How Much Does it Cost to Build an iPhone App?

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So you’ve decided to build a mobile app for your business and selected iOS as the platform to reach your target customers. 

The next step is determining the cost of building an iOS app. 

Let’s say you are a business owner with a unique mobile app idea who wishes to make an iOS app that stands out in its market. 

In that scenario, consider hiring iOS developers and concentrating on how to lower iOS app development costs without compromising the features and quality of your apps.

This article will discuss various factors impacting the iPhone app development cost for your next iOS project.

Let’s get started.

Crucial Factors Affecting The Cost of Making iPhone App

1. iOS App Size

The price to build an iPhone app will directly depend on the size of your iOS app. When the size of your iOS app extends similarly, the number of features and screens results in longer development times, which raises the cost of developing an iOS app.

2. App Complexity and Features

The app’s intricacy and features should be considered since they are the most important deciding factors.

The cost to create an app for iPhone increases as your project’s complexity increases with the number of features it includes, but a low-complexity app has a lower price.

You must discuss your app development costs with a reliable iOS app development company for an exact price quotation. 

When building your app, you must also consider fundamental features that don’t cost much or are consistent across frameworks. For instance, geolocation, API integration, and other supplementary features can influence the development cost.

3. Application Design

One must consider app design expenses when estimating the iPhone application development cost. Design and prototyping are two crucial stages that increase costs and provide a developer with a clear direction.

You must spend a minimum amount during the MVP development. To know how much it would cost to develop the MVP of your app, you can contact iPhone app development services.

4. Type of Device

The iOS device for which you build an iOS app will significantly impact the app’s cost. The issue is that the iPad and iPhone are entirely distinct screen sizes. The iPad’s bigger screen allows for more user interface elements. 

Since developers must spend more time designing an app, the additional screen space results in 50% greater prices than the iPhone.

5. Developer’s Knowledge and Experience

When deciding the cost of an iPhone app, developer fees are never fixed. It relies on the skills and level of experience of the developer. If your project requires the participation of multiple experienced developers and engineers, you should be ready for actual prices. 

For example, you may need skilled developers to create banking, eCommerce, or other apps that incorporate numerous APIs.

However, senior engineers are often required for vast app development projects, while the other team members may be mid-level developers. Moreover, junior developers could also be helpful for administrative support.

6. iOS Development Team

There are many segments and levels to developing an iOS app, and different skills are cherished differently in various marketplaces worldwide. 

Hiring specialist iOS experts can increase the entire app development process cost. Working with an offshore iOS app development firm is an alternative way to get a full-stack iOS app development solution.

7. iOS App Developers’ Location

The development location is a vital development cost consideration for iOS apps. Countries have different living standards, different costs of living, and various development hourly rates and compensation.

Let’s look at the hourly rates of app development: 

Location Hourly Cost
United States$30-$150
United Kingdom$40-$150
Australia & New Zealand$35-$150
Eastern Europe$25-$100
Western Europe$40-$120

8. Miscellaneous iOS App Development Costs

The costs listed above are evident. However, when choosing a budget for iOS app development.

Miscellaneous Costs to make an iOS app              Average Cost Per Year

Data Storage                                                    $500

App Developer Account Costs                         $99

iOS Updates                                                     $1000

CDN                                                                  $150

9. Integration of Third-Party Components

The budget will surpass your expectations if you include payment gateways, invoicing systems, subscription management, and third-party login in your app because these features need additional labor.

10. App Support and Maintenance Cost

The app’s development continues after it is released and made available in various app stores. Instead, most apps still require ongoing support. 

To fully understand how much iPhone app development costs, you must include the required budget for this continuous maintenance in the project. Future design changes, regular application updates, bug fixes, etc., are all included in app maintenance expenses.

By selecting the right team, the maintenance process may be managed. You must hire iPhone developers who provide ongoing project support. Thanks to this, the programs are updated frequently with quality and security patches. 

Everything works toward making the app more responsive to user wants and expectations, even after the fundamental development process is over.

Final Wordings

iOS is the ideal platform for designing a mobile app. The cost of creating an iOS app is not fixed. It depends on many factors, such as location, tech stack, developer experience, skills, etc. 

The price for creating an iPhone app could range from $35,000 to $300,000, depending on the scope and complexity of the project. 

You need to team up with a software development company that has completed hundreds of projects to create a top-rated iOS app without thinking much. 

You may get everything from speedy app development to easy maintenance to fervent community support from iOS app developers.

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