How to Choose a Store Name?

How to Choose a Store Name

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Running a business is exciting, especially when you can earn passive income or make it your full-time job. However, starting your business from the ground up can be difficult. Doing so means you have to develop a brand identity, experience, and customer base.

One of the first things your customer will notice about your business is your store’s name! The store name you choose will be the name you file on relevant tax paperwork, the name surrounding your business, and will either help attract or dissuade customers from buying your products or service. It’s important to brainstorm store name ideas before settling on one.

Below are some tips that can help you develop store name ideas. Follow these tips to find a store name that helps promote your business and helps your company grow!

Use a Name Generator

Online name generators are famous for developing quirky names that are iconic with little information. The famous rapper and actor known as “Childish Gambino”, whose real name is Donald Glover, used a Wu-Tang name generator for his now iconic rap name. Namify is a name generator you can use to create store name ideas. All you have to do is input keywords for your store name, and voila! 

There are dozens of online name generators online to use. If you’re stuck on trying to find a name, consider using Namify or another generator. 

Think About Brand Experience

Brand experience is the term used to describe what a customer feels, sees, touches, tastes, and smells when they enter your store. Think of companies like Hollister, which sprays their stores with perfume once you enter their doors, or Tiffany and Co., which exhibit their jewelry in ornate stores.

Brand experience helps customers feel comfortable with your business, allowing them to explore your business with all of their senses. When choosing a store name, consider the brand experience you want to create. Maybe a name for a lounge such as “The Blue Lounge” or “Spa Forever” can help.

Are you planning on running a busy bar? Think about what you want your customer to feel, and choose a name that helps accomplish that feeling. Maybe “Fire and Ice Bar” or “Zoomies” can create the experience you’re looking for.

Consider Available Domains

When it comes to digital marketing, perhaps nothing is more important than creating a domain that’s easy to remember and relevant to your business. A unique domain will let your customers know who you are right away, allowing you to create a website dedicated to your business without fear of competing websites. 

If you’re creating a website for your business and a store name, combining the two at the very beginning is best. Start by checking a domain checker like Host Gator to see if your potential business name is available. Alternatively, Gamify generates store name ideas and also helps you check for domain ability, saving you time!

Do a Play on Words

Did you know that three out of four customers say they appreciate humor from brands? It’s true! The more humor you can show, the better it is to develop a good relationship with your customers. Consider using “punny” business names, such as “Scream” for a horror house or “Thai Titanic” for a restaurant (these are real examples by the way!)

Using humor can help if you’re running a business where you want to emphasize your down-to-Earth business and want to foster close relationships with customers. These aren’t ideal for more professional businesses, but puns can be used effectively in advertisements!

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