How to Access Deleted Reddit Posts

How to Access Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments in 2023

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How do you get the data? Whether the post was deleted years ago or by mistake, the Wayback Machine and Unddit will help you find the post you’re looking for. Reddit deleted posts, and comments may never be removed, but the Wayback Machine will be helpful if the post is published before 2022.


First, copy and paste the post URL or comment you’d like to view. You’ve deleted a Reddit post, but you can still read it using an online tool. These tools can download on your browser and save deleted Reddit posts and comments for future reference. They may only work on some systems, so test them before deploying them.

You’ll need to go to Unddit, another site where you can access deleted Reddit posts and comments. You can bookmark the Unddit site and browse through deleted Reddit posts and comments. By visiting Unddit, you’ll have access to deleted comments associated with any Reddit post. Alternatively, you can also visit Reddit and replace Reddit with unddit in the URL to read deleted Reddit posts and comments.


If you posted something and it was later deleted, you might have difficulty finding it again. Luckily, there are ways to resurrect deleted Reddit posts and comments. One of these methods is to use a program called Removeddit. This application works by replacing “Reddit” in the URL of the post with “removeddit.” This will bring up a cached version of the post and comment. Users will have to enter their username and password in this application. Once they have done so, they must check the box that says, “deactivated accounts cannot be recovered.”

Another way to access deleted Reddit posts and comments is to access the archived web pages. Although these are only sometimes 100% reliable, they have some value. While these archives don’t cache a particular webpage regularly, you can find a copy of the post you’re looking for if you know how to use them. If you’re lucky, you may find an old version of the post on archived Reddit.


You might have noticed that many deleted Reddit posts and comments are still accessible in how they were posted, even if they were deleted months or even years ago. Resavr can help you access deleted Reddit posts and comments, and it even allows you to search comments by date and length. Unlike other tools, Resavr only saves long posts and comments.

To access a deleted post or comment, you need the URL of the original post. Fortunately, the Wayback Machine will help you do this, as the website stores data from years past. You can then use Resavr to access the content from these pages and read deleted Reddit posts and comments from 2022. You’ll find that it is possible to access deleted Reddit posts and comments up to 2022 using the Wayback Machine, and it’s free!

Wayback Machine

It is possible to access deleted Reddit posts and comments as far back as 2022 using Wayback Machine. This tool is powerful for getting information about the deleted Reddit posts and comments their author has removed. It will allow you to read the post and comment and also let you know when it was published. If you are looking to do an in-depth analysis of a post, you can visit Wayback Machine to find out more information about it.

You can use the Wayback Machine to access deleted posts and comments if you have a Reddit account. All you need to do is log in to Wayback Machine and enter a post URL. This will display the post and any comments that have been deleted or modified before the deletion date. However, you should be careful, as there might be unexpected consequences. Want to see the deleted Reddit comments? With this post, You can learn 4 tools to use.

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