Backup Thunderbird Emails to External Hard Drive

How to Backup Thunderbird Emails to External Hard Drive

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If you are searching for a solution to backup Thunderbird emails to external hard drive? If Yes. Then You are in the right place. We are providing you with the best and reliable solution in manual tricks as well as a professional i.e, Thunderbird Backup Tool that can effectively fix your issues. 

Mozilla Thunderbird is a leading web-based email client which is free for users to use for personal and business purposes. It is used by a lot of users and companies to send and receive their emails. Moreover, It provides various features like Calendar, Email, Address book, Chat, etc. But, using these features of the Mozilla Thunderbird. Sometimes there is a possibility of getting data corruption or unauthorized threats while accessing or working on Thunderbird by users.

Now, We will know some possible reasons behind backup Thunderbird emails to external hard drives.

Why do Users Need to Backup Thunderbird Emails To An External Hard Drive?

If you are working on Mozilla thunderbird, sometimes data theft and loss. Data security has become one of the main concerns of users. Therefore, securing the data is the only accurate option from theft and sudden data loss. An email backup has even become essential for web-based clients such as Thunderbird.

 Backup Thunderbird Emails to an External Hard Drive Manually

In this section we will provide some techniques which will be quite helpful for the users. These  methods,  backup and restore your thunderbird Emails in various file formats. To backup and restore thunderbird emails follow the guidelines mentioned below.

  1. Migrate Thunderbird Emails to Another file format
  2. Backup Thunderbird Emails Manually

Method 1. Migrate Thunderbird Emails to Another file format

  1. Firstly,  Start Mozilla Thunderbird on your PC.
  2. Press to the display Thunderbird Menu, which is placed in the right corner.
  3. Tick Add-ons >> Add-ons . It will open a new window on the desktop.
  4. From the Ads-on manager window, press on the Get Add-ons Manager option.
  5. Presently, choose the “ImportExportTools” you can hit the Browse All Plugins button and then find for the ImportExportTools plugin.
  6. Next, click the Add to Thunderbird option button.
  7. Press on the Install Now button when mentioned.
  8. If installation is completed then, the plugin on your Thunderbird client, Now again go to the Add-ons Manager window and press the Restart Now button to complete the process.
  9.  Next, tick Import/ExportTools >> Export all messages in the folder >> (desired)EML format.
  10. Choose a destination to save backup files and click the Select Folder option. Here your backup will be successfully done at the desired location.

Method 2. Backup Thunderbird Emails Manually

  1. First of all, launch the Thunderbird.
  2. Next, pick and open the email that you need to backup on your external hard drive. you can also choose all emails in a specific folder.
  3. Press the Menu option to reveal the drop-down list.
  4. Next, click the Save As option.
  5. On the Save As Button, pick the file and tap it.
  6. Next, choose the location path and set the folder name for the selected folder.
  7. At last, press on the Save option to save the selected email in the system.

Limitation of Manual Methods

  • Manual methods take a lot of time to complete.
  • Need a technical expert to complete  backup thunderbird email to external hard drive manually.
  • In manual steps, users need to carefully follow the steps otherwise misconceptions, the  all process may have to be done all over again.

These are limitations of backup Thunderbird emails to external hard drives using manual methods. In this circumstance we suggest an expert solution that can migrate thunderbird to a new computer easily.

Expert Method To Backup Thunderbird Emails to External Hard Drive

DRS Thunderbird Backup tool is one of the best and safe utilities that allows you to Backup thunderbird Emails to external hard drives. In addition, It can enable you to save emails from the Thunderbird mailbox into various email clients such as Yahoo mail, Office 365, Zoho mails Gmail, etc. The software also takes backup of Thunderbird emails into PST, PDF, OST, CSV, EML, etc. It is very reliable and users-friendly.


In the above discussion, all the recommended methods to Backup thunderbird Emails to external hard drives. Manual techniques can cause a lot of issues. So, it is highly recommended to use an expert method for a protective and accurate Thunderbird backup and restore . Using the best utility tool. It is a more advanced and safe technique for transferring thunderbird to a new computer or external hard drive.

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