How to Choose the Best CMS to Accelerate Your Business Growth

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A key element of sustained online success is to have a website that provides customers with a place to go when they want to purchase a product or learn more information about a company that they’re interested in. If you want to properly accelerate business growth and bring in new customers, the best way to achieve your goals is by selecting a CMS that can be used to manage your web content.

A CMS is a type of application that makes it easy for multiple contributors to manage web content via publishing, editing, and creating the content. This content is stored in a simple database that allows the content to be displayed through templates, which means that you won’t need to write code when building your website and the infrastructure within. The following offers an in-depth guide on how to select the ideal CMS for your business.

Tips for Choosing the Right CMS for Business

Because of the importance of having a content management system, there are a myriad of providers that offer CMS software. However, it’s important that you are able to discern which CMS options will provide your business with the features needed to grow and succeed. Whether you want to simply redesign your current website or create an entirely new website from scratch, a CMS can give you the tools you require to build a robust website that appeals to your target audience.

In order to choose the best CMS for your business, you should follow a specific set of criteria to ensure you make an informed decision. This set of criteria includes:

  • Ease of use
  • SEO features
  • Third-party software integrations
  • Customization and flexibility
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Maintenance and customer support
  • Multi-website management

With these criteria in hand, you can start making comparisons between the different content management systems at your disposal. If you want to build a website that is able to rank highly on search engines like Google and Bing, it’s important to select a CMS that emphasizes its SEO features. However, the best CMS platforms can provide for all of your needs. The CMS you choose should have strong security, 24/7 customer support, quick performance, extensive customization features, and a substantial number of third-party software integrations.

Core Features of a Content Management System (CMS)

While every content management system is unique, there are some core features that all CMS platforms should have. These features include:

  • An intuitive dashboard
  • Multi-language content creation
  • Built-in SEO tools
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Social media integration
  • Vast selection of add-ons and plugins
  • An app marketplace

If a CMS that you’re interested in doesn’t have an app marketplace or built-in SEO tools, you should avoid it and choose another platform. An intuitive dashboard is a must if you want to get the most out of your CMS. You should be able to perform all CMS tasks from your dashboard. These tasks include everything from reviewing analytics to scheduling content.

In order for your business to grow substantially, it’s important that you reach customers from all over the world, which means that the CMS of your choosing should allow for multi-language content creation. Built-in SEO tools are also critical if you want your website to rank well on search engines like Google. A high ranking means that your website will appear towards the top of search results and bring in more traffic.

While searching for the ideal CMS for your business, keep in mind that analytics are more important than ever. The right analytics will allow you to measure your website’s performance and help you determine which areas of your website need improvement. The increasing popularity of social media advertising means that your website should be integrated with platforms like Facebook and Instagram as much as possible. By placing social media buttons on your website, you can bring organic traffic to your site.

As mentioned previously, all CMS platforms should offer a robust app marketplace from which you can purchase useful add-ons and plugins. These add-ons can extend your website’s functionality by allowing you to further customize your website. If the CMS you’re interested in doesn’t offer the plugins or add-ons you require, you could look into CMS plugin development by a reputable developer.

As long as you focus on all of these features, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the right CMS. You could also request custom CMS development services if you’re unable to find a platform that meets your exact needs.

Benefits of Using a Content Management System

Content management systems have become increasingly popular with all types of businesses because of the many benefits they can provide. The primary benefits you’ll receive by selecting a reputable content management system include:

  • Superb workflow management – Every CMS includes workflow management tools that allow users to efficiently review and approve content.
  • Mobile-ready – Most CMS platforms offer responsive functionality that ensures your website scales correctly to mobile and tablet devices.
  • Easy to scale – A content management system allows businesses to implement new pages on their website as their business grows.
  • Quick and easy content updates – When you update content through your CMS dashboard, these changes are made to your website in real time.
  • Allows multiple users – You can set publishing permissions for different team members.
  • Search engine friendly – Every CMS has at least some SEO features that allow you to optimize your website for search engine users.
  • WCAG compliant – The best CMS platform is designed to be WCAG 2.0 compliant, which means that the website you build with the CMS will be highly accessible.

While it’s possible to obtain all of these benefits in a single CMS, the best way to get the features that would benefit your company the most is by obtaining services for custom CMS integrations. With the right approach, enterprise CMS development services can design a content management system that’s properly integrated into your business while also including all of the features that you require to grow and bring in new customers. From built-in SEO tools to a vast library of add-ons and plugins, a CMS can give you the tools you need to built a robust online presence.

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