few things you should consider before you begin thinking of a business card-

What makes a good business card?

Before we start how to design your own business card, first, you need to know what makes a good business card. Here are few crucial points to help you out what makes a good business card –

Give a priority to your audience

Design your card according to your targeted audience. An eye-catching business card will attract more people. 

Only include important information

Make a card with enough information that is memorable and attracts more recipients. Don’t add unnecessary words. 

Only add legible text

The purpose of your card is to communicate. So a distorted, small, and an excessively stylized card will be hard to read. So, people won’t be able to communicate properly. 

Know thyself

What kind of brand are you? What do you want your business card to say? When it comes to displaying your personality, you need to know your needs. This is the preliminary activity that makes the process run more smoothly. 

So you should make sure of your needs and make a plan. Or you can also share these with the company you’ve hired to design your business card. 

Choose the shape and size

Professionals always want to explore more alternative shapes. Because printing techniques have grown more advanced and affordable, if you want your business card to be playful or stand-out, you can use any virtual shape like animal mascots or outlines of products you sell. Or you can use wholly original shapes. 

Now the size of a business card mostly depends on the standard of the specific country. Before choosing the size, always consider three things- Safety line, Trim line, and bleed area. 

Add the suitable logo with elegant graphic work

When you begin plotting the visual elements of your business card, the first and foremost element is the logo. The center stage on your business card should be taken by the logo. As you have two sides at your disposal, you have to work on both. One side should exclusively focus on the logo. And the other side should highlight the contact information.  

Only add necessary and eye-catching text

What your business card actually says? Well, it totally depends on you. As different people benefit differently from business cards, you have to make sure of your purpose. And it should be eye-catching as well. There are a few important pieces of information you can add to your business card- 

  • Name
  • Company name
  • Job title 
  • Email 
  • Phone 
  • Web URL
  • Address 
  • Social media link
  • QR code (optional)
  • Finally, a slogan 

Finalize the design with perfect finishing

Think, how does your eye move when looking at your business card. What is the first thing you’ve noticed?  

A good visual flow? Perfect finishing? Your card is more than your contact information. So, please make sure these points are present on it. Please remember, the card is representative of you and your brand. 

Questions that often come to your mind before designing a business card

Q) What is the format of a business card? (H3)

Answer: For a printed business card, the standard dimensions are 3.5 x 2 inches. It is actually the finished card size. But many printed designs include bleed. So the “bleed area” is 1/8 inch extra space on card. It is used for backgrounds or design elements that extend beyond the finished edges of your business card.

Q) What is the best app to make business cards? 

Answer: Some well-known business card makers are- PsPrint, Jukebox, Canva, Free logo service, DeGraeve Free business card maker, Business card land, etc. These apps will help you to design your own business card. 

Q) Where can I design my business card for free

There are many free business card makers apps such as PsPrint, Business card Star, Free logo service, Canva, etc. But for a professional business card, these are not always recommended. Because with these apps, you can design only basic level cards.  

Q) Where can I design a professional business card? 

We suggest you hire an experienced designer or company for a professional business card. There are hundreds of companies that offer great business card services. Print Britannia is such a company that understands your visions and makes great deals.

Q) How much does it cost to make a business card?

The cost starts from $0 to thousands of dollars. You can make free cards or hire a designer for a high-quality design. On average a great design should cost between $199 to $999. 

Q) Why should you choose Print Britannia? 

Print Britannia is a Printing and Design Company. Their service is professional, efficient, and trustworthy. That’s why it is highly recommended by us. If you want a professional business card, we suggest you start your journey with Print Britannia. Now, you’ll know how to design your own business cards. So, keep reading!

Final Verdict

Now you know how to design a business card. Our purpose was to help you out with a complete guideline on how to design your own business card. Let’s hope you will find the perfect card for your business!

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